Wenger Ready to Finalize $39million Signing in Days for Arsenal

Arsenal FA Cup 2005Arsenal’s summer transfer window started brilliantly by signing a top class midfielder in the form of Swiss international Granit Xhaka from German Bundesliga side Borussia Monchengladbach.

Since securing the signature of the former Basel star, Arsenal have only lured three youngsters like Takuma Asano, Rob Holding and Kelechi Nwakalli.

After finishing second in the Barclays Premier League last season, the North Londoners really need top signings for the first team to win the title next season. However, Wenger has once again wasted time in the transfer window.

Now, the French manager faces a crisis situation as far as the defense is concerned with two center backs in the form of Mertesacker and Gabriel out injured. In such a scenario, Arsene is ready to act swiftly to sign an experienced defender.

According to reports (Goal), Wenger wants to finalize the signing of Valencia and Germany star Shkodran Mustafi beforethe Gunners face Liverpool in the opening PL fixture.

Last season, the former Sampdoria star featured in 44 games for the Spanish side and directly contributed in 4 goals (2 goals and 2 assists).

As per the provided Goal link, the 24-year-old center half can be signed for a fee of 35 million euros ($39million).

Mustafi vs Ukraine


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    TNeill 2 years

    It won’t happen. Wenger will procrastinate for too long, as usual. Arsenal will end up with a £10m player on the last day of the window.

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    Sean Williams 2 years

    Sorry but I have to tell the truth. Wenger is negligent and not fit to manage Arsenal any more. My heart goes out to all Arsenal supporters who are constantly let down by Wenger. There had been a whole transfer window to tackle striker and defender problems but Wenger has dithered and once again lost the league before it has even started.

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      Andrew Asare 2 years

      Yes, all he cares about money,thinking he is clever by saying when we get the right player are players like Takuma or whatever the right players

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    Adesoji Adekunle 2 years

    Wenger has already signed the only transfer for the summer. Stop borthering yourself.

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      How can somebody be that blind? Can’t Wenger see the danger ahead of us. It is going to be difficult for Arsenal to make the top four this season. you alone can’t be right and everyone wrong. Sign Mustafi and Jonny Evans, our defensive problem is solved. Sign Mahrez and Draxler and allow Giroud to stay. Then, we can beat any team in Europe.

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    Wolfgang 2 years

    Agree with all the comments. This manager is a danger to Arsenal with his time wasting.
    I have said if he cant get Arsenal challenging,he shd go asap.No need to waste any
    more time with his obsession for possession soccer and endless passing which leads to a cul de sac.

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      Aussie Gunner 2 years

      I personally think he’s too old for this buying and selling of Premier league on time business, like every other year he f….d around and missed out on every targeted player to other clubs, it will be another fruitless season thanks to him, but one thing for sure is we will meet our target of 100.000 passes a game without a result.

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        Andrew Asare 2 years

        You’re right he just can’t move on from the colonial days., only to criticise managers like Mourinho when he is signing good players,

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    paul35mm 2 years

    According to pundits Arsenal have been ‘linked’ with over 90 players in the summer window alone. The striker list alone is silly. 15 strikers were supposedly on the list of strikers Arsenal were considering.
    Alexandre Lacazette, Karim Benzema, Alvaro Morata, Gonzalo Higuain, Mauro Icardi, Victor Janssen, Wilfreid Bony, Jamie Vardy. Mario Goetze, Romelu Lukaku, Antoine Griezeman, Saido Berahino, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Loic Remy, Edinson Cavani, and Pierre Emerick Aubameyang.

    They made an offer for Vardy which he turned down. So far Higuain, Janssen, and Ibrahimovic actually changed teams. Alvaro Morata went back to Real Madrid when they exercised his buy back clause, so it is hard to call that a ‘move’ when Real always had the right to take him back. So Arsenal have “missed out” on three players. A 34 year old who is making £260,000 per week, a Dutch striker with one good year under his belt coming from a league known for producing strikers who fail in the Premier League (Altidore, De Jong, etc.) and Gonzalo Higuain who, at 29,cost Juventus €90 million. Higuain is a quality striker and probably better than Giroud, but 90 million? Really?

    None of the other strikers have moved so to say Arsenal “missed out” or failed to sign them is simply untrue.

    Cavani has been waiting three years to play at the lone striker for PSG, he was never moving.

    Pierre Emerick Aubameyang isn’t moving, Dortmund have already lost Hummels and Gundogan. They are not letting a third star go in the same window. Typically they only sell players in the last year of their contract when the player refuses to sign a new deal. Aubameyang still has four years left on his deal. He’s going nowhere.

    Everton have a new owner who wants Champions League glory and is playing hardball over every transfer. He wants £50 million for a central defender who got benched for his mistakes last season. Lukaku would cost £75 million if the reports are accurate. He scored 1 goal more than Giroud in the league and he did in in almost twice the minutes played.

    Greizeman just signed a new five-year deal with Atletico Madrid

    Benxema is a Blackmailer. Arsene Wenger would never sign him, especially after the guy dismissed Arsenal as unworthy of his talents two years ago when Arsenal supposedly made a bid for him. Arsene Wenger, whatever he faults, loves Arsenal and would never take a player who disparaged the club.

    Mario Goetze is not actually a striker, he’s an attacking midfielder.

    Saido Berahino has done nothing but whine and complain since West Brom refused to sell him at the end of the January window last year. His price has tumbled as proof of his lack of respect for the game and his contract make it apparent he’d be a risky signing.

    Lacazette is the name most commonly mentioned now and and he might be available at a ridiculous price. Still, no one else needing a striker has bought him either. Chelsea went for Batshuayi, a far less accomplished player for £10 million less. His club say they don’t want to sell unless the money is too much to refuse. No one else is willing to pay that kind of money for him either.

    Loic Remy is a Chelsea player. He hasn’t played more than spot duty in two years since moving tot Stamford Bridge, and he scored 20 goals in a season once, almost ten years ago. Last year he scored 3 times in 20 appearances, mostly as a sub and the year before he scored 9 goals in 27 appearances.

    Finally, Wilfried Bony is a City player. They paid a lot for him two years ago and got two goals in eight games after his January switch after scoring nine goals in 22 games for the Swans. For Swansea, as a starter, he scored a lot of goals in one season and was doing well in his second, but as a substitute and spot starter for City, which is what he’d be for Arsenal, he has not looked like he can adapt to that role.

    So just looking at one position, striker, and the stupidity that is spewed all over the place about how Arsenal failed and won’t sign players and blah, blah, blah from the same Wenger Out Mob is silly. There is not asingle person on writing anywhere on this site or anywhere else that wants Arsenal to be champions more than Arsene Wenger. It’s easy to spend millions when you won’t be held accountable if you’re wrong. how many of the whiners take similar financial risks in their own lives? how many people would take, say, half their net worth and invest it in an asset that with one twist of an ankle would become worthless?

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      Mr, paul it is painful that wenger is letting us the fans down, want t make clear to you dat if love football forget arsenal for know till arsene wenger step down, tanx

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    Originalgooner247 2 years

    Well said Paul35mm I love Wenger for what ha has done for my club he has made plenty of mistakes but has done so much more for us. If you are a true arsenal fan and not some belled troll you’d get of his back. He is doing one of the toughest jobs in the world in one of of the toughest leagues in the world. And I think that he will work his magic and once again be there or there about at the end of the season.

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    Werner 2 years

    Wenger Wil make sure we don’t get Mustafi. He rather buy a youngster or a old Hass been. And then Wil say it was complicated. It’s not complicated. The club tells you they want this much for there player. And then you pay it. Let’s face it. Pod players come at a cost. But Wenger is still stuck in the 1990. He wants to run his mouth about United spending money. But United show ambition and they want to win the league. Not prod along to come fourth. Who goes to the Olympic to run for fourth place. Think it’s time for Wenger to go

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    Phoenician 2 years

    hats off for you Paul35mm. thanks for that detail analysis. well said

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    Urias Nagbe 2 years

    Arsenal money is Wenger personal property. we just have to wait till his time comes to an end. Really, I can’t understand our coach anymore.

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    dynasty 2 years

    Winning just 3 league trophies, 6 fa cups and reaching the champions league just once in 20 solid years can;t be adjudged as having done much more. Come to think of it, when was the last time Arsenal celebrated the league trophy? What makes his job toughest i don’t understand. Arsene is the lord in Arsenal, so who makes his job toughest? For crying out loud, Wenger is an ”ARISTO;” the times have past him. Let him give way for those who know how and what it takes to win in the modern game of football.

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    I believe Wenger has been a great manager for Arsenal but now he has just lost the plot completely he is making so many mistakes now so why cant the Kronke or the board see this the reason is this is the first season they have ever taken any money from the club Kronke has just got 3 million so why should he sack the man who can make him this amount of money Arsenal are the fifth richest club in the world Wenger cant find the players but can make more money for the club than any other manager has ever done we are now a very rich club and could most possibly outbid any other club for a player if we wanted too so They will never sack Wenger and I believe they will even offer him an extension of his contract so as to keep him at Arsenal sorry but thet is the way it is you will just have to put up with him for another 3 years

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    He can do whatever he likes. The fact is that he doesn’t care about the woes of the fans.

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    Henry 2 years

    Wenger’s been a great and an all time coach for arsenal , THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
    But the team is in a dangerous situation, where all its competitors have dangerous weapons, weapons that have always delivered. Non of the Arsenal competitors has spent more than five years without a Premiership trophy.
    Arsenal seems older in the league compared to many of its top competitors, competed more in champions league than its competitors. the challenge gets to lack of enough players in specific positions to put it to glory. The team has great players but get tired, get injuries and the only solution HE does is to look at the academy, not bad, but should not be a routine.
    Our dear coach, Mr. Wenger, please get us more the great and experienced players so that we match the standards as set hence find glory in Premiership, champions league.

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    Gunnerski 2 years

    I’m sick and tired of listening to wenger making excuses, when he first came to Arsenal he brought with him a brand of football that we had never seen before and it was great to watch and it won us trophies, but he had gone stale, he has run out of new ideas, he doesn’t know how to compete in the transfer market and is deluded in thinking that the team we have at the moment can compete in winning trophies. He says he is scared of retiring, well let me tell you that most Arsenal fans are scared that he doesn’t !!!!! He should do the right thing and walk away from our great club and maybe he would be remembered for the good things he had done.

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    I can tell u for real Arsene Wenger is a shameless old man, he will continued to act until transfer deadline. Been the oldest coach in the premiership I thank those new coaches should learn from him but instead he learning from them, believe me arsenal will go empty this season again injuries keep knocking and no possible replacement. Take a look back at last because of no possible replacement for those guys that were injured u ended second with just a point.