Star Ready to Finally Agree Arsenal Move – Not Icardi

Mauro Icardi Inter MilanArsenal must secure the signing of a top quality goalscorer this summer or they can forget about winning the Premier League title next season.

The North Londoners are linked with two Argentine strikers in the form of Mauro Icardi and Gonzalo Higuain.

If reports in the media are anything to go by then Icardi has claimed that he wants to stay with Inter Milan this summer (ESPN).

On the other hand, according to reports (Sport Witness via La Gazzetta Dello Sport), Napoli superstar is ready to agree move to Arsenal. The Gunners have been looking to sign him for a long time and must splash the cash to finally sign the prolific striker.

The La Albiceleste center forward was brilliant for Napoli and scored 36 league goals in 35 games last season.

As per the provided Sport Witness link, French champions Paris Saint-Germain are interested in signing the former Real Madrid star as well.

Gonzalo Higuain Real Madrid

10 Responses to Star Ready to Finally Agree Arsenal Move – Not Icardi

  1. felix eboh says:

    i would really think that Wenger should put sentiments aside and go all out for a proven striker cos Giroud is just not the guy to propel us to success, we need to act and act fast,Wenga is my mentor and hero but it will really really be a shame for him not to win the champions league with arsenal after staying for this long while managers who are not half as good as he is are winning it, the difference is, they do what it takes to win it without any sentiments, he needs to understand that he has to do whatever it takes to achieve that and that those players dont really care about him or the club, once arsenal fails to win a major trophy they will always want to leave and go else where to achieve their aims, we have seen it happen in time past and i know this as a coach myself, cos most players if not all dont really care much about us, so pls Wenger, do what will make you to alwasys be remembered and the truth is Giroud cannot win us the league not to talk of the champions league,

  2. Sean Williams says:

    Wenger is such ditherer that other clubs get in front. He is known as a ditherer at the Emirates. His biggest dislike are the supporters. That makes him different to every other manager across the divisions.

  3. felix eboh says:

    i also think we need a very strong and fast cd, Mertasacker is gód but he has become slower with age, i think Wenger should look back at his early years at arsenal, he will see that he had either the best in the world or one of te top 5 in the world in every position, talk about players like Viera, Gilberto, Sol campbel, Tony Adams, Lé Dixon, Nigel Winterburn, Ian Wright, Dennis Bergkam, Anelka, Thierry Henry, Robert Pires, Ray Parlour, Kanu Nwankwo, Fabian Wiltord, Mark Overmars, David Seaman, Jans Lehman and so on, these guys were either the best or one of the top 5s in the world but now we can only boast of 2,3 or probably 4 players that can be ranked among the best or top 5s in the world, can you just imagine having a striker in the class of Henry, Wright, Anelka in our team right now with Ozil and Cazorla feeding him like they do to our present strikers, just imagine the results. As an arsenal fan since 1986 and as a coach who believes so much in Arsene Wenger, i implore him

  4. felix eboh says:

    i implore him to please put smiles on our faces and not just ours but also on the faces of everyone attached to arsenal and paramount of all is on his own face, i dream of seeing arsenal players and their families come on the pitch to celebrate the winning of the league and or the champions league, its actually has been a very long time we saw that happen, so please Arsene, make this happen, please get the right players and we believe in you that you can do it and this will definitely shut the mouth of some certain manager’s who is actually always threatened by your presence cos he is not as good as you are, and thats why he looks at every opportunity to throw jibes at you, please show all em your critics that you’ve got what it takes to win the league and or the champions league

  5. elliot says:

    Wenger’s approach in the transfer market makes sick. He must definitely be involved with a national team not a club. At club level, a club must spend to win major tournaments while at national level, the manager works with other managers in identifying talent for the national team. Thats where Wenger fits.If Arsenal keeps this man as their manager this coming season Arsenal will end up in tenth place on the log.

  6. The People's Artillery says:

    Yaah Wenger should set it on his heart to win the Premiership a couple more times and the Champions League. He should set clear goals in terms of EPL and CL success and identify players who will enable him to do so. This is what Chelsea and Man City & ManU have been doing and are still doing. They hire ambitious coaches. And get players that make a difference. It’s long overdue for Arsenal to be joining the big spending teams. A club of Arsenal’ s stature should by now be boasting at least three Champions League trophies and 17 League titles. I don’t know if Wenger ever sees Arsenal from that angle. And as for that Gazidis guy, I think he is somewhat a problem. The last time I checked he is a Mancunian through and through. He has been a ManU supporter ever since he arrived as a young boy from South Africa to Manchester. Perhaps it’s an extreme view but I believe he has been sabotaging us in order to give the edge to the Manchester teams. His bread is buttered from Arsenal but his heart is in Old Trafford and Etihad. He doesn’t care about Arsenal winning any thing significant as long as he gets his big fat salary and pecks. Arsenal should fill positions such as his with qualified people who are also passionate Arsenal supporters. And there are plenty of such.

  7. Paul Ogbu says:

    The problem with us Arsenal fans is that we like to insult Arsene Wenger because of useless reports of Arsenal targets that people cook up to cause mischief. Some of these targets are just figments of the imagination of those who post them and have no links with Arsenal Football Club. I will advice Arsenal fans not to believe any report except it is on which is the official site of Arsenal football club. Again please stop insulting Arsene Wenger because of these useless “missed transfer targets”. I believe the man knows areas Arsenal needs improvements and he will take care of them. Every coach wants to win trophies. Arsene has won trophies for Arsenal before. True Arsenal fans know why we have not won for sometime now. The fact that we won two FA cups and two community shields in the past two years means the man still knows how to win contrary to the opinion of some fans. Wait till the transfer window closes. We know that Arsenal needs a striker. The fact that we bidded for Vardy means Arsene knows we need a striker and he will get one. He is not as dumb as we want to make him out to be.

  8. VICTOR says:

    If Higuain and his “Shailock” Napoli managment have truly repented, then there is no harm going for it but such new arrangment should not pull Giroud along with it. I insist, Higuain is only Human and should not be treated like a god

  9. David Lee says:

    Wenger is the best coach in the world by me if you want to here it, but he is not doing what he should do to complete his duty as the manager of one of the airlight club(Arsenal) and he himself knows that olivier giroud cant lead us to victory Alexis has been our top scorer for some seasons now where we have giroud as our top striker flopping fooling himself we need other rolific and proven goal getter.

  10. jim-okello says:

    Yea, Zinedine already has won one.