Fee Agreed – How Liverpool will Line up with Versatile Star

Liverpool FCLiverpool must sign a proven quality left back in the summer transfer window and a certain German international is in the lime light.

FC Koln’s star Jonas Hector is linked with a move to Anfield and there have been conflicting reports in the media from two renowned Liverpool related websites.

This is Anfield reported that Liverpool have agreed a fee with the Bundesliga side to sign Jonas and are in talks with the player. On the other hand, Liverpool Echo claimed that the Reds have no interest in signing the 26-year-old defender.

The Merseysiders desperately need a consistent left back and cannot reply on Moreno for next season if they want to progress. Hence, it will be fair to say that Liverpool must show serious intent to sign Hector.

Jonas is a versatile star who has not only played effectively as a left full back but also as a central defensive midfielder.

Here is how Liverpool will line up with Jonas Hector if the Kaiser ends up signing for Klopp’s team.

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19 Responses to Fee Agreed – How Liverpool will Line up with Versatile Star

  1. Emmanuel Nkrumah says:

    we need a quality defensive midfielder who is capable of destroying the opponents midfield to replace Henderson.

    • Jordan Sadler says:

      We should go for Dahoud, not a dedicated DM as such but would work perfectly with Can as both are reasonably defensive and so one would always give us some defensive cover I’m sure while the other attacks. We also need a new winger, Lallana isn’t good enough in my eyes, even if he is a work horse. Yarmolenko would be a perfect replacement.

  2. RED PHIL says:

    Sorry, Henderson is not good enough and we need another specialist defensive midfielder to operate alongside Can, Sturridge isn’t dependable enough to last a full season so Higuaín would be a good bet to replace him, with Origi coming off the bench as and when required. Also, still think we need another CB as can’t just have the two and Sakho won’t be good enough in this life or the next two and Toure turns slower than the QE2. Gomez could be brilliant CB with a tad more experience but, after his injury, he’s not quite ready yet. Heard rumour Celtic might want him on loan but don’t like that idea owing to crap standard of footie up there. Best if he gets experience coming off bench here for this season.
    Milner on the right? Good player but let’s see who becomes available and see what happens. Quite happy with him but he isn’t the best player LFC have ever had. Slowly but surely, if we get Hector, we’ve got the makings of a decent first team here . . .

    • Jordan Sadler says:

      Nothing wrong with Sturridge or Sakho. Sturridge won’t last a season you’re right but Higuain is out of our budget, we aren’t going to pay £45+ million for him. Sakho has been class the second half of the season, one of our best players, baffled why you don’t think he’s good enough. Have you even been watching the games before his ban?

      A slightly more realistic striker would be Lacazette, who would fit perfectly into our style of play. But end of the day, I don’t even think we need a striker. Sturridge was being managed well by Klopp if he gets injured we have Ings, Origi and in desperate times Firmino to play up top. Need to push for Yarmolenko and Dahoud and I think we actually will be competing this year (assuming we get Hector). Still would like to see Gotze come, but guess we will have to be patient with that one.

    • Emmanuel says:

      Sorry mate that was a like I pressed the dislike button and I couldn’t get back.everything you mention was on point

    • captain crash says:

      agreed all of the above but Milner, i think is the best signing, Liverpool signed him on a free transfer, one of the best midfielder in europe, assisting, scoring, defending and a captain. he’s a tough man, he should replace hendo instead right? hopefully we get Higuaìn and a new player for the AR.

  3. jay says:

    Clyne Lovren Sakho Gibbs
    Can Hendo
    Ben Arfa Yaya Toure Coutinho
    Gomes Skrtel Matip Moreno
    Milner Lass Diara Zielinski

    • Carl says:

      Give your head a wobble pal. Is rather Brad Smith is given his chance than waste more money on Gibbs.

    • Horrified... says:

      That is actually a ludicrous lineup and if it came to be that we lined up on day 1 of the season with ben arfa, yaya toure, higuain or lass, any one of them anywhere near our starting eleven, heads would roll and riots would ensue. None of them should even be remotely considered for the club. Hatem Ben Arfa, notorious for two things, inconsistency and poor discipline. Herr Klopp is not the kind of guy that signs players that are all hype and dont know how to behave like adults, hence the comments on balo. Yaya Toure is the laziest cm in the premier league and once again would not get a look in under Klopp, not to mention the money involved would be sickening. Higuain simply too slow, too old, too expensive, too much of a gamble. Lass, i cant even…. i mean… have you ever….. i just….. my head actually hurts….
      Leave the scouting to the guys that get paid to do it. Dont give these clickbait sites the satisfaction of your click, when they cant even edit an article properly and just regurgitate what respected sources like the LE report on hours earlier.
      Just let it happen, trust in Jurgen, hes freaking cool and is going to make us all very happy.

    • RED PHIL says:

      Do you live in a small room with padded walls, eat using rubber cutlery and with your arms permanently strapped to your sides? Nobody on the sunnier side of the asylum walls can even remotely hope LFC sign Yaya Toure or, in my opinion, keep Sakho. The thought of buying Ben Arfa makes me come out in a rash but the very thought of Yaya, with the pace and turning circle of the average static caravan, being able to play in Kloppo’s high-energy, super-fast pressing game is simply too ludicrous for words. He has one speed and that is almost statuesque.
      If we can’t do better than Sakho then there must be a severe dearth of central defenders on this planet. Been watching LFC for well over 50 years and he’s given me more potential meetings with a defibrillator than any other central defender I’ve ever seen wearing the red of Liverpool. He may be a bit of a cult figure, having improved a bit in recent months, but he’s still never far from his next mistake and, if we are to target the top four, we can’t endure his mistakes for yet another year.
      Did Hansen and Lawrenson ever make a mistake? Even though we’ll never replace those two, or Phil Thompson, we need the sort of dependability they epitomised . . . and Sakho, sadly, doesn’t provide it.
      The thought of getting Gibbs, instead of Hector, might fly in the face of public opinion, depending how much Hector might cost, but would buying an Arsenal RESERVE help us become better than the Arsenal first team? Somehow, I doubt it, but that is what we’ve got to do to get back into the top four!

  4. Adonay Magi says:

    Why not return Hendo to the bench? He is the suspect in that line up.

  5. Snake Eyes says:

    Sturridge!!! If he is fit then ok. Benteke should go.

  6. RED PHIL says:

    On a similar subject, let’s not forget how good Emre Can was for Germany this weekend and remember how his standing in Germany is increasing with every game! The only reason I mention this is because Bayern Munich snap up every German player of note and, therefore, we need to make sure he is part of a club that is going places (buying top players and looking like we are serious about making progress) or he might be tempted, sooner or later, to move to pastures anew. Munich would be hard for anybody to resist, and particularly a German, so we’ve got to do whatever we can to make him keen to stay irrespective of what is offered from Bavaria. Selling Coutinho wouldn’t help, by the way, as he is one of our best players. We need to show our best players that we are on the UP and not potentially selling the silverware!

  7. rob nicol says:

    I would just like to talk about Henderson in the LFC line up.I will start off by saying i was dismayed when we bought him from Sunderland.I could not see that he was worth £20m.I firmly believe,although he has improved,that he should not be captain(another stupid decision by Rodgers that we have to live with)but i think he is an important player. If you cast your mind back to the nearly title winning season ,he got sent off against Man city and crucially we stopped performing when he was banned.This season he was missing(ok not 100% fit) for the EUFA cup final and look what happened there.There are teams everywhere who have players who you would think if they were dropped the team would improve(look at England with rooney!!!) but how do the other players feel about these guys,we don’t really know .I firmly believe we have not replaced Steven Gerrard and until we do Hendo will always be judged in that light.He is no Steven but he is a bigger influence(when fit) than a lot of people think.

  8. Ian Reddy says:

    Henderson should be sold.he is not worthy of a lfc jersey

  9. Mgalla Alex says:

    One day l left my comment that! For trend LFC it is not serious on progress especially on their signing proven and quality players, but thereafter see the policy of LFC on their selling their proven and quality players!!!!!! Fore sure if you are a kin follower and LFC fan your will agree with me! Taking examples from Alonso, Javier, Torres, Suarez, Rahm, etc where could this club be up to this moment once had power to attain these quality and proven players???? …..today romours are circulating each corner of the world that Cotnho is about to quite a club going else where he can lift trophies as big clubs like Barcelona and PSG are interested to this fantastic, talented and proven player!!!! For l term these romours to be correct news as l know LFC there policy are feck and poor compared to other football clubs, LFC can’t attain Cotnho at this stage they will sell him and buy player like Ballotel as they did soon after selling Suarez. Then we funs expecting that next season we will challenge for EPL title forget a football is not a comedian game. We shall be looking other serious clubs making wonders as miracle while it is all about plans…..today LFC is not interesting to sign Hector but they are proud with attaining Moren ooooooh my Goodness forbid this!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jason says:

    I rather think that you should have said, “..must show serious intent to sign a left back.” You are not the manager and overstep the mark by saying “…must show serious intent to sign Hector.” That is not my opinion even though it may be yours.

  11. Mgalla Alex says:

    You mean it gives sense for coach and his plans to retain moreno than buying Hector is it??????? I think intent serious doesn’t go without comparison particularly to quality rather than quantity and poor comparison as you try to protect a Coach, try to think out of the box plz!!!!!

  12. rob nicol says:

    I believe that our owners FSG are running Liverpool as a business, not really a football club. They are not hiding the fact either.When they took over they said that their aim was to buy players for nominal fees,develop them and hopefully sell them on at huge profit.This has been evident with the sales of Luis Suarez and Raheem Sterling and i think this was Rodgers brief when he took over,bearing in mind his constant use of young players.Klopp seems to be of the same ilk(although he is a far better coach).With this in mind i don’t think anybody should be surprised if Coutinho is the next to depart for a huge fee because these are not football decisions this is business.FSG are very good at business.The ground has been improved more bums on seats, naming rights, buying young players it is all business,what really do Americans know about football, other than a way to make a profit.