Forget Toby – Spurs must Accept this Exciting Proposal to Sign Star

Tottenham are Signing an Absolute Gem - Erik LamelaTottenham splashed heavy cash to secure record signing Erik Lamela from Roma under the management of Andre Villas Boas.

The Argentine star still has not been able to show his class and consistency that was evident in Serie A.

In two season, Lamela has featured in 42 league games, scored 2 goals and provided 8 assists. It might be time that Spurs cash on him and bring a quality replacement.

One top player linked with a move to Tottenham is Swiss star Xherdan Shaqiri. Acccording to reports, Inter have proposed Shaqiri to Spurs in exchange for Lamela. Tottenham must accept this exciting proposal to sign the former Basel star.

Shaqiri got frustrated from lack of opportunities with Bayern and joined Inter last winter. Even in limited appearances with Bundesliga giants, Shaqiri impressed.

In his first season with Bayern, Xherdan started mere 17 games and still had fantastic numbers, scored 8 goals and provided 13 assists.

In his second season with the German side, he started only 14 games, scored 4 goals and provided 7 assists.

In your opinion, should Spurs swap Lamela with Shaqiri?


6 Responses to Forget Toby – Spurs must Accept this Exciting Proposal to Sign Star

  1. George says:

    Definitely, he’s class.

  2. Brian Himself says:

    While Baldini allowed Tottenham to pay too much for Lamela; he is the only one of the Baldini acquisitions to have both talent and potential. Spurs should keep Lamela. Acquiring Shaquiri would also be a plus.

  3. GooseLewis says:

    should sell Townsend and get Shaqiri in so we’ve got Chadli/Pritchard on the left and Lamela/Shaqiri on the right

  4. Halabil says:

    Agree. Buy Shaqiri outright and leave Lamela for one more year to progress. The one thing Lamela needs to do (and Spurs needs to ensure he does) is bulk up for the English game. He is too lightweight. Bale was fast but was easily knocked off the ball in his first couple of seasons at Spurs. When he bulked up and became more solid on the ball, his game went to the next level. While I don’t think Lamela has the physical build to reach Bale’s proportions, he does need to get stronger upper body strength to better contend with PL defenders. Otherwise, he will always be too lightweight for the English game and will end up returning to Italy or perhaps going to La Liga, where the game is more about technical prowess than physical strength and stamina.

  5. GravyDave says:

    The fact we’ve put in a bid for Ferreira Carrasco suggests we see Pritchard primarily in the centre deputising for Eriksen and want another option on the left. I would rather lose Townsend and gain Shaqiri on the right, Lamela is improving and has huge potential I think it’d be mad to get rid of him now. Our priorities, other than signing Alderwiereld and keeping Lloris, should be a 2nd choice striker, a left wing forward to rival Chadli and a 1st choice central midfielder to partner Bentaleb, any other improvements would be a bonus.

  6. DeckyBoy says:

    Absolutely not!! The lad didn’t get a crack at his first season due to injury. 14/15 was effectively his first season, and having never played in th EPL it wasn’t surprising that it took a while to acclimatise. Towards the end of last season he was showing a lot of signs that he is returning to form, and his previous form in Serie A shows he has the potential to be an outstanding player. Signing another Serie A player (who’s stats suggest would be a downgrade on Lamela) with no Premiere League experience, would be taking one step forward and three steps back. It would be a stupid gamble, and we could lose potentially one of the best attacking midfielders we’ve had since Luca Modric.