Liverpool may Already have their New Luis Suarez

Liverpool Luis Suarez MagicianLiverpool spent heavy cash last summer to secure many signings but just could not replace someone like Luis Suarez.

The kind of player who absolutely loves the game, is a serial winner, gives more than 100% every match and never gives up no matter what. Take one Superstar like that out of the lineup and the squad looks weak.

With him, Liverpool were potential champions, without him back to Europa League. It will be fair to say that directly replacing Luis Suarez is impossible.

However the Reds may have already signed someone with the same passion for the game as Luis Suarez in the form of Brazilian star Roberto Firmino.

Firmino’s mother claimed:

“I didn’t want Roberto to go out and play because it was very dangerous on the streets,”.

 “People said, “Let him go, he’s born with the talent”. From eight years old he would fall asleep hugging his football.”

The Samba star has been a regular scorer and provider of assists in the past two seasons with German club Hoffenheim.

Former Liverpool star and ex team mate of Firmino Ryan Babel has also claimed how hard working the Brazilian is and how he will bring joy to the Anfield faithful.

Reaching the peak years of his career, Firmino can be prove to be a world class addition to Liverpool squad.

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One Response to Liverpool may Already have their New Luis Suarez

  1. SARedman says:

    By all accounts, and from the little I have seen of Firmino in the Copa America, i believe that he is a good signing. I do think, however, that we should stop labeling new, exciting players as ‘the new …’. Suarez came to Liverpool with a great reputation in the Eredivisie, but we didn’t label him with the curse of being ‘the new anything’. Every week we read of ‘the new Messi’, or ‘the new Zidane’, etc. That just serves to put immense pressure on the burgeoning talents, as they are expected to show every day how they came to be compared to such legends. Let us give the lad a chance to find his own identity as a Red, and make his mark on the Premier League.