‘That would be a Big Shame’ – Man United Legend Comments on the Potential Departure of Di Maria

Manchester UnitedManchester United’s record signing Angel di Maria might not be at Old Trafford next season after a torrid first campaign with the Red Devils.

The exit of one of the best playmakers in the world does not make any sense as he needs time to settle in the Premier League.

Even his first season with Spanish giants Real Madrid was not up to the mark but eventually the Argentine proved his worth and became a key member of the squad.

Highly likely that majority of the Man United supporters will not be in favor of seeing Di Maria leave the club this summer. There concern is also shared by certain Man United legend Gary Neville who expressed his views on twitter.

The former Man United star tweeted while quoting Telegraph who suggested that Di Maria is on the brink of joining PSG.

“That would be a big shame if that happened. He should resist and want to prove himself in the PL.”

It remains to be seen whether Van Gaal wants the Argentine at the club or not. He must persuade the former Benfica star to stay put.

Angel Di Maria Man United

3 Responses to ‘That would be a Big Shame’ – Man United Legend Comments on the Potential Departure of Di Maria

  1. Guide Elisha Manhando says:

    Di Maria should not leave Manchester United for PSG. We want him to prove himself this coming season. And there are very strong reasons that he will definitely be our best signing in three years. He has the attributes and qualities to prove every doubting “Thomases”, wrong. He has the speed, great dribbling skills, eye for goal, great passing skills and above all, the spirit to win games, almost single handedly. Di Maria, please stay. We are all behind you.

  2. Rock Solomon says:

    In my own opinion, I would like Di Maria to stay and fight it out, should he leave, it would be shame on Man Utd and him as a person, it means premiership is too hard for him to play so he’s not as good as we thought he is, but he should stay and silent every doubters and bring forth his quality.

  3. Nifemi says:

    It mighty hard for Di maria in the first season but i believe the all time greatest mistake Ed woodward, Van Gaal and man utd will do in there history is letting di maria leave the club this season, he is the one of the most exciting player that every coaches want to have in there team, we are lucky to have him in my team and you guys want to destory it again. You guys is resting on the signing of Gaitan, we knows that 70% of what Di maria can do nicola Gaita is not upto the task… For me as a fan i dont see good Gaitan can bring to the club more than Di maria… (Dont build a team and destory it with ur hand again Van Gaal)