Shock – Arsenal Player Ratings Against Swansea

Arsenal FCArsenal, the most in form side since the turn of the year lost their first Premier League game last since February against Swansea.

Gunners struggled to find their free flowing football as Swans kept things close at the back and then stunned them with a late goal from Gomis.

Gunners were unbeaten in the last ten games and won 9 of them. Hence, the North Londoners were considered favorites to beat the Welsh side especially on home ground.

However, it was not be the case. Gomis was brought on by the visitors in the second half to do a job and did exactly that.

With that defeat, Arsene Wenger’s men have lost their pole position to finish second and once again Man City are favorites. Gunners are 3 points behind City with a game in hand but have an inferior Goal Difference and have to face Man United at Old Trafford as well.

Here are Arsenal’s player ratings against Swansea.

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3 Responses to Shock – Arsenal Player Ratings Against Swansea

  1. TAJ AZIZ says:

    Wenger is tired mentaly walcot should have played on right flank to out run the left back cut in and split central deffenders to open up chances for ramsy and sanches , he couldn’t out run 9 men wall packed in the box and we played lazily throughout no pace just short passes sideways back that’s not a winning system anymore barcelona don’t play that way they are always running after passing it showed from the beginning that we were not committed

  2. Sam Yari says:

    Arsenal went into the game with too much confidence, thinking that they are in control, forgetting that it was the same Swans that stun them in there home ground at the first leg. Secondly, I think Arsene Wenger is obviously running out of ideas very quickly as he is fast aging. His attitude towards substitutions and game plan philosophy shows that he has little or nothing to offer Arsenal anymore. It is in this view however, that I suggest he (Wenger) should take a leave and go and rest. I think he has done well for the club in the past. So, it is high time he left for good!

  3. Robert Makuta says:

    Last night performance show that Arsenal is not yet ready to compete for title next season.
    1. Arsenal require five world class signings to win the premier league, above them a replacement to Arsene Wenger. Wenger has yet proved limitations in tactics; Arsenal need a top striker, Giroud is just slow downing the game; our defensive midfield still a case to solve; if Nacho is better than Gibs, then we strongly need to sign a world class left back, and finally it seems we lack a goalkeeper, a world class one!
    2. That said, A. Wenger has yet proved he can’t beat Jose Mourinho, that means, Wenger will never win the premier league while Mourinho is in the League.
    3. Almost all Arsenal players lack of fighting spirit, it is amazing how much the passing completion is high, maybe the best in Europe, but when they lost the ball, they don’t fight to get it back like Bayern and Barcellona manage to do it. They just keep the ball in the midfield and do not manage to penetrate into the box; then what is the goal to keep the ball? What it does matter to have a ball possession of around 70% and 0 attempt on target during 45 minutes?
    4. Most of times, when Arsenal concede first a goal they do abdicate immediately and stop to play correctly, also they can’t push high the ball to make a growing pressure to the opponent.
    5. Arsene Wenger is too stubborn to reject all good advises from others, even from his best friends!