Breaking – Chelsea Convinced Wayne Rooney Will Sign

Breaking - Chelsea Convinced Wayne Rooney Will SignBlues have been linked with numerous strikers in this transfer window. However Jose Mourinho has made Wayne Rooney his prime target and Chelsea are convinced and sure that Manchester United forward will sign for them.

David Moyes has stated more than once that Rooney is not for sale and surely he will not like to strengthen one of United’s main rivals for premier league crown by selling one of his best players. Still, the way England international has been treated lately and his desire to leave Old Trafford will ensure Chelsea they have their man.

Daily Star reports that Chelsea are certain they are going to sign the Red Devil forward this summer despite all odds and obstructions from Manchester United. In fact, for now even the odds are favoring Jose Mourinho to land the striker he admires a lot.

Mourinho has that habit of winding up United; he is adamant not to lose this battle and will do all to lure Rooney to Stamford Bridge.

United may keep on reiterating on the fact that he is going nowhere but keeping an unhappy player in the squad is by no means sensible option. Also when you have to pay him a hefty sum every week, is he going to earn that on the bench. Sooner rather than later, Devil’s stand will break and they will sell Rooney.

On the other hand, Rooney is once again favorite to start upfront for England during next year’s World Cup in Brazil. For that, the country would want the main man to play regularly and at his best for the club, the same will be desired by Wayne Rooney as well.

It has also been reported that United badly want Cesc Fabregas and are ready to pay over the odds to hire the services of former Arsenal star. They may have to look for another forward as well as they seem resigned to lose Rooney to Chelsea football club.

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33 Responses to Breaking – Chelsea Convinced Wayne Rooney Will Sign

  1. No way will Rooney leave United for Chelsea this is just more of Mourinho’s mind games,and who said he’s going to be a bench warmer ?Wayne Rooney will score 30 + goals for Man Utd this season ,so dream on soccerjismo and dream on Mourinho !!

  2. caster says:

    we don’t need him.

  3. caster says:

    Now that we have Lukaku,we don’t need Rooney.GIVE Lukaku a chance!

  4. Chelseafc says:

    Hello Sir Chris o Connor

    You are pretty immatured with your argument. If Rooney would have scored 30+ goals for the team, why in the world would Moyes put him as a back up to Van Persie. Secondly, you guys have Chicharito and Welbeck. Certainly you can get some money by selling rooney off to us.

    PS Never keep a disappointed player in the team…trust me!!

    • @Chelseafc No way is Wayne Rooney leaving Man Utd ! lets look at the facts,he is payed around £1million a month,he has been at United for nine years winning lots of trophy’s and could win lots more he lives and works 20 minutes away from his home town,his beautiful wife has just had another beautiful baby boy,and spends a lot of her time with her mother,and in no way wants to up sticks,and (with respect) another team in England is a step down ! No Mr Chelseafc Rooney aint going no where he will stay fit and fight for his place,and IMO there’s not many better than a fit on form hungry Wayne Rooney !!

  5. Common Rooney join the winning team which chelseafc.

  6. Calvin klansek says:

    After so many rumours. At the end of the day some rumours come true:-)
    Rooney would not get anywhere near 30 for united. But he will top the goal scorers with Chelsea this year . And he will more then ready for World Cup football then.
    Why keep someone that dose not want to be there. Rvp has nothing on Rooney. And he will prove it with Chelsea

  7. precious okafor says:

    i hate to see mtd fans cry over spilled milk ur so greedy and selfish remember u sign vp from arsenal now ur going for fabregas formal arsenal gem mtd is a cult i rem difficult it waz for cr7 to leave

  8. Adams usman says:

    No one is dreaming here @ chris o’conor. Its a reality. Watch for it.

  9. Immortal says:

    Rooney has his favourite music he listens to that is ‘the blues” now that things are going this way, he ll’l plays it to put himself back to the right track. i think rooney will be right joining chelsea cos awaits him there!

  10. Sunday .jega says:

    Look friends “rooney is not a kid that u can confuse just live him alone let him go were his mind is ( up man utd)

  11. Jerry majin kolo says:

    Roon is good to go! Bigger than playing fiddle to Vpersie. The lad had paid his due enough at manchester. Did great things for Ronaldo! Played out of position for chacharito and got some nice job deep in middle of the pack to Vpersy becoming highest goal top shot. At best! Roon anywhere the world over is as good as the best striker than flying and overing round to supply passes and get bugged down. This chap need not stay under Vpersies shadow not again for a moment. Roon is England first reliable and need to stay up there for world cup reason’s. Manchester need not me*s up every top player. Its true Roon’s got some stuff wt fergie and way back too at everton wt Moyes. So! No Games. Mourinho pride him there over the blue skies and Chelsea is the Bus-stop. Just frank! U cant keep him unhappy¿dats same stuff Vpersie roll over from emirate and no Burst¿

  12. james james says:

    signing rooney would boost d chelseafc squared.

  13. Tunde Olaniran says:

    Well. Chelsea have been linked with many strikers in the past without signing any one of them. Cavani, Falcao, Suarez etc have been trailed by Chelsea but these players are in other clubs today. One thing i know, Manu and Chelsea don’t normally do business rather Manu will preffer to sell to other clubs in EPL except Chelsea. My advice is let Mou stop inciting Rooney to leave ManU.

  14. Precious Sleem Omhanz says:

    Why iz Man U scared of sellin rooney 2 chelsea?…rooney iz too big 2 be sittin 4 RVP so jst let him com join chelsea.owk…..
    I need him n wnts 2 also help cos of 2014 world cup…. Up chelsean, up mourinho… I love d blues
    Can’t wait 2 see rooney sign….

  15. ibrahim says:

    is not good 4 the england team to beanch there main striker,while 2014 there is wc in brasil. so live him 2 go were he play regularly.

  16. Favour says:

    Man u is a greedy club i never lik there way 4 one day, let them alow the young man to go where his heart is, God bless d owner, God bless mou and borad, God bless cfc fan’s around the world

  17. Alan says:

    I don’t even want Rooney, but its worth 30 mil just to see the Mancs wounded.

  18. Abbey says:

    Chelsea is a great club,! Not only in the EPL,but in Europe. No reasonable payer ever says ”No” to such a club. If Rooney must actualize his present and future dreams as a happy player, then he has to answer the call of the rejuvenating dominance that Chelsea will enjoy in the coming seasons by joining the only English club side that has become double European champions simultaneously.

  19. Okiinny says:

    Chelsea must act fast 2 buy rooney,becos he is best in e epl

  20. williams says:

    Rooney is a great sriker without any doupt,he can single handedly turn a game around bt i doupt if man u will do business with chelsea because dats the last club they want rooney 2 go. Up chelsea

    • Your right mate,Chelsea with Mourinho are going to be without doubt United’s biggest challengers this season ,and United would NEVER sell to them !!

  21. jide moses says:

    We will b waiting for u. Very soon Man U will b struggling to qualify for champions league, so u better join chelsea the wining team

  22. Reuben says:

    Roo to Chelsea? Is a welcome development. I love that guy, bring him on. Up BLUES.

  23. Ezeokoye chika says:

    Rooney will be a good addition to the chelsea squad. England can’t afford to see their number one striker sit on the bench and play second fiddle to a player we all know he is better than. Ron go join the blue army and lets see what RVP can do. Blue runs in my vein

  24. Ezeh James says:

    Rooney will b a greater player in chelsea than he is now.Mounriho is mor dan a coach,he is a teacher,a trainer&a motivator;he wil bringout d best in rooney.

  25. S,m.t says:

    Players should b allow to decide thr future,if rooney is blues let him b lue y forcing him to b red,.man u wit o witout roo di blues remain deadly to all f.c clubs in di world.luv all my blues fans

  26. Sharif says:

    I’feared, roo in man’u, feared rvp wen waz in rsenal, n feared Tevez in city nw dat dea ol nt dea who wil stp bluez.. Cheerz cn’t wait 2 celebrate 4 trophiez.whether or nt roo 2 bluez wil b true sooner dan later. Hi! Funz

  27. Rooney is a prolific striker,and he will improve chelsea game,he has had a lot of cap in england jose mourinho should make sure he sign the striker.

  28. Walter says:

    Man u need not to keep Rooney sit on tha bench..unless u don ‘t want hm 2 go 2 brazil..let hm go to chelsea.