David Villa to choose Arsenal over Spurs

David Villa to choose Arsenal over SpursThe arrival of Brazilian and Santos maestro Neymar means that the departure of David Villa is all but imminent. With the likes of young talented stars such as Messi, Sanchez, Pedro already upfront, the Spanish top scorer will have to leave for first team football.

It is reported that Villa’s preferred destination is premier league and hence Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool have shown interest to sign El Guaje. The main battle is between the North Londoners and Villa is likely to choose Arsenal over Spurs.

Having only started 17 league games for Barcelona last season, Villa is surely not satisfied and with limited first team football, he will never be able to feature for his country in the next year’s World Cup in Brazil.

El Guaje is by all means a top quality striker and still has it to play at the highest level. Even with limited football, Villa scored no less than 16 goals for Barcelona and provided 6 assists. Adding to that he scored 2 goals in as many games for national side.

The former Valencia star has already won the World Cup and European Championships with Spain but he missed their last triumph of Euro 2012. World Cup 2014 might be his last competition for his nation and to take part in that, Villa needs to play not only at his best but also the best club competition in the world i.e. Champions League.

Vicente Del Bosque has a lot of strikers to choose from and with the talent that Spain has, the competition for places is very high.

Both Gunners and Tottenham are looking for top quality strikers as they badly missed one up front last season. As Arsenal once again ensured Champions league qualification at the expense of Spurs, Villa will likely choose Arsene Wenger’s side.

Villa will have a point to prove that he is still Spain’s best forward and with that World Cup place in mind, he will try his hardest and inevitably, gunners will also benefit from that. For now, nothing can surely be said about Villa’s next destination. Where will he be next season, we shall have the answer soon.

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  • comment-avatar
    Yikan 6 years

    Arsenal must sign him, give him 2 years contract wont hurt our funds and we can win the league

    • comment-avatar
      matt LONDON 6 years

      Win the league? ha ha ha that is the funniest thing i have ever heard. Dream on mate. Will take more than david villa for that to happen. maybe if there was nobody else in the league you might stand a better chance ha ha ha

      • comment-avatar
        mike 6 years

        Ha, ha split my ribs reading that, you are so funny don’t give up your day job mate. Let’s just see what next season brings.

      • comment-avatar
        lewis 6 years

        MATT, what do you know mate your a fat mug.

        we only need villa and we will win the league, 4 players in midfield over 10 goals no other team done that, leaders in the second

    • comment-avatar
      Peter Isaacs 6 years

      I hope he does join Arsenal over Spurs, frankly he is past his best and probably looking for a meal ticket not the sort of player Spurs need right now.

  • comment-avatar
    Princess kadie morgan 6 years

    I will be pleased, if wenger signed him up he is relevant in the top

  • comment-avatar
    shankaran 6 years


  • comment-avatar
    Dagim Ethiopia 6 years

    Villa can play 4 years in full capacity. we will have a goal drought cleared for four years.

  • comment-avatar

    villa has always been a good player arsenal signing him will make them look serious!!!

  • comment-avatar
    SP 6 years

    Wenge’s entire policy, the adherence of which has seen many very good players leave Highbury/Erirates, has been based entirely on ‘not’ giving players over the age of thirty any more than one year contracts.

    The whole article rests on an assumption and not on any firm facts. Villa has nowhere been quoted that he must have CL football, the author is surmising it. Who can tell if CL football is amking Arsenal favourites> Other sources I have seen have reported that Spus have offered a two year contract and more money and are, therefore, favourites to sign him. So who knows, other than the player and those close to him, exactly what will weigh most heavily in his decision making process?

    One thing is for sure, Liverpool are distant third favourites.

  • comment-avatar
    Simon 6 years

    He’d be a better fit at Spurs because they play better football and is likely to be the missing piece of the jigsaw. At the Scum he’d soon loose interest with all their long ball stuff

    • comment-avatar
      Callum 6 years

      What are you actually talking about? Arsenal have even praised for the style of football they play, pass and move which is similar to the style of Barcelona. Tottenham have a team of mediocre players and talents and one of those talented players happens to be one the best in the world at the moment and carried them through a lot of games. His style of football is suited exactly for Arsenal and what are they missing? A prolific striker and goals is something Villa guarantee’s. Villa wants first team football and more than anything he wants to go to the World Cup so he is no doubt going to want champions league football to make his chances of ping to the World Cup even better. I would be foolish for Arsene not to sign him

  • comment-avatar

    Wenger most buy villa and more big player

  • comment-avatar
    Stu 6 years

    Good luck at ARSEnil, break a leg..oh he did already. Eduardo was never quite the same player now was he. Anyway Dave, good luck and ahem, break a leg!! Mu Hahahahahahahaha. COYS.

  • comment-avatar

    pls sign him up. . mad wenger

  • comment-avatar
    Waxson ibraheem 6 years

    Arsene wenger must sign him up cause it is sweetable for arsenal and sign huguain or rooney our striking force will b d badest in england.

  • comment-avatar
    Law 6 years

    Wenger may not sign him. Villa doesn’t look French.

  • comment-avatar
    rodman 6 years

    hmm.. wenger sign? story that touch.
    he will keep looking for cheap players until there are no more good talents left.He would then proceed to buy from french league as usual.Bunch of wastes.