Suarez Receives “Shocking Shocking” Ban

Suarez Receives "Shocking Shocking" BanWhat more can be said about this issue that has not been said before. Different opinions by different experts on different incidents but none could have predicted such a shocking decision by FA to hand Luis Suarez a 10 match ban for biting Ivanovic.

The horror news for Liverpool supporters is that the prolific Uruguayan who is auguably the best player in the premier league will be out for the first six games of the next season that may hurt them real bad as they look to bounce back.

There is some debate as to whether or not this ban is fair. There is universal agreement that Suarez deserved a ban, but length is controversial and shocking to say the least.

The FA are yet to provide written reasons to why they have handed him such a lengthy ban but well there can be many reasons or may be excuses. First argument can be, he has already received a ban of 7 games in the dutch league for biting. Didn’t learn so deserved a bigger one this time around.

Suarez’s bite was violent conduct, and as the FA’s own legislation states that a retrospective ban for violent conduct is 3 games, that is how long Suarez should be suspended for but well it seems FA really have another set of rulebook when it comes to Luis Suarez.

Surely Biting is not worst than Racism or breaking an opponent’s leg and many other violent conducts but then why an 8 game ban for Racism and 10 game ban for biting.

The similar example as discussed heavily is the Jermaine Defoe bite on Javier Mascherano in 2006, which the FA took no action on as the referee had ‘seen the incident and dealt with it’. It is therefore hard to draw comparisons between the two incidents, but seeing as the FA felt no need to change their own rules in order to punish Defoe’s bite, it would seem a little harsh that they gave Suarez a ban so much larger than their regular ban for violent conduct.

Liverpool and Suarez cannot beleive what hit them but it is likely that the ban will not be reduced for reasons well best known perhaps. Suarez may as well forget about the Player of the year award now.

Everyone agreed that he deserved ban but this one of the longest ever imposed by the FA and perhaps shows Suarez is again made a scapegoat. In any case, the loss of Suarez for 10 matches will come as a huge blow to the player and to the club, and Liverpool will find it hard to break their woeful first day of the season record (the last time they won their first game was in 2008, a 1-0 win against Sunderland) next season without their star striker.

May be the only silver lining for Liverpool fans is that the ban greatly improves their chances of being able to hold on to Suarez over the summer. Still, they will have to do something about his absence in the first six games of the next season which is a major concern.

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    gonka33 5 years

    This is ridicoulous by the stupid FA

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    yeahs 5 years

    Fa want Suarez to leave England asap
    fed up

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    More proof of fa bein biased towrds foreign players they wil do everything to crippl lfc