Arsenal Crumble to New Lows as Fans Protest

Arsenal Crumble to New Lows as Fans ProtestThe disappointment of the Gunner fans was already sky high before kick off against Swansea. What followed afterwards only added fuel to their anger as Arsenal crumbled to new lows with a 2-0 defeat. Never has Arsene Wenger seen such high level of protests by the fans in his long reign.

Although majority of the fans are against the problems in Arsenal’s board and the way the club is being run, but yesterday’s loss shows why the concerns are worse and even the legendary Manager has only one answer i.e. his team has been “Not Good Enough”.

Booing has been common in the Emirates stadium since past few seasons as the fans have been frustrated without a trophy for so many years. However, the manner of defeat versus Swansea deserves no less than that. The Gunners were clueless for most part of the game; the only chance in the first half was when Cazorla’s harmless header was held by the keeper as if it was catching practice.

Up top Arsenal were clueless despite having so many attacking options. Gervinho and Walcott had terrible outings on the wing and experienced German Lukas Podolski played as a central forward as if he was deployed in that position for the first time in his career, being ineffective throughout the game.

Gunners have one of the best midfield lineups in the premier league, still Cazorla, Wilshere and Arteta could not even win the midfield battle against Swansea who produced a hardworking and effective show on the day that restricted Arsenal’s attack. Also Michu, league’s top scorer, doesn’t miss many chances. Yet the game was more about how poor Arsenal was and less about how good Swansea played.

One can say that the result was coming. Arsenal have only won 6 points from the last 6 premier league games and in that period, the only win came against their arch rivals Tottenham. Not to forget, versus Spurs, Gunners were actually struggling as they conceded early and only bounced back when the opponents were down to 10 men. Else their performances have been quite dreary to say the least.

The question now is how are Arsenal going to recover from this defeat and move on? Although the upcoming fixtures are not categorized amongst hard ones and the fact that in December they will be playing four games at home, still the last three fixtures against Villa, Everton and Swansea also don’t come into that category but Gunners could only earn two points from them.

Currently, Arsenal lie 10th in the premier league, 5 points behind the champions league places. From the current level of performance, one can easily expect Arsenal to finish outside top 4 for the first time under Wenger. Whether or not Arsene Wenger can turn things around like he did last season; Only time will tell.

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    Kornika 6 years

    Time up for Wenger, but he has been our manager for far too long, so in respect no one will ask for his head. BUT boy his head has gone all crap over the years. He must resign

  • comment-avatar
    Pascal 6 years

    The problem with arsenal is the playing style n Wenger is to blamed,they play more of rugby of passing horizontally than giving killer passes,they lack dat creativity n wil never score soon unless they realise dat

  • comment-avatar
    Benedict kanu 6 years

    I think we should give him a chance and sêe what move he will in january.i dont think changing him will solve the problem.for example chealsea are still suffering after changing their manager.i can only opt for changes if we get Guardiola.

  • comment-avatar
    victor 6 years

    Arsenal player has been fantastic in their previous games. I should be surprise at the way arsenal players are playing football this day. The problem should be the tactic wenger introduced. Arsenal is a club I like so wenger should look for where the fault is and fix it . We must come back to our winning way so to make fans happy. We have quality players that can deliver but it turned to be different story in the last games. Arsenal must change to what we use to know them for. Up gunners.

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    Tammy 6 years

    Lets buy quality and reliable strickers at least two and two good midfieders and two defenders the team needs over hauling in the real sense. Wenger knows what to do. Let spend we can not continue this way.

  • comment-avatar
    Ochureal 6 years

    Wenger shud b sacked if he dont won resign.hw can i b paying 50 naira per match for evry wk wtout result.we ve money to quality player,let discard som n introduce new quality one.i rest my case

    • comment-avatar
      alan b'stard M P 6 years

      AW is doing what the board tell him

  • comment-avatar
    Oguntuase Amos 6 years

    Most of the games lost had been at the Emirate and why? Because the atmosphere at the Emirates on match days have been terrifying, repulsive and discouraging to say the least. The fans should continue their protests, boos and abuses so that the team can rumble completely. With the way the fans are behaving irresponsibly, no good players will like to come to Arsenal where they are not appreciated. Imagine the way the manager who had done so much for the club is being insulted! The English hooligans are are their worst. Admittedly,the team is not doing well, but are they the only big team to have suffered such humiliating defeat as of recent? For so many years had teams like Tothenham, West Brom, Swansea, West Ham and Fulham finished above Arsenal? Why must the team be killed by the fans for this period of dip which would be temporary? The only reason is that Usmanov is instigating everything. He tried legally to take over and it was impossible and now he wants to take a dubious way. Kroenke will sell his share and walk away with profit. Arsene Wenger will move to a club where he would have much to spend and earn better meaning less headache. The few performing players would be snatched up by better teams. Usmanov will take over. The road to self sustenance will be abandoned. Usmanov will turn Arsenal into his chess board and toss it here and there . Arsenal will suffer so many years of set back then we will begin another journey in search of an identity and we may never get one again. Stupid hooligans who call themselves fans should continue their irresponsible behavior. We are waiting to see the end.

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    Barthez 6 years

    #Ochureal, how much is 50 Naira ni US Dollars?

  • comment-avatar
    hiuia 6 years

    Wenger wil leave at the end of the season if Arsenal do not qualify for champions league. But that will be a decision much drastic like Lpool got rid of Benitez after one season withot CL and since are suffering