Liverpool Transfers – Reducing Wage Bill, Reducing Quality

Liverpool Transfers – Reducing Wage Bill, Reducing QualityAlberto Aquilani adds to the list of Liverpool departures after Kuyt and Rodriguez as the club looks to reduce the wage bill but inturn reducing quality as well. Brendan Rodgers has full control over the transfer activities but up till now Liverpool have only signed Fabio Borini from AS Roma.

Aquilani's Prolific Stats

Liverpool have lost one of the best passers of the squad in Aquilani. Although Injury prone his stats are undeniable, the Italian completed 87 percent passes for AC Milan last season and provided six assists. A year prior to last; he had 83 percent pass completion for Juventus as well. Adding to that he only made 9 league starts for Liverpool and still managed 4 assists and a goal. In last 3 years, Aquilani provided more assists than even captain Steven Gerrard.

As Benitez left the club, every manager preferred his own signings and Aquilani was the one who suffered and made way. Hodgson had his prized Poulsen, Dalglish signed Adam and Henderson but poor showings by the signings ultimately lead to their exit from the club. The Italian was a perfect fit for tiki taka with his calmness on the ball, accurate passing and midfield creativity only second to Gerrard yet he is gone and others keep their place. Whether or not the potential arrival of Rodgers’s preferred player Joe Allen proves to be different than Hodgson’s and Dalglish’s preferences, only time will tell.

Kuyt and Maxi

It will be a crime to say that Henderson was better than Dirk Kuyt who deserved his chances last year but was warming the bench. Dalglish preferred young Jordan who is by no means a natural winger over the tireless Dutchman who left having served reds for six long years.  His departure leaves a gap in the Liverpool attack that might be filled by closely linked Dempsey.

Liverpool missed goals badly last season and Maxi Rodriguez had the best conversion rate for the club still he was not used much. He managed to score 4 league goals in the 11 appearances he made, compared to Downing who scored none in the league yet Maxi was the first one to depart the club this summer.


Liverpool might have saved around 14 million per year wages from the sale of the three mentioned players but the fact remains that they were better than many players who are still part of the Reds squad. In all fairness, poor players must be shown the door first. With only a month left for transfers, Brendan Rodgers need to act swiftly and sign replacements to cover up for the quality that has left the club.

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  • comment-avatar
    Lfcforlife 6 years

    No Adam, Henderson, Shelvey, Spearing are all better than Aquilani – Shakin my head

    • comment-avatar
      james 6 years

      have u watched them play u moron

      • comment-avatar
        Lfcforlife 6 years

        Do you really have any sense of sarcasm , next time read a comment 3 times before replying

  • comment-avatar
    Mikey 6 years

    We need to judge Rodgers after the window closes and on the teams performances and not judge him because some players have left!! My feeling on Aqualani was that he never settled in England and wanted to leave!! If a player wants to go then you need to cut your losses just as KK did with Miereles last season!! As to Kuyt and Rodrigues well when a new manager comes in there are always casualties, some not popular with the fans!! So lets start to judge during the season!! Now is not the time!!

    • comment-avatar

      Im not judging Rodgers but i do not understand on what basis people judge Aquilani.
      Fans dont beleive when Media says that Liverpool told Aquilani that he can find a club for himself. and they dont beleive Aquilani when he says he was forced on loan and he wants to prove himself at Liverpool.
      The fact remains, Liverpool wanted him out, perhaps for Allen who seems already better than Adam and Henderson but the pressure at Liverpool is at another level. Lets hope he comes good and soon