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The Importance of Full-Backs in the Modern Game

Nowadays, the role of a full-back is not an easy one. There are a few main criterias which every good modern full-back should possess.

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Why Cabaye’s Signing may Prove to be as Fruitful as Arteta’s

When Arteta was signed on deadline day in a panic buy by Arsene Wenger, the signing seemed a few years too late, and underwheled initially. However, gradually, Arteta has become a firm fan favourite, and is deeply missed in the … Continue reading

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Why Bernard May Choose Porto Over Arsenal

Recent transfer news has been dominated by the young Brazilian, Bernard, who looks certain to leave Atletico Mineiro for Europe, after a fine season, in which he won the Copa Libertadores (South American Champions League.)

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Arsenal Angle – Higuain vs Suarez and the Latest

Arsenal have been linked with Higuian for some time now, and if twitter is anything to go by, has actually signed for Arsenal over 15 times in the last few weeks.

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Why Rooney Won’t be Too Bad for Arsenal and Why Fans Need to Put the Past Behind Them

Amidst Wayne Rooney’s anxiety to get out of Manchester he has been linked with many clubs, including rivals Arsenal (who of course sold Manchester United Robin Van Persie.) However, this rumour shocked many Arsenal fans, and angered a few too, and … Continue reading

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Carlos Vela: Why it didn’t Work Out at Arsenal for El Bombardero

Mexican forward Carlos Vela, formerly of Arsenal, has been superb this season for Real Sociedad in La Liga, scoring 13 goals, and getting 9 assists. (As well as 9 yellow cards.)

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Dark Horses for the 2014 World Cup

It seems like only yesterday that Tshabalala was rocketing one into the top right corner in South Africa to score the first goal of the 2010 World Cup. Three years have passed, however, and the biggest sporting event in the … Continue reading

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Arsenal No Longer Good Enough to Win with Their Game

Last night Bayern beat Arsenal comfortably at The Emirates in the first leg of the draw. Bayern haven’t conceded any goals from open play in 2013, lie on top of the Bundesliga easily, and have set countless records in Germany … Continue reading

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Most Hated Players But Do They Care?

Robin Van Persie, Luis Suarez, Cristiano Ronaldo. These are a few players who are adored by their clubs’ fans, and hated by other club’s fans. But does the mentality of fans solely depend on whether the player plays for their … Continue reading

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Why Benteke Must Prove He’s not Part of the ‘6 Month Crew’

22 year old Belgian striker Christian Benteke has had a sparkling six months for Aston Villa. Amongst a poor team, has been the highlight every weekend, and this has attracted bigger Premier League names such as Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham … Continue reading

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