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Suarez’s Sale Raises Issues for Liverpool

The signs suggest that Suarez will be leaving Liverpool in the summer. This transfer saga follows the trend that seems to happen on an annual basis now.

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The Truth About Pepe Reina’s Loan Move

It might seem a little strange, but allow me to explain. A very bizarre and seemingly unconnected series of transfer events began with Victor Valdes announcing his intention to leave Barcelona and continues with Pepe Reina moving on loan to … Continue reading

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The Global Popularity of Football

Often described as being the ‘Global Game’ or as being a ‘Global Language’, football’s status as an international sport is without question. It’s easy to see why, both in its simplicity and complexity. However, its failure to catch on in … Continue reading

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The Importance of Planning the Next Manager

For most people with an interest in football and the Premiership, the relegation battle is great entertainment. With one unexpected result, a team can seemingly lift themselves to safety whereas a poor run of form can take you from mid-table … Continue reading

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The Case For Pre-Qualification

As with every England international game, an old debated issue comes back to life for a few days. Most of the time, an England game results in the media discussing how England’s opponents have formed such a fantastic infrastructure and … Continue reading

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Jack Wilshere – Future Captain, Leader, Legend?

Pep Guardiola once famously said that Jack Wilshere was ‘lucky’ because there are many players ‘like him’ in the Barcelona ‘B’ team. This has rather been taken out of context; Guardiola also said he was ‘excellent’ and a ‘top player’ … Continue reading

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The Short Tenures of Managers

Just why do managers have such short tenures in charge these days? Nowadays managers can consider themselves lucky to have stayed in a job for over a year and absurdities are happening such as Nottingham Forest parting company with Alex … Continue reading

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How good are (were) the Old Firm teams?

I’ve always been curious about the debate concerning if Celtic or Rangers should be allowed to join the English leagues. Obviously this debate has died down lately with the collapse of Rangers but I remain interested to know exactly what … Continue reading

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Possession per Shot on Target

I’ve always had an obsession with statistics. Do you pay attention to the statistics bar which runs across your screen during post-match interviews on Match of the Day? I do. Do you have a look at the ‘Match Facts’ after … Continue reading

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What Now For Danny Welbeck

In an earlier article about the future surrounding Robin van Persie, I stated my belief that he would join Manchester United but also questioned if this would hinder the development of Danny Welbeck, who would undoubtedly get less game time … Continue reading

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