Wenger Ready to Offer close to $64million to Sign Star for Arsenal

Wenger Arsene Arsenal FCArsenal need to sign top quality stars if they are to have any chance of winning the Premier League title this season.

Alexis Sanchez’s future is still unclear and the North Londoners must sign a classy playmaker to replace him. They have been chasing Monaco star Thomas Lemar.

The Gunners have already made three offers to hire the services of the French international but the Ligue 1 side rejected them. Few days back, Arsene did claim that the move to sign him is dead (Express).

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However, according to Mirror, Wenger has not given up and he is ready to make a 4th move, close to Monaco’s valuation of 50 million pounds ($64million), to finally secure the signature of Lemar before the deadline ends.

The 21-year-old winger directly contributed in 31 goals (14 goals and 17 assists) in all competitions as Monaco excelled in the league and the Champions League last season.

Arsenal are not the only team interested in signing the Les Bleus star. Recently, Sunday Times journalist Duncan Castles claimed that even Manchester United are interested and Thomas would actually prefer to join the Red Devils.

In your opinion, is Lemar good enough to replace Alexis?

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  • comment-avatar
    Geekaybee 1 year

    Wenger, do you really know what you are doing ?

  • comment-avatar
    Mahmoud Alpha Conteh 1 year

    Wenger must sign Lemar, Marez, Seri and Van Dijk then dispose of Sanchez, Chambalin, Ozil and Mustaphy before the close of the transfer window. Other wise, let him be sacked because he will not win the league and qualify for champions league.

  • comment-avatar

    When players want to leave, let me go because they will not give their best any more for the team. Wenger you are playing with something you cannot be able to handle come after Wednesday. Please let Wenger be sacked for this discraseful display by his players. I can’t imagine Sanchez laughing at the team after he was substituted. Let Wenger be sacked and let all the players that want to leave go immediately and Arsenal FC buys more players for the season

    • comment-avatar
      Geekaybee 1 year

      He has just acquired a top striker, what we desperately need is a young, proven, quality Centre Back and we really need him NOW!

  • comment-avatar
    Ariko Simon Peter 1 year

    arsenal needs a profound midfielder,central defender n a right winger if that club is to succeed. poor lineup cost us a match against Liverpool. How do u leave super striker lacazette n put there welbeck who wastes chances,again you put bellerin on a wrong number n leave sead on bench sincerely why did u sign new players. Arsenal did wrong to retain wenger,this club needs a new couch o/wise wenger has become common .

    • comment-avatar
      kelvin 1 year

      Wenger is no longer a trust worthy manager any more. He is s gambler. How could he come up with a wrong lineup and still left out the two new signings. Honestly, am disappointed in wenger, Sanchez, oxlade, xhzaka, Ramsey, holding, welbeck and bellerin. Please Wenger, bring in Lamar, seri, Julian and van. Let go Sanchez, Ramsey and Oxlade if you really want arsenal’s success this season.

  • comment-avatar
    Abdulbasid 1 year

    So, arsenal need to get left winger and midfeilder, central defender in order to challenge theiropponet in the EPL,
    We lost 4-0 agaist liverpool.

    Ramsey and welback are not doing any thing for arsenal just drop them and get others.

  • comment-avatar
    alexisben madit 1 year

    arsenal are going backwards instead of progressing.wenger has enough experience in epl but still can not win anything.let him go

  • comment-avatar
    abdul wahab 1 year

    it was a wrong line-up selection.sead&lacazatte shd have started the game.wenger should choose btn chamberlain&Bellerin on the right wing spot.playing players in a wrong position affects thier performance.Imagine having sanhez,lacazzatte&wellbeck heading the line.Bellerin couldnt contribute coz he is not a left winger.
    if chamberlain wants to leave,sale him buy mahrez.we need a strong defensive midfielder to.

  • comment-avatar
    Enyede Joseph 1 year

    Wenger has run short of ideas and there is nothing he can do to improve on his performance.Actually no fun is happy about his rigidity.

  • comment-avatar
    ejike 1 year

    what do u want me to say that others have not said ok,sack wenger period.if u give him madrid players in arsenal,he will still be complaining.goooo.

  • comment-avatar
    Gashley 1 year

    I think arsenal should complete thomas Lemar deal, becaus we can’t continue with this embarrassment week after week.i can’t even wait for aliko dangote to buy arsenal maybe we could sign big names

  • comment-avatar
    martins oleka 1 year

    it is rather unfortunate that we have to talk about this subject again and again. my heart really bleeds due to Wengers ineptitude’he has definitely lost touch of the modern footballing ethics, this is perhaps the first european to exhibit this sit tight mentality that isbefore now an African exclusive reserve. please mr Wenger go and save us this endless embarassment if indeed your love for arsenal is truely genuine.

  • comment-avatar
    Dickie G 1 year

    It’s not like we have been here before is it ? Most seasons for the past decade.
    Someone up front, two solid fighters in the middle, quality centre back, proven full backs and fresh thoughts on a new keeper. The “Spine”. Sounds like half the Team ?
    Have been a solid Wenger supporter yet the line-up for Liverpool was a joke. His continual loyalty to Monreal is amazing. He has been the worst left back, come left wing back come centre back the Club has ever employed. His last two seasons have been a disaster as we have been consistently exposed on the left flank. To then employ Bellerin on the left flank really makes you wonder. He can’t even play on the right, cross a ball, let alone defend and he can’t back his pace any more as we saw at Anfield To think Barca would have paid us 50m for him not so long ago ? Was playing `Bellerin on the left to accomodate the Ox on the right ? ….who made it very clear yestrerday he doesn’t want to play for us now. Wenger really doesn’t know who to play at the back and what formatIon. It’s all guess work.
    Midfield is a mess. Is there a midfield ? No responsiblity being taken. Ramsey so inconsistent. Shaky Xhzaka cannot complete a pass. So arrogant with it as well. Guaranteed a red any time
    Why leave our two new signings on the bench ???
    Dear old Welbeck can’t it a barn door.
    Have not even mentioned Sanchez or Ohio
    The whole work ethic of the Team is just not up there. There is no structure or pattern to our play
    Emmensly disappointing. Feel AW has lost the dressing room ?
    We’ll get a couple of wins somehow but come Chelsea away the major crevasses will be fully exposed again.
    The joys of been an Arsenal fan, hey ?