Klopp Ready to Sign €125m Star or €40m Star for Liverpool

Liverpool have rejected multiple bids for Coutinho as per reports in Spain but the Brazilian could still depart.

According to Diario Gol, Barcelona have offered the likes of Turan, Rafinha and Gomes to Liverpool but Klopp is not interested in them.

Instead, the Spanish source have mentioned that the German boss is ready to sign an immediate replacement and wants Barca to sell either Ivan Rakitic or Sergi Roberto if they are to sign Coutinho.

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Rakitic is a proven quality world class midfielder who will largely improve the Anfield club. He has been vital for Barcelona since moving from Sevilla.

Back in March, the 29-year-old Croatian international signed a new deal with the Catalan giants and it has a huge release clause of €125m (FCB). He scored 7 goals and provided 6 assists in 32 league games last season.

Sergi Roberto is naturally a versatile midfielder but last season, he played in the right back position. Barca lured Semedo to fill the RB position this summer and because of that the Spanish international has returned to his midfield position.

The 25-year-old star’s current deal with Barcelona will expire in 2019 and it has a release clause of €40m (FCB). He provided 6 assists in 32 La Liga outings in the last campaign. In your opinion, should Liverpool sign Rakitic or Roberto?

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8 Responses to Klopp Ready to Sign €125m Star or €40m Star for Liverpool

  1. Felix says:

    In my own opinion Liverpool shouldnt buy any of the two players instead they should hold on Countinho and fight hard to lure VV Dijik from the Saints and sign one holding midfielder and i think with that things will work out for them in EPL and UEFA champions league.

  2. 459er says:

    Do no deals with barcelona rather buy Keita now and loan him back to Redbull

  3. Silvester says:

    Ask for Luiz Suarez and Rakitic and may be Euro 80 mil for Couthino. I understand that Couthino is not worth that much but since Barcelona want to sign Couthino to replace Nyemar, by logic he is at least worth as much as Nyemar.

  4. Ashley says:

    Personally I would be wanting as much money up front or if Klopp can include a Player of his liking into to deal at a price that’s better then normal so be it but I’m all for selling Coutinho after everything he has said and his actions speak louder then words. Why keep a Player against his will as Coutinho will continue to fain injury and will never give 100% again to Liverpool and our club is worth so much more then that and only have players who want to give 100% and wants to be part of our future success.. So I still feel we need more quality players in the squad with the amount of games to come this season especially being part of the Champions League this season and the players I would like to see at the club before the Window Closes are as follows. VVD and even Howedes who’s a bargain at £10M And can play both LB/RB as well !! Mateo Kovačić, Draxler, we also need a winger who can play Both Sides for cover of both Mane and Salah who are so important to the team with the way Klopp wants to play and certainly more important then Coutinho !!! I would also like to see another Striker who’s an out to out Striker and can score those 20 goals a season and maybe play Firmino just behind the striker or if we are in need of a goal be able to send on a Striker who can score goals unlike Sturridge who I still feel isn’t 100% committed to Liverpool and has lost some of that magic pace and doesn’t seem to be the player he once was and can’t do the job what Klopp needs of a striker and why Firmino is our No1 striker !!! I wouldn’t mind giving Ings a try up front or atleast a spot on the bench now he’s finally Injury free… last comment is I also Beleive we are in need of a holding midfielder especially after losing our last defensive midfielder Lucas so I know Klopp is keeping an eye on west ham and their attempt of buying Carvalho but we definitely need a DM for Klopp to use when required ???
    Liverpool are certainly improving with Klopp in charge especially when we are trying to compete with Both Manchester clubs and Chelsea whose owners are happy to throw £100s M at every transfer window where Klopp has done it on limited Budget and really should be known as the Real Special One instead of that phoney at
    Man U ??? Thank you for your patience and sorry for the length of this but I’m a massive Beleiver in both Klopp and ĺiverpool and so excitited with what Klopp has done and is continuing to build at Liverpool a team/Squad for Now and the Future !!! YNWA

    • Barry says:

      I love your saying fans are inpatient they want klopp to buy as bigger teams are buying . That he should say to the press as other coaches that we need ,4 or 3 players . But klopp is stubborn for me we need 5 players to compit for the league that is s good center back. A holding midfielder , a creative midfielder, winger and a striker again . I know klopp is building his team for the feature . but fans need the league because they are been moked by Man U fans

  5. Cheang says:

    If Barcelona wants to sign Philippe Coutinho, what Liverpool should do is ask the same amount as what PSG offered for Neymar. And add either Ivan Rakitic or Luiz Suarez to the deals.

  6. Gabeschippa Skipper Kasupi says:

    Phil is A NO DEAL, as a word of advice he must learn from Torres. When Torres was forcing his way out, he dropped form and never recovered.
    Let’s try to get Vidal, or Keita and see what The Reds will do to anyone on the path.

  7. Glenn says:

    We showed against Hoffenheim that we are not a one man team. If Coutinho wants to leave, allow him that wish. It has been proven before that there will always be someone who will replace who ever has left. We are dangerous with or without him. The only obstacle is the inconsistency of our defence.