Chelsea to Finally Get 7 Points Deduction – Massive Boost for Tottenham & Man City

Chelsea have been brilliant in the Premier League under the management of Antonio Conte and the Blues currently have a 10 point lead over their closest rivals Tottennham Hotspur.

However, that lead will be cut down to only three points because the Stamford Bridge club are going to get 7 points deducted.

Chelsea players made a habit of causing fuss on the football field for all the wrong reasons, especially under the management of former boss Jose Mourinho.

Unfortunately, they have not been able to change under Conte as well. Back in December 2016, Chelsea players were involved in a brawl with Pep Guardiola’s men the Etihad.

The PL leaders were able to avoid points deduction at that moment and were fined £100,000. On the other hand, City were fined £35,000.

After a long and careful consideration to the case, the FA has decided to further penalize the Blues, who will now get a deduction of 7 points from their total and that would be a huge boost for their title rivals Tottenham and Man City.

The Sky Blues were able to avoid the deduction because their track record is fine but that of Chelsea has been absolutely terrible.

That brawl with City players meant that for the fifth time in over 19 months, Chelsea had to face FA’s disciplinary chiefs for failing to control their stars. Moreover, further deliberation has confirmed that Chelsea players started the entire drama by reacting to Aguero’s tackle (on Luis) in an ugly manner. Hence, it was decided to increase the penalty.

The governing body has come up with this punishment three months after the incident took place but in all honesty, the decision is fair and makes complete sense, only on April Fools’ Day.

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23 Responses to Chelsea to Finally Get 7 Points Deduction – Massive Boost for Tottenham & Man City

  1. Paul says:

    Happy April Fools Day

  2. Mrinmoy protim boruah says:

    You really got me dude… really scared me .

  3. traver mutakura says:

    I was so shocked and angry man

  4. Richie says:

    April fool indeed

  5. Carl says:

    Oh my goodness.. I almost fainted

  6. Sebz says:

    you’ve got me brother. hahahaaa

  7. debby says:

    wish u got me! I almost fainted

  8. Prince says:

    Like seriously?? I was so upset and very scared

  9. Emmanuel says:

    My mind got to rest only after the last statement… April fool day

  10. I was very angry!!!!! lo lo lo.

  11. Ibrahim says:

    nice one guy

  12. Romey says:

    You r a bad bad dude for scaring people like that this morning. Top pranking right there

  13. Big Joe says:

    Nice one man! Even if it was true I just got the feelings that nothing is going to stop us from winning the EPL this season.

  14. Holden martin says:

    Hahaha was shocked by 7points deduction. Actually fool’s days

  15. Bernard says:

    You got me. So will you get some one.

  16. Michael Tava Dangana says:

    Thank God it’s 1st April and I was never carried away

  17. Monday says:

    you got me for some minute

  18. Ramsey says:

    My heart started pounding until the last statement

  19. kamal says:

    U really make me scared, u just feel that i hate FA……….

  20. Lee says:

    Damn u bro,,but u really got me troubled,,happy fools day the blues,,we r on way up and nothing can stop us,,Keep the blue flag flying high,,we ain’t got no history,,up the blues

  21. Eddyyy says:

    Damn!!!! You got me really..!

  22. Awose Ayuba says:

    I was thinking of not watching today’s match cos of how angry I am until I read the last phrase. April fool indeed