Deal Close – Liverpool to Finally Sign “Technically Gifted” Dribbler

Liverpool FCLiverpool will not be taking part in any European competition and must sign top players to finish in the top four next season.

One key midfielder who has been linked with a move to Anfield for quite some time is Polish international Piotr Zielinski. If the update provided by a renowned journalist is anything to go by then Liverpool are close to finally signing Zielinski and the move could be sealed this week.

Last month, in an interview with WhoScored, the 22-year-old star claimed that it would be an honor for him to work under the management of current Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp. The Udinese midfielder also added:

“Well, dribbling is part of my style of play, but I think I have other skills too. I am technically quite gifted and I can play with accuracy with both feet, which are both useful assets for a player.”

According to BBC journalist Ben Smith, Zielinski is furthest along the line to sign for Liverpool and the deal could be done as soon as this week.

In 36 Serie A outings, Piotr scored 5 goals and provided 6 assists on loan for Empoli. He also completed 5th most dribbles in the league last season. (Picture: EPA)

Piotr Zielinski


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    RED PHIL 2 years

    It does worry me a bit that the person who is telling us that this player is “technically gifted” . . . is the player himself!
    I’m bald, fat and ugly but the irrefutable truth of that, in spades, can be seen and verified in seconds whereas the truth of this player’s comments would need much longer to verify because he’s always sitting on his backside on the bench for a very mediocre Polish team.
    Still, we wouldn’t want to sign somebody suffering from a lack of self-confidence, now, would we . . . ?