Klopp Clear to Finally Seal “Technically Gifted” Dribbler Signing for Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp DortmundLiverpool seem very serious about signing Polish midfielder Piotr Zielinski this summer and have been trying to lure him for quite some time.

There have been reports (Sky) that the Reds have submitted a bid worth 9.5 million pounds to hire the services of the Serie A midfielder who wants to reject Napoli and move to Anfield.

Now, after the latest update provided by Zielinski’s agent, Liverpool have a clear run to finally seal the signing of the 22-year-old star.

His agent Bartlomiej Bolek claimed (Daily Star via Radio CRC):

“To be honest, there is no chance that the player can go to Napoli.”

Piotr spent last year on loan with Italian club Empoli and had an impressive campaign for a side that finished 10th in the league.

In 36 Serie A outings, Zielinski directly contributed in 11 goals (5 goals and 6 assists). He completed 5th most dribbles in the league last season and claimed that dribbling is a part of his style of play (WhoScored).

“Well, dribbling is part of my style of play, but I think I have other skills too. I am technically quite gifted and I can play with accuracy with both feet, which are both useful assets for a player.”

At the moment, Piotr is on national duty with Poland at the European Championships. It looks highly likely that Liveprool will win the race to sign him and a move to Anfield will probably be finalized after the tournament concludes in France.

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    RED PHIL 2 years

    Okay, looks like he’s coming so let’s welcome the guy and hope that we are pleased with what we see when he walks out on to the green stuff for his first few LFC games. You never know, he might be far better than his stats indicate, Mr Klopp might have unearthed a gem but it would be nice to know exactly what position he is seen as filling? Right-sided? Left-sided? Number ten? Defensive midfield? What? Is he similar to Henderson, Milner or Can? Is he a new Souness? Has he got pace to burn, vision, is he two-footed? Can he tackle?
    At 22 he’s got oodles of time to prove himself and improve but we’ve already got, or had, too many average players so he needs to be far better than average! That’s quite a tall order . . .

  • comment-avatar
    rob nicol 2 years

    LFC have been linked with this lad since the end of the season, so i think Klopp is serious about him. In the past Klopp has unearthed some really good players so i am going to trust him on this one. I would just like to touch on one subject that is open to debate,the 2018 World cup. We all know it was fixed for russia to stage the tournament(hence Blatter’s sacking) so surely FIFA are thinking of changing the venue in light of the violent and racist behaviour of there animal supporters in France.Maybe it is just me but surely ,being in their own country,these arseholes are only going to get worse.There is the prospect of genuine football supporters going to watch the greatest show on earth and losing their life.I really hope they do get kicked out of the Euros, but if they do then the World cup must be moved to England or Germany two nations who can deal with these animals.

    • comment-avatar
      RED PHIL 2 years

      Couldn’t agree more and especially after the numerous comments from people in power in Russia about how the actions of their fans, in beating the crap out of people quietly sitting at a café, or whatever, were protecting the honour of Russia itself . . . so they should be forgiven.
      Go to Russia, have your face staved in by a boot or three and then get arrested for your face “assaulting the honour of the Motherland!”
      Brain-dead morons . . . and in Russia there will be millions of them and they won’t even have to travel to beat the crap out of people!

  • comment-avatar
    Hossain 2 years

    it seems Liverpool FC r going nowhere next season & Klopp will be a BIG FLOP.we should have gone 4 Carlos Ancelloti. we have to get rid of Can,Milner,mignolet ,Alberto Moreno and replace them with good players. at the moment LFC is an average team with average players.LFC will end up 6th or 7th next year. REMEMBER my words,

  • comment-avatar
    Liverpool diehard 2 years

    I feel we as Liverpool fans must have faith with our manager , he will deliver us the premiership title . We
    Maybe we have to wait 2 seasons , next season we come second . He will buy players willing to fight until the
    last breath. Not money men here for a holiday . This is Liverpool we live football and die for our team . Watch this
    space Liverpool fc will be a feared throughout Europe . Yes I know we are not there yet – but with kloop I feel there is a new era – give him 12 months to now show his heavy metal – we all be playing loud music cos we be
    top of the league .