Liverpool Ready to Seal “Intelligent & Important” Star Signing

Jurgen Klopp DortmundSince the departure of Norwegian international John Arne Riise, Liverpool have not been able to find a consistent left back.

Their current first choice left back Alberto Moreno had a highly inconsistent season where he showed flashes of quality in the attacking third but at the back he was mainly a liability.

Jurgen Klopp must sign a quality left back in the summer transfer window and if reports are anything to go by then the Reds are closing in to sign German international and Koln left back Jonas Hector.

According to reports (This is Anfield), Liverpool have agreed a fee with Koln to sign the 26-year-old defender and at the moment they are in talks with Jonas Hector to seal his signing.

Koln manager Peter Stoger claimed that Jonas is a “very intelligent and important” player (

Hector featured in 32 league games for the Bundesliga side last season and provided 4 assists. Liverpool must act fast and secure his signature this summer.

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6 Responses to Liverpool Ready to Seal “Intelligent & Important” Star Signing

  1. David says:

    Some sites say Liverpool are not interested in signing Hector. – That surprises me greatly. Would like to see the proven German International fill the left back positon at LFC. Do it Jurgen.

    • Thonsi says:

      Personally, I see this as an almost done deal pending Hector approving, it just makes sense, however, i dont think LFC can be seen opening negotiations with platers who are currently in the Euros and taking focus away from that. It;s unprofessional..the fact that ‘this is Anfield’ reported it as well, gives it weight. it however has to be contained cause LFC look like a club who go distract players in major competitions….another German in the German national team.

  2. RED PHIL says:

    Oh, come on, have we done a deal or haven’t we? In the last few hours I’ve seen that we’ve supposedly been after an injury-prone French guy currently limping at relegated Villa and then this Hector rumour. Then, the Hector rumour was quashed, then it wasn’t, then it might have been, then perhaps it wasn’t. Won’t believe anything until the guy is pictured, on the Kop, wearing a LFC shirt and singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” with a German accent!
    By God, we need a new LB but my scrambled brain couldn’t cope with a limping French guy already acclimatised to relegation coming here. No, that would be too cruel.
    A current German international sounds about right to me but is it more waffle, more rumours that will be discounted and discredited before I finish my morning ablutions tomorrow? Nobody knows . . . does anybody care?
    IF you are coming, Jonas, welcome, you are joining a very special club! You’d be a very lucky man!

  3. rob nicol says:

    All i can see is clubs sitting around and waiting to see who Juergen Klopp wants to sign ,and then going and signing them (gundogan,vardy,bailly etc etc).I think Klopp should just keep the squad we have and get into the champions league,then next summer when everybody is that more experienced (including Klopp) then start the LFC revolution. There will be more time next season ,without european football.Look what happened the last time we didn’t have european football ! I think it might be a little ploy by Klopp where he is saying we are interested in rubbish and injury prone players so that these money mad clubs will go and sign them. It’s all helping LFC and i for one am not underestimating Herr Klopp!!!.

  4. Mgalla Alex says:

    Hector signing for LFC!!!! This is a crucial and fantastic deal if these four has anything to go!! Please come Hector …..!!! The problem of LB will be solved 99.9% l feel something postively about this romour as opposed to that of Higuain.

  5. RED PHIL says:

    Seen a lot of different rumours, some about signing that limping French guy from the treatment room at Villa Park and a similar number of rumours about us signing the current Germany international Left-back, Jonas Hector, from Cologne. Obviously they are all rumours at the moment but isn’t it interesting how 99.9% of the comments made about signing Monsieur Le Limp are completely negative and 99.9% of the comments made as to the Hector rumours are as positive as it is ever going to be without having sniffed up a lot of ‘happy’ powder beforehand?
    Let’s hope that if our management team are so bored, on this lovely sunny Summer day, that they peruse some of the websites and come across the views of the fans! We can’t ALL be wrong!