Klopp Moves in to Finally Seal “Gifted” Star Signing for Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp DortmundLiverpool secured the signing of Marko Grujic last winter and the Serbian midfielder will be ready to play for the Reds next season.

Jurgen Klopp is still looking to reinforce the department by luring another midfielder in the form of Polish international Piotr Zielinski. Liverpool have been interested in signing him for quite some time and if reports are anything to go by then the German manager has already moved in with an offer to finally sign the player.

Two days back, Italian journalist Tancredi Palmeri claimed that the 22-year-old Udinese star has opted to reject Napoli and wants to sign for the Merseysiders in the summer transfer window.

Yesterday, Sky Sports Italia journalist Guglielmo Cannavale claimed that Liverpool have moved in with a 12 million Euros offer to sign Piotr and he would like to move to Anfield.

Last season, Zielinski played on loan with Empoli, scored 5 goals and provided 6 assists in 35 Serie A appearances.

The “Gifted” star has himself claimed that it will be an honor for him to play under the management of Klopp (WhoScored). Hence, it will not come as any surprise if he ends up joining the Anfield club this summer.

Piotr Zielinski

10 Responses to Klopp Moves in to Finally Seal “Gifted” Star Signing for Liverpool

  1. RED PHIL says:

    My knowledge of this guy is that he’s scored 5 goals and made 6 when playing in 35 games. Normally, that would equate to a free transfer but these days you get to be called gifted, brilliant and wonderful when Liverpool get to hear of you . . .

  2. Adonay Magi says:

    35 matches played, 5 goals, 6 assists. How can such stats makes him brilliant? Look closely in the LFC academy and you may see players who may be better than this guy. All the same, ‘bring him in’. He will improve with time.

  3. adnanovich says:

    Admit it or not Poitr is talented and a creative midfielder.
    It will be a good for liverpool if klopp bring him in, but he is still young and developing also liverpool has young very talented midfielder who has bright future to become LFC HERO, he is cameron baranagan. ”Watch HE against Westham” he is magic, quick and aggressive.
    GIVE CAMERON A CHANCE or bring TOP players not young developing still we have good academy

  4. rob nicol says:

    Zielinski has been playing at a higher level than Brannagan, so to say don’t sign the pole and give the local lad a chance might not be the way to go. Zielinski fits FSG’s way of doing things,buying up and coming players and selling them on. I am always wary of people talking about players in our academy, like Jordan Rossiter the next Steven Gerrard and the best of the lot Adam Morgan the new Robbie Fowler,( give me strength).I am mystified as to why LFC want to keep Teixera, just can’t see him doing anything much like Suso and Luis Alberto really deadwood needing to be cleared out. I always said that Sterling without Luis Suarez would be rubbish, have you seen him playing lately? LFC need to bring players through and stop this Rodgersesque overrating of every young player that comes along.Get them in the first team and find out what they can do instead of talking about what they might do.YNWA.

    • RED PHIL says:

      Sorry, Rob, the best LFC teams, and I can remember the first team I ever saw with “the flying pig” in goal, Rowdy Yeats at the back and Roger Hunt and Ian St John up front, bought players to make the team and the club great! Keegan, Dalglish, Barnes, Souness, etc., were NOT signed purely with the intention of selling that at a profit later on . . . and they made us GREAT. Sure, some players, like Torres and Suarez, you can sell if you get offered silly money but we need to get back to buying the players WE need NOW and if that means disembowelling the bean-counters, I’ll provide the cutlass for it! Come to think of it, after some of the rubbish deals we’ve done in recent years I’ll provide some torture implements as well!
      Watching other teams effectively go over the horizon whilst we nurture young players, many of whom fail to make the grade anyway, is not my idea of fun!
      If, and I hope he doesn’t go, Coutinho or any of our other better players leave, it will be because this club isn’t showing enough ambition for NOW and for the short-term.
      Chilwell isn’t proven, but could be one for the future. Please notice the words ‘could be’. Jonas Hector would solve our LB problem area now and for the next five or six years. We need him to help us win things in that time-scale.

      • rob nicol says:

        You sound like a man from my generation if you remember the great Tommy Lawrence and the team that Shanks built. Those days were the good old days when footballers actually enjoyed playing football ,not worrying where the next Lamborghini or mansion was coming from.LFC was practically destroyed by Hicks and Gillete and it has left the club trying to catch up to where we were.Now we have a good coach in the Shankly,Paisley mould,the trouble is ,he is having to deal with talentless tossers who care about being millionaires rather than famous footballers (Sterling). Yes i have great memories down the years but i feel we are never going to have any more Dalglish,Barnes Rush or even the flying pig because these days players are not concerned about improving their skills, why do they need to?

        • RED PHIL says:

          Oh, yes, couldn’t agree more . . .
          Even so, the name of the game, even if we dislike much of the trappings of wealth some very mediocre players get, is to win trophies so even though we might grumble a bit we’ve still got to hope our club comes out on top in its transfer dealings and, in my opinion, we’ve got to sign big-name players or we won’t have a hope in Hell of catching the seven clubs who finished above us last year and who will all be spending money as if it was going out of fashion!
          With our first three games supposedly away next season – so we can finish our stand – we can’t risk having a bad start and finding ourselves eight points behind the top bunch after seven or eight games. We need a good start and buying players like Hector, the LB, and Higuaín, would give us a better chance of that than getting inexperienced kids, no matter how promising they may be.
          Ah, don’t you just yearn for a new Souness, a New Rushie, a new King Kenny or even a new Terry Mac?

  5. Bassey Richard says:

    If we (LFC) have nothing to show forth at the end of next season, then klopp and the club owner should be held responsible. We don’t really need lad from elsewhere because we have them in our academy. Klopp should get us people that tested and trusted. Stop giving us fake news. A word is a enough for the wise

  6. molarmass says:

    There is nothing bad in buying young players outside but the problem is that the really talented ones are highly expensive. Meaning when you balance the sheet, the profits may not be much (if they eventually developed ) but most are always flops. So, better pick from the academy and sign 2 or 3 top class players (higuain,mane, hector and not selling cotinho). I pray we get it right

  7. Adebanjo Temitope Oluwamayowa says:

    Liverpool can’t afford to buy an average player 6goals and 5 assists is not enough to convince us,the only thing is to give our academy graduates chances to prove themselves players like Brannagan,Teixeira and add two to three quality players to the squad[Higuain,Yarmolenko,Pastore or lucas Moura.