Exclusive – German Star will Love to Play for Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp DortmundLiverpool are linked with numerous quality players and they must reinforce the squad with top stars to have any chance of winning the title next season.

Jurgen Klopp must sort out the shaky defense and for that the Reds have already confirmed deal to sign Matip (LFC).

The former Borussia Dortmund boss needs further reinforcements at the back and a certain German international has claimed that he will love to play for Liverpool.

Leicester City center half Robert Huth is enjoying his vacations in Dubai after helping the Foxes win the Premier League crown. Our representative, Aamish had a little conversation with the former Chelsea defender at Fairmont.

Huth claimed that the Leicester players had the time of their lives and are very excited about playing in Europe’s elite competition next season.

Upon asking if he will want to join compatriot Jurgen Klopp at Anfield, Huth came up with a reply that Liverpool supporters may or may not like. He claimed:

“I will love to play for a club like Liverpool but they are not in the Champions League”

Robert and Morgan formed a rock solid central defensive partnership for Claudio Ranieri in their title winning campaign. Even after a strong season, the 31-year-old defender is not part of Germany’s Euro 2016 squad but thinks that the team is favorite to win their 4th European Championship title.

Huth Fairmont


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    RED PHIL 2 years

    Obviously, getting the top stars is the ideal way forward but we only have to look at Leicester last year to see that it isn’t the only way forward. Did Leicester get the top stars? No, they got good players, got the best out of them and had them playing tactics that suited those players. Not exactly rocket science!
    A younger Robert Huth would be an excellent idea for LFC, obviously, but surely it cannot be beyond the wit and wisdom of Kloppy to cobble together a defence equal to Huth and Morgan?
    Realistically, few of us know anything about the players Kloppy has bought so far but, with some of them coming from Germany, a place he knows pretty well, they SHOULD be good players. Only time will tell on that!
    A good combination of good players, team players, can be more effective than better players who can’t operate in a team framework . . . as we can see from Leicester’s success!
    Still, every day I look forward to hearing that Messi has signed for us . . .

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    Adonay Magi 2 years

    I love Liverpool fc and I wish those saddled with the responsibilty of recruiting players have the ability to identify ‘gifted players’ and recruit them. From my point of view Liverpool fc needs just one more high quality finisher to add to Daniel and the team is ready. Gomez will be joining the team soon. Have we forgoten that he is good?