Man United have Officially Moved in to Sign €35m Winger

Louis Van GaalManchester United supporters were probably hoping to see Barcelona star Pedro in the famous Red shirt.

However, it is highly likely that the Spanish international will be seen wearing the Blue of Chelsea as the London club have agreed a deal to sign him.

After selling Angel Di Maria to French champions Paris Saint-Germain, Pedro could have been a quality replacement for the Old Trafford club.

Now, the Red Devils are eager to secure Southampton and Senegalese winger Sadio Mane.

According to reports, Manchester United have officially moved in with a €20m bid to sign the African star. However, as per the provided Daily Mail link, United are told to splash a fee of €35m to secure Mane.

The 23-year-old attacker was in top form for the Saints last season after joining the club from Red Bull Salzburg last summer. Even German champions Bayern want to sign him.

Last season, in 30 Premier League games, Mane scored 10 goals and provided 4 assists.

In your opinion, is Mane good enough to replace Di Maria?


15 Responses to Man United have Officially Moved in to Sign €35m Winger

  1. lununcle says:

    don’t know about how good this guy is….good enough for LG to turn his back on Pedro?!?! Not sure about this….if LG did not want Pedro, who sent the CEO to Barca to work on the transfer? Something is not right somewhere….

  2. Jonathan says:

    Pedro is a good player, definitely not a gamer changer and definitely not better than what Utd already have. As with Otomendi and with every player on the planet the media have a field day whenever Utd are linked with a player. The was never any urgency in the dealings with either Pedro or Otomendi, signalling that to LVG they were squad players. I want Utd to make our own superstars and we have Shaw, Smalling, Darmian and Memphis who can be world class if handled right. I want a good keeper in case DEGea leaves and a top striker – Mane would be the perfect buy as he will give Utd something missing – unpredictibilty and speed. I am not keen on superstars being brought in as we saw with DiMaria and Falcao, they often find it hard to deal with things.

  3. Benn says:

    It’s not realistic that mufc failed to pay a release clause of only £22m to get Pedro! I think this transfer failures will cost man utd in the course of the season. But get Muller and you’ll have cancelled pedro failure though it looks a steep mountain to climb. Better still, Gaitan is a nice player sign him as to alternative Pedro!

  4. Okidi Tom says:

    Man Utd needs a lithel striker who can score over 20 goals in a season but not pedro who can’t score over 15 goals in a season; Thanks.

  5. Cathal p Forde says:

    Better than Di Maria? Well on what DM gave us last season that wouldn’t be hard to beat. United still need someone to score regularly, a keeper so Values, De Gea and Lindegaard can go and leader at the back. Wish they could come from the youths but apparently judging by LVG sides picked so far no one is ready to take up any of these mantles except Romero

  6. meshack says:

    hi guys, how about this boy from Swansea: JEFFERSON MONTERO? He ran ivanovic from the first min to the end. better than Pedro’s or gaitani. is unsung name

  7. abbey says:

    Well, I think Lvg has a reason for pulling out of pedro’s deal I actually have d trust in him when it comes to picking a player over another player dis can be seen in d case of Darmian over clyne which is now paying off 4 d utd faithful. Well as to dt of pedro’s deal I will say he’s jst a squad n average player on his own so loosing out on him is never a big deal…. Mane is definitely going to be a good business considering is lightning speed which will help in tearing defence apart and mind u he’s a little bit trickery with his both foots also arrrgghhh he can shoot! So I give his signing a thumb up

  8. Osego says:

    LVG has a point in pulling out of Pedro deal, whats the point of buying a 28 year old player next season he will be 29, we cant waste our money on old players.
    Sadio Mane is 23 young and pacey he will fit perfectly in our team just like Depay.
    And what i like the most about Van Gaal is that he brings the best out of regular normal players and his teams are hard to beat. Its just a matter of time until we become strong just like Netherlands used to be. Thats why they call him The Perfectionist and Mad Genius.

    • Dennis Tonye says:

      Well most man united fans are anxious about a convincing explanation from Luis Van Gaal about the miss out of Pedro’s chase which has brought a shameful image of the club’s financial ability, because there must be reasons best known to him which we the club’s fans are curious about.

  9. Liam c says:

    if pedro doesnt want to come to utd so be it. we have enough players there who dont want to be. good luck to him at chelsea where no doubt he will have plenty of bench warming time. if hes not good enough to get on for barca why should we want him. the only thing im annoyed at is ed woodward making a show of himself and the club yet again. he wasnt in barcalona for a holiday. he intended to buy pedro. i wasnt that keen on pedro as i have said but ed woodward seems unable to close deals at times and its the team and the supporters who are the ones who are loosin out. get your act together ed. theres 2 weeks to go and were not gonna win the league without help for rooney and a keeper who wants to play for us and another winger with pace. utd always had two cracking not one for spendin money just for sake of it but if we want to compete with the barcelonas and real madrids and bayern munichs we need to buy the best. yes we have some good young players but in all fairness fergie didnt leave a world class squad. and he let the best player out of academy go to juve for nothin. pogba. we need a few marquee signings. ronaldo, bale, greizzman, muller, benzema, goetze, hummels, lloris,

  10. Liam c says:

    and if de gea wants to go to the club who are one of our fiercest rivals and also atletico madrids fiercest rival were he begun his career, get the money in for him. hes no loyalty to united. our fans have voted him player of the year the last 2 years in a row and whether he likes it or not our club has helped develop him into the player he is today. does he not know or see what united are trying to do?? rebuild a squad thats capable of competing with the best in europe.. let the ungateful skinny bean pole who used to let a goal in every time our opposition had a corner.. gone are those days because united bulked him up and got him right for the premier league. Theres very little loyalty in football these days. de gea is a prime example of it. Even rooney held our club zto ransom twice.. Im sick of players usin united. and chelsea can have pedro. hes not all that. Mourinho showin wat a little weasal he is as usual. sniffi around like the pox bottle he is. MUFC needs to worry about MUFC not chelsea or not pedro. Get the players we need whatever the cost. But the players we want have to want to come to united and give their best. I dont wanna see another di maria situation this year. Im sick to the back teeth of players usin man utd. ramos and alves are another 2 examples. Used man utd to get better deals. if you want to play for united put a transfer request in. Dont play games. We want the best players but only if they want to come to us. we pay good money for the players and pay better wages than most teams. The whole pedro has embarassed united as a club and our reputation as one of the most financially healthy teams in the world. Mourinho and chelsea are rats and low lifes but our board and especially ed woodward has to take the blame for the whole pedro situation. it should be simple LVG gives ed woodward a list of players that he wants and possible alternatives and ed woodward negotiates fee and wage package. its not brain surgery. But now we look weak. and im not the only disgruntled MUFC fan. If it wasnt for the fans there would be little or no revenue comin in. CHELSEA 1 UNITED 0. Get ur finger out of ur bum hole ed and show the world that united are a more attractive team to go to than any other in england and even europe. Weve won the league 20 times for gods sake. and mourinho is a resentful woman abusing arrogant snake, Ask yourselves chelsea fans did jose want the united job before moyes got it???? i think yous all know the answer

  11. sammy wilfred Agana says:

    I think you people contributed well on your analysis. Personally iam not happy the way things are going with man, united. For pedro I wouldn’t want to blame van gaal nor edwood ward for that, I believe something is behind it, so let that go. Now I want Van gaal to concentrate with dis lad of southerton sadio mane, bco I see that, dis guy is good and has pace, and he is even younger and can adapt to d premier league style and pace than He pedro. Pls van gaal get us d likes of muller, gaitan, and solid defender of hummel, bcos I have no trust for smallings and is an injury prone. And pls sell de gea since he wanted to go to his homeland, this is bcos keeping him in man u, is not d best for us. Finally I wouldn’t want man united to be keeping bargaining on player we never intended to buy, bcos it may cost us d worst thing in the next transfer market or window. United for life.

  12. Benard Oyat says:

    Man Utd don’t have a proper striker i say this because those of Ruud van N, Berbatov and L Saha were not pretening at OT but now days utd have only one who are trying their luck to strike and that is why utd can not qualify for any trophy yes because many numbers of goals means trophies so if u can not buy a player who is a true striker ( the of Thomas Muller ) then do not expect any trophy more worse you are found of talking talking then eventually other club come and take away u target eg Celsea for Pedro

  13. Okidi Tom says:

    Mane is better than Di Maria and Pedro; It will be very good if Man Utd signs Mane and Antonio De Griezman.

  14. I have never been this disgusted. I love manchester united. I have been a fan since my child hood and now I am over fourty years. This issue about Pedro reminds me of long stories about Bale, strootman, Otamedi Ronaldo Coming back, lewadonsky before he went to Buyern was so much linked with united, former mancity star De Jong, Nasir, Sagio Ramos, Dani Alves, juan Quadrado, Gaitan, vermalin and the list does not end here. We do Identify and other clubs buy. We also mentioned Benteke ,liverpool went ahead of us. Raheem Sterling was also linked with us , now Mancity have beaten us in two of our targets this transfer window. Am sure Now that we jave Identified Mane ,tomorrow Jose morinho will go ahead and splash the cash. If we cant beat then in signing best players do we expect to compete with them in any trophy. Look at Mancity, they never used to beat us in any game but now money is talking… Same to Chelsea, Arsenal, even Totenham..they dont waste time, they buy. I didnt expect at this time w should be talking of signing a center half while that was the main area we had Identified to strenthen. I am surprised to see Otamedi on the other side of manchester. Mangala was also to be ours before he was snatched by mancity….are we not men enough… Am so anoyed. This is not Manchester I used to know.