Liverpool Closing in to Complete Ninth Summer Signing

Liverpool FCThere is no stopping Liverpool from signing players in this transfer window as they have already sealed eight transfers.

Few key players have been signed for the starting XI such as the likes of James Milner from Man City, Roberto Firmino from Hoffenheim and Nathaniel Clyne from Southampton.

However, the Reds have focused on increasing the quality of their depth and youth as well. Signings of Danny Ings and Joe Gomez, Bobby Adekanye and Brooks Lennon to improve Liverpool’s squad. Reds have completed eight deals.

Moreover, according to latest reports, Liverpool are now closing in to complete their ninth summer signing in the form of Brazilian midfielder Allan Rodrigues de Souza who currently plays for Internacional.

As per the provided link, Liverpool are in talks to sign the 18 year old star for £500,000. The samba star is regarding as one of the hottest young prospects in Brazil and will be a great addition for the Anfield club in the years to come.

Liverpool though must sign a world class striker at all costs this summer.

Allan Rodrigues de Souza

9 Responses to Liverpool Closing in to Complete Ninth Summer Signing

  1. Emmanuel says:

    benteke isn’t good..Liverpool needs a striker like aubemeyam from Dortmund…. Liverpool needs a striker who is swift and can dribble very well and also very fast..a standing nine wouldn’t help Liverpool … we need a striker who moves around like Suarez and can make tackling difficult for their opponents….for example Chelsea style of play they need a standing nine that’s why Torres flopped .. barca doesn’t need a standing nine that’s why ibrahimovic flopped. ..know what you need please Roggers

  2. jamal Drawil says:

    I do agree with you reg. BR way of play with a moving skillful nine , but in our case the only way to secure a first four spots , we need a PL proven striker to achieve the short cut needed to CL football , in my opinion the could best signing is Benteke fm AV as will play main striker and with way off play Rodgers is imposing and even last season there are some times in some games a reasonable nr of balls dancing in front of the 16yrd bx but no finisher,
    so may Benteka will fill this gap being fast , can shoot , good in the air & strong,
    at last this season would like to watch the missed glory back again strongly to the good old long waiting days
    with the help of the new arrived faces and hopfully will start to get back on the missing , I am personally hop so…

  3. Rodgers pls buy Lacazette or Higuan.

  4. Julius kahuma says:

    Idont kno why liverpool is not bothered about signing atop top striker who can score us about 25 goals plus .
    Idont see liverpool playing agood game without aworld class striker who owns “aname” in the field of football coz sturidge has now become injury prone idont see him playing 25 games for the club next season

  5. sy-sam says:

    exactly Liverpool needs striker like aubemeyam, a player who has everything:- pace, mobility-flexble, control,can take a ball from nowhere etc


    please brender rodgers go and bring in lacazet of lyon to LIVERPOOLFC . Our problem Will solve . #i rest my case for now .

  7. Muhammad says:

    It was the lack of suarez and sturidge only that lead us to top 4 relegation, though all the new signed were great but all may be fruitless or in vain if there is no a world class striker that will finish all effort from midfield. And if possible please let raheem stay at liverpoo.

  8. Aji says:

    I Believe in whatever Rodgers does in the transfer window so far. But, our joy will not be complete, if a proven goals beast is not bought to strengthen the attack. Benteke will do, since he’s been in the league for some years now and understood it well. He knows exactly what is needed and can take us back to top four, if not challenge for the title.

  9. king says:

    Greatest Lfc, Rodgers has been doing a great job with Liverpool owner so far in the transfer market, but this issue of striker is something we need to be careful about. But its like there is short of striker in the market, but I have few sugestions like Peru striker Gurreiro he is fast, strong and moves around, Lacazete which am not sure he will come due to CL football. But if Liverpool must go for Higuain or Benteke then we need a winger who can score goals too when the striker is not scoring, and I suggest Pedro. He is the man Liverpool needs right now and not sterling, even if sterling will remain in the squad we have to loan out Ibe and make sterling start from bench. Then we will be in the CL next year.