Liverpool are About to Make an Enormous Blunder

Suarez Third Goal vs CardiffFrom runner ups in 2013-2014 to sixth place Premier League finish last season, Liverpool’s demise was mainly because of the absence of one man, Luis Suarez.

The Uruguayan international used to make Liverpool tick upfront with his ability to rip defenses apart single-handedly. Not just that, he was a complete menace for the opposition and occupied multiple defenders to create space for his team mates.

After his exit, Liverpool made a huge mistake by signing Balotelli, the Italian with attitude and little work rate. The decision obviously backfired and the free scoring Reds found it hard to score goals.

The merseysiders have to solve that issue this time around by signing a top quality goal scorer in the summer. However, it seems that Liverpool are about to make an enormous blunder, again. According to reports, Liverpool are on the brink of signing Aston Villa and Belgian star striker Christian Benteke.

There are more than a few issues with the former Genk star. He is considered as a PL proven striker but one who only plays well for 6 months.

Scored 13 league goals last season, 2 in the first half of the season. Netted only 10 times in 2013-2014. His best season was 2012-2013 where he scored 19 league goals, only 5 in first half of the season.

Signing an inconsistent forward is a mistake Liverpool cannot afford to make.

More importantly, Liverpool’s style of play does not suit Benteke one bit and vice versa. Villa has used him as the target man, providing him long balls and crosses while Liverpool like to keep the ball on the ground and find through balls.

Out of 13, Benteke scored 4 headed goals last season and in 2013-2014, Out of 10, the Belgian scored 5 headed goals.

Last but not the least is his price tag. As per the provided link, Benteke has a release clause of massive 32.5 million pounds and Villa are not ready to accept any price lower than that. Even at 25m, Benteke will be a costly buy when clinical goalscorer like Lacazette can be bought for less.

In your Opinion, should Liverpool sign Christian Benteke?

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9 Responses to Liverpool are About to Make an Enormous Blunder

  1. Lysias Chadya Sibanda says:

    Benteke will not suit the Liverpool style unless there is something BR knows that the rest of us don’t . They must try to get a prolific striker who is extremely hardworking and is a talented ball player . He should even be able to defend with the whole team when they are under pressure .BR is replacing Mario Ballotelli with a similar player . We want to replace Suarez . That is what the mentality should be .

  2. ken Hawkins says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. It would be a dreadful waste of money to buy him at any price

  3. Jason says:

    LFC wouldn’t be LFC without a blunder and this , if it goes through , would be just that – a blunder!

  4. manuel Neves says:

    Go for Higuain. Even at £50m he’s’better!

  5. Billious says:

    (99% of Liverpool supporters do not want Bentake, and he doesn’t suit our style of play, the last lump up front that was successful for us was Toshack and it has not worked since, we couldn’t get it to work with Carroll, Balotelli or Lambert but at least they could defend when needed, Benteke can’t, his defending cost Villa the FA Cup.

  6. Righty 55 says:

    Benteke to Liverpool is a joke, if Rodgers buys him he is more of an idiot than i thought. He is lucky to still be manager cuz after last seasons awful purchases and the end of season results i thought he was history. When he leaves he needs to take all the crap buys with him and Joe Allen who he seems to love for some strange reason. We need Lacazette from Lyon at 21 million what a buy.

  7. IAN says:

    I must admit, that not everyone is going to agree with everyone but, there seems to be an ever growing negative opinion about Benteke. Sure he does have some qualities which Liverpool need and could use, but he also has a number of negatives that frankly, Liverpool just don’t need. When you consider his numbers for last season, they don’t make for great reading and that is while playing for Villa, sorry Villa fans. Then of course, what needs to be considered is the asking price, which to be honest, is nothing short of outrageous. There is no way on “God’s green earth” he is worth anything like that, again , especially after last season’s numbers. There are better, more efficient, albeit maybe more expensive players that are available and Liverpool should be looking at. Higuain and Lacazette to name but two.

  8. Thegaffer says:

    Agree. Only one player we need….lacazette. Why are we not chasing lacazette?

    • Moses Oluoch says:

      Benteke not too bad as said…Remember he promised beating Liverpool a day before in FA and he did…and those are the kind of strikers we need..even though the price to be reduced a little bit