Forget Schneiderlin, Man United’s €30m Star Bid Already Accepted – Official Confirmation in Days

Gundogan GermanyManchester United are in search of a complete midfielder in the summer and are linked with few quality players.

The likes of Gundogan, Schweinsteiger and Schneiderlin are three top quality midfielders but it seems that the Borussia Dortmund star will be the one to join Red Devils.

German international Ilkay Gundogan is arguably one of the most complete midfielders around and like many other former Dortmund star players, the Kaiser is set to depart the club this summer.

According to latest reports, Dortmund are to officially confirm Man United’s Gundogan deal in days. Club chief expects to announce a star exit from the club next week and it is believed to be Ilkay.

As per the provided Express link, Man United’s €30million bid for Gundogan has already been accepted earlier this month.

The 24 year old star recovered from his injury concerns and featured in 33 games for the Bundesliga side last season. He scored 3 goals and provided 5 assists while playing as DM, CM and AM in Jurgen Klopp’s team.

Ilkay was pivotal in Dortmund’s title winning campaign in 2011-2012 and also in 2013-2014 when they finished runner ups in the Champions League.

Gundogan Dortmund

24 Responses to Forget Schneiderlin, Man United’s €30m Star Bid Already Accepted – Official Confirmation in Days

  1. Mandeh Conteh says:

    This will be a real quality signing for us. With him and any other midfield signing, United will be a force to recon with. Schweinsteiger will bring in plenty of experience too.

  2. Henry says:

    Manchester United are just useless. Always linked with millions of players and at the end they end up with nothing. See how other clubs are signing quality players and yet we have signed just a single player. Am disappointed! The next thing would be panic buy. Just keep linking with various players,while the serious clubs keep buying them. Unserious club

    • raph says:

      who are the serious clubs?
      how many players have the likes of barca, chelsea, psg, bayern, madrid, arsenal and man city signed?
      i’m sure your serious clubs are the likes of liverpool, west ham and leicester, who are signing a couple of low grade free players

      • mgbeobu dominic says:

        Raph but Henry said d truth… u always price n not buys. It annoys me so much

  3. El-mansur says:

    U speak my mind

  4. Carlton says:

    This is my favourite midfielder and he deserved to be in united team next season. We are followers of football in the world, the teams should also understand our views on signings. If we say the player is good, we mean it because we watch each and every league in the world.

  5. Philreaza says:

    Have patience dude, chelsea, real madrid, barca, arsenal, liverpool and some other top clubs are not finding it easy to find a quality player, and their price tag demand is too much to rush into, remember we only stand united

  6. ajayi Eniton says:

    Stop prolonging matters,sign best players in the world as fast as possible,i think the likeness of Ikay, Schneiderlin,mat or Otm are good enough to sign.

  7. Martins says:

    I wud prefer schneiderlin,he is just wat we need,he is already familier with the premiership unlike Ikay who would take some months if not yrs to settle(di maria),and compare with speed,schneiderlin is fastor and quicker dan ikay,ikay is just like a baca player

  8. Please boss LVG we want see some quality Signings because we are tire of hearing rumours.

  9. Whillyamz says:

    The fact that liverpool have signed 6 players does not mean United are not serious. check out last year, the whole players they signed were almost useless. Its better we sign 4 players that can make a difference in the club than signing a village of unwanted additions to the squad.

  10. Chucks says:

    One month left 4 new players to get acclimatised with their teammates , those concerned with signing of players should as a matter of urgency fast track all the deals plz

  11. simon wamburua says:

    Slow but sure, until the last minute, we will land all the required qualities in the utd den.

  12. smart says:

    Schniederlin and Ilkay can be a good signing for United but if schewastieger comes in,that should be a good news for us… With these gods of soccer in our midfield,guys we re gonna have the champions leaque title… Otamendi has always been my favourite but sergio Ramos can be among in our defends,superfine. If harry kane come to united,its a way forward for the striker cos he is a sharp one like Van persie of before. I like Harry cos he is still young and would help united a lot.. Guys,we still have more time in the market and let’s support Van Gaal in players to sign and keep our fingers crossed.

  13. ThankGod John says:

    Pls Man united should do things on time.Time is going.

  14. Frank Akomea says:

    My problem now is how to get Otamendi,a right back, Schneiderlin,Gaitan and Lacazatte from PSG on time.

  15. Henry says:

    Always linked with various players and ends up buying none in the end. Useless and boring club! Really breaking my heart

  16. Henry says:

    Raph,am disappointed to hear u call Barca,Madrid,Psg,Arsenal etc. You know why? Because these clubs already have top,top qualities than our beloved chaff United. United is dead and the earlier we sign the better. So,don’t compare United to a world class teams in the world,Cuz we are done and dusted

  17. Henry says:

    Herrera aside,which other player did we sign last year that hit the ground running? Absolutely None. Man Utd is just used to panic buys after SAF left and that’s the reason their signings don’t perform

  18. Henry says:

    From Gundogan to Schweinsteiger,from Schweinsteiger to
    Schneiderlin and then back to Gundogan. They don’t really know what they want. Firmino,hummels,calos Bacca,benteke,Harry kane,Bale. Link is different from buying. The earlier we realize dat,the better 4 us all. Am just so sick of reading transfer News cos I don’t see positives

  19. Henry says:

    Make hays while the Sun shines

  20. Henry says:

    Let’s just face the Reality,transfer Market is boring for United. Otemendi is a class and the player is ready to leave,why did they drop the chase? From Hummels to Otemendi and then to Sergio Ramos. I am even of the opinion that the will still drop the pursuit

  21. SEUN of UAE says:

    First let me tell you guys that for man utd to be linked with almost every player is job of the media to mill fake news and make money from it and since it also hyping the team too positively it cool am not saying it all false news but most of it is . And talking about signing big names i think LVG is trying to be careful not to have a repeat of last season bcos any flop buy this next season can let me say will cost him his job so i see he is been careful but if i must say the kind of player LVG buys and the way he can bring out the best in them will speak volume not just for LVG but for the team also united in the time of Fergie he doesn’t always bid for big names in football he can buy them cheap and make them world class you can say football has changed but this you can’t take away from it LVG needs to know how to manage a team well esp star player to make them Deliver well on pitch play with passion for the team help them settle down quickly esp the new players be hungry for goals and know how to make key players fit. That was what helped chelsea Defence was solid and in form player play like a team attack was brilliant and most important key player were injury free expect towards the end of season you all saw how they struggled with Costa injury if not for Hazard and Remy.

  22. Thaddaeus says:

    We wasted a whole season chasing Fabregas for him to end up at Chelsea. The same on Alcantara. What about Arturo Vidal and Cuadrado?
    I will wish we buy both Shneiderlin and Gundogan when the opportunity comes. Schwenztiger seems very experienced but how many seasons is he coming to play? Or he is going to be just a short_term solution?