Deals AGREED – How Man United will Line up with €62m Stars

Manchester UnitedManchester United have all but sealed the final CL place as Liverpool failed to defeat Chelsea on Sunday.

Next season, the Red Devils will be back in Europe’s elite competition and must improve their squad with players that can match the best teams around.

The Red Devils have already agreed two deals as per reports in the media and the players in discussion are Memphis Depay and Ilkay Gundogan.

Depay has arguably been the best and most consistent Dutch playmaker this season. Ilkay Gundogan on the other hand is a complete midfielder, one who can play anywhere in midfield and is a key star for Dortmund.

The mentioned duo will largely improve Man United’s attack and midfield. However, United still need more reinforcements, especially in defense.

As per the provided link, the duo will cost the Red Devils a combined sum of 62 million Euros. Here is how Man United will line up with Depay and Gundogan.

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16 Responses to Deals AGREED – How Man United will Line up with €62m Stars

  1. Ricardo Arzamendi says:

    Bravo!! finally someone realizes that Young and Fellaini are not XI starters. People nowadays dont have any memory at all… AMEN for this formation!

    • Lee Evans says:

      I’d rather Young over Di Maria at the moment. And Fellaini is more suited than Mata to the physical game so the likes of Stoke, Everton etc Mata is less likely to be chosen unless a 4-5-1 is preferred for this type of fixture.

  2. Tchidy Hafidhu says:

    Where is Young and Master pass Carrick? Don’t dare forget them in.

  3. Excellent Larry A says:

    The line up looks good but that will depend on their present forms during and after pre season games.
    Carrick, Jones, Young, may be the new forward to be bought will be potential starters.

  4. tezikuba says:

    yes,a good recruitment but not forget young(prolific)player & a replacement for smalling needed for better results

  5. Kakolonya Hauwanga says:

    Good squad but after pre season is wen we will rely on it.

  6. Rossze says:

    I think it a good one, but don’t forget the like of fellani, carrick and young because they’ve done a good job… I think it’s depends on their form once the new season starts… smelling out for Jones…

  7. Godie Godie says:

    Seriously we need Hummel n Clynes in our defence for a better result guys. Secondly de line up will depend on de present form i believe, LVG think about de defencive re-enforcement.

  8. Mo says:

    Love the new look…
    2 Players out of the team mention…. Valencia , Smalling … useless players.. suppose to be senior players but looks more like under 13 players..
    Id rather have Jones and Rafeal in ..instead of those to… Unless United is buying new Defence lads to fill that places.. Likes of ” Clyne .. Hummels … Garay .. ”

    Id like United to buy antoine griezmann very good replacement for Rooney ” Sell RVP.. Falcoa..Hernandez “

  9. Oladimeji Abiodun says:

    Valencia and smalling out

  10. orlando says:

    Hello Guys,

    To be in champion league next year the players must be

    1 De Cea
    2 Victor velde
    3 Hummels
    4 Garay
    5 Clyne
    6 Shaw
    7 Jones
    8 Valencia
    9 Rojo
    10 Herera
    11 Gundogan
    12 Mata
    13 Depay
    14 Ander Pereira
    15 Di Maria
    16 Young
    17 James Wilson
    18 Rooney
    19 Carrick
    20 New striker to replace Falcoa
    21 Another new striker to replace RVP
    22 Blind

    The players like Smalling ,Rfeal, out if possible Di maria swap with Bale.

    With all this kind of players, MANUTD will be premier league champion next year and may CLtoo.

  11. titiba sunday says:

    please lvg bring nana back.

  12. Cathal P Forde says:

    This team is obviously based on only two signings and doesn’t allow for new players coming through the ranks either. Ander Pereira and Wilson to name just two will be knocking on the first team door. Carrick is nearing his end, with injuries happening more frequently, Young and Fellini though having done well this season will have to keep proving themselves and I am not sure about Smalling’s quality. I think it is rather premature to second guess the side next season but lets not fall into the same trap so many sides do by thinking “a little tweak and we will be ready for next season”. lets make sure we have the squad to challenge on all fronts

  13. Taylor83 says:

    Gundogan, Herrera and Mata will definitely work for United. We were lacking creativity in the middle and more so when Carrick is not on the pitch. Valencia have been doing a good job but Clyde now, is an original RB. I’ll like to see Vlaar in my back four though, experience and he knows what LVG wants. We’ve got pace on the wings now, all we have to do is wait and see how next season plays out. Manu4life my❤️ Beats red like everyone else✌

  14. tega says:

    nice squad but we need to strengthen our defence line and a very versatile attacker

  15. Eoin says:

    Depay Mata and Di Maria starting XI no Fellaini or Carrick?? They need cover for Carrick and the back line and a new striker

    Benteke (Drogba mk 2)
    De Jong
    Nani (back from loan spell)

    And if De Gea goes ask for Kroos or Ronaldo plus 25mil and buy Forester from Southampton.