Man United have already AGREED Stunning Double Deal

Gundogan GermanyManchester United are already preparing for next season and are sealing deals for top quality players.

The Red Devils are likely going to end up finishing the season in the top 4 and ensure Cl qualification.

More importantly, they need to sign Champions League level players to challenge the best of teams in Europe next season.

Fortunately, good news for fans is that United are exactly doing that and have already agreed two stunning deals.

The Red Devils need a complete midfielder and for that German star Ilkay Gundogan is in the limelight.

Memphis Depay PSV EindhovenMetro has reported that United have already agreed terms with the player who is certain to join the Devils in the summer. However, no official announcement has been made by the club thus far.

On the other hand, Manchester United have confirmed one deal officially and that is the agreement to sign sensational young playmaker Memphis Depay from PSV Eindhoven.

The 22 year old star is arguably the most in form player of his country at the moment and should be a hit at Old Trafford.

The transfer window has not started yet but Man United are busy. Expect more big names to be linked and fans may see more star signings this summer.

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    Osego 4 years

    If we can keep falcao and di Maria we would soon have the best side in the world and strike fear into the likes of Barcelona and Madrid, imagine our squad like this:
    1. ROONEY
    2. FALCAO
    3. DI MARIA
    5. HERRERA
    6. DEPAY
    7. JANUZAJ
    8. MATA
    i dont see any gud reason why we cant win the Leage or even the UCL.

    • comment-avatar
      Gab 4 years

      If only football would work like football manager, not only attack win you games but defence.
      We also need a carrick replacement and an experienced center back. We have been conceding stupid goals lately.

      Most of our wins in the past seasons with fergusin were based on defence. If you have a solid defence you can win 1-0.

  • comment-avatar
    Liu Ti 4 years

    I thought Liverpool had cast iron “proof” that Memphis Depay was joining them when they saw the facebook “like”. Terrible case of wishful thinking and clutching at straws, one suspects.. HA HA HA !!!!!
    Young, quick, hungry and with WC and Champions League quality, he will be a huge hit at United.

  • comment-avatar

    Man U should also sign Nathaniel Clyne to complete the signing for next season. They should sign Nigel Dejong to act as a cover to the back four as he will be a free player at the end of the season.Nathaniel Clyne, Ikay Gundogan, Memphis Depay and Nigel Dejong will not be more than 65million pounds which will add depth to the squad. Phil Jones and Chris Smalling should be regular partners at the heart of the defence for next season.

  • comment-avatar
    boboya 4 years

    We need falcao to stay, Replace Rafael totally with a natural right back and give valencia his position back, get Hummels and Gerrald Pique, release Evans and Blackett

  • comment-avatar
    sy8 4 years

    We don’t need useless player in Falcao who always pass the ball backward instead of moving forward and beat defenders. Di Maria also not getting better.Really waste of money. Red devils need player that can change the game. Lacazatte, Marek Hamsik, Hummels, Koke, Reus..
    LVG should get them and improve the team

  • comment-avatar
    Laven Pillay 4 years

    I’m hoping that Man U strengthen in midfield & attack. Van Gaal has steadily improved our defence to the extent that they look efficient, solid, reliable and comfortable on the ball, but we need at least per season, 10 goals from defenders, 40 goals from midfielders; & 40 goals from strikers/forwards

  • comment-avatar
    Avik85 4 years

    Man utd need full defence,and realise evans,blancket,also loan shaw,rafeal,and keep smalling on benck,we also need replacement for gud man (carrick),and more forward as well,with all this our spirit we came to old traford,up utd!!!

  • comment-avatar
    Avik85 4 years

    the prblm of man utd is that there is no complete 1st eleven again,and some of our key players are on injury, lik ( carrick,rooney,van passie,and more ),and all this players need replacement,the spirit is no more there,LVG pls wake up,raise up the champion of EPL. UP UTD!!!

  • comment-avatar
    DIDI 4 years

    Can someone please make a suggestion to LVG to offload Fellaini and luke shaw?

  • comment-avatar
    bernard 4 years

    Depay, Gundogan, Clyne, In-form Nani, get pogba, Contrao for injury prone Shaw, Garray or Hummels, n play Januzaj as a striker. Please keep Rafael, he’s the hardest right back in the EPL.

  • comment-avatar

    united need a player with a twinkle foot like scholes xavi and iniesta a solid blocking 4 a no nonsense defender a sharp attacker and finally a speedy and a pacy 2 by then united will rule europe