Liverpool’s Main Ongoing Problem – Who’s to Blame?

Liverpool’s Main Ongoing Problem – Who’s to Blame?Newcastle’s 10 men fought hard to deny Liverpool all three points yesterday. However, Reds should have won the game having played a full half with an extra man.

There is no point to panic for Liverpool supporters as Reds are still joint second with Chelsea and only two points behind leaders Arsenal.

Last season, at this stage, Brendan Rodgers’s side only had 9 points and were 12th in the league. One of their main concerns was inconsistent defense.

Reds looked to have solved that problem as they were brilliant in defense for the first three league games but since then they have not kept a clean sheet.

Manager invested most of his summer funds to sign defenders but the problem still persists, is it because of poor defenders or once again Rodgers is at fault with his tactics?

The most important aspect is that their set piece defending has been horrific to say the least. Liverpool have conceded 4 goals in the last 5 games from set pieces.

Southampton and Man United defeated them in respective games thanks to goals from corners (left). Crystal Palace and Newcastle scored goals from free kicks coming from the left as well.

Sakho, Toure, Skrtel and Agger are not known as average defenders by any means and other than set piece howlers have defended really well but are they really poor when it comes to set piece defending?

Man to man marking or Zonal marking, the key is that you have to attack the ball but Liverpool defenders have been found ball watching. Defenders are to be blamed yes but so is Rodgers because the problem is ongoing for now.

The boss must fix the issue sooner rather than later if they want to fight for top prizes and achieve their targets this season.

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    i think the Newcastle game was the worst game we (Lfc) have played so far since the start of the season,and the players did’nt played well even at one man down in Newcastle we can not win the game and am doubt if we ca not win Newcastle is it westbrom that we will win,it’s very dissappointed.

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    wallace 5 years

    why do lfc defenders choose to create space for opposing players to shoot. They (lfc) move backwards instead of rather attacking the ball. Rodgers should deploy the 4-2-3-1 system rather than playing 3 defenders at the back. Alberto can play the no. 10 role in the abscence of coutinho.

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    Herbie B. 5 years

    Liverpool players are very good. They just lack a bit of the devil in them.

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    Ikenna 5 years

    I understand the reason behind the 3 5 2 formation, as he wants to dominate the mid field and have more fire power upfront, but a 4 2 3 1 might be more effective. we actually didn’t concede from set pieces in the first 3 matches until we changed formation to 3 5 2. With two holding (DM) we will have players that can press the opponent. We don’t have a very good DM and I feel that is an area we need to explore. Hate to say it, but looking at Arsenal, Flamini has really improved their defending in the middle.

    I believe in the philosophy of attack is the best form of defence. We need to first fix the lack of goals in the 2nd 45 mins. Since the major devil is set pieces, we should be able to out score our opposition.


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    i dont have much to say but to tell Rodgers to use the good players during games,i prefer Agger, sahko is slow,y do they always go back,defenders shouldn’t be giving opponents chance to shoot from far,y cant we be consistent even for 3 matches?,you guys should be aggressive,don’t you look at other teams?,you guys should be hungry for goals,stop being dull during games.I don’t thinnk you guys feel the way we feel when you lose matches,pls make us talk in a gathering like Arsenal and Chelsea fans.YNWA!

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    Steven 5 years

    Mancini reverted to a 3-5-2 after winning the league for the first time in 44 years by playing a 4-4-2 formation!
    Why change a winning formula? Answer… You don’t! We were solid in defense with 4 and now with 3 at the back concede too many!
    Newcastle game was terrible! They looked more dangerous in attack than we did! Arghhh! :(