Liverpool’s Possible Starting XI vs Newcastle and Prediction

Liverpool's Possible Starting XI vs Newcastle and PredictionIn-from Brendan Rodgers’s side will look to win three consecutive premier league games in a row, can Newcastle change that, we shall see.

Reds may have Glen Johnson back in training and fit for the game but it is likely that the right wing back will start from the bench.

Lucas will return from his suspension and may partner Gerrard in midfield again. This means Henderson will be shifted back to the right and Raheem sterling on the bench.

The 3-4-1-2 formation is working nicely for Liverpool and Rodgers will probably keep the same setup with the same remaining players that started against Palace in their 3-1 win.

Here is Liverpool’s possible starting XI vs Newcastle.

Prediction: Newcaslte 1-2 Liverpool

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9 Responses to Liverpool’s Possible Starting XI vs Newcastle and Prediction

  1. Why not start Coutinho and Cisokho if they are fit?

  2. DeanoLFC says:

    Coutinho isn’t fit and cissokho has only played 90 minutes for the U21s and besides Enrique is the best left back we’ve got, I agree with the starting 11 maybe start with Johnson and see if he can last 60 minutes hopefully the job will be done by then.

  3. Shak says:

    He should play hendo/Allen instead of Moses in the pocket. And Johnson as right back. Also try Enrique and if they are winning by the 65 min sub Enrique for Moses. Because you can’t always sit back and win matches. With his power , speed and trickery he will ease the pressure of the team on the defensive side. And with 3 centre backs out team should be solid enough with out proper full backs.

  4. DeanoLFC says:

    Shak did u see the Southampton game where we played 4 center backs they carved us open a few times and they couldn’t even get rid of a corner, the shape of the team is more important than playing good defenders.

  5. semanda says:

    Aspas needs a chance in this fixture you never know he may impress.

  6. Shak says:

    Dean that’s what I’m saying. 3-4-1-2. Three defenders. Toure,skertel and sakho. Mid field Johnson, Lucas,Gerrard and Moses/Enrique. And play hendo behind our two in form strikers suarez and sturridge. I personally will play Moses instead of Enrique. More better in attacking mists has more speed and trickery.

  7. David edet says:

    I wish we could play with the same formation how we played against other teams and then second half coutinho, Johnson and Agger are brought in

  8. Angelo Durso says:

    What about Agger? We have a big match Nov 2nd vs Arsenal; it is important to get Agger back to top form, so I think that means he has to start this game. Skyrtl has been outstanding — very difficult to tell him he doesn’t deserve to stay on the pitch, but we do need Agger leading the back line.

  9. DeanoLFC says:

    Shak, Moses has no defensive ability atall though and I think if he was playing left wingback Newcastle would have a field day, we need an attacking 11 but can’t be over adventuress as Newcastle have some decent attacking players.