Liverpool Legend: Alex Ferguson Barking up the Wrong Tree

Liverpool Legend: Alex Ferguson Barking up the Wrong TreeAlex Ferguson used his autobiography to take a swipe at many stars and managers and surely Liverpool had to be part of it.

The Manchester United legend heavily criticized Spanish manager Rafael Benitez but the most controversial parts are his remarks about Captain Steven Gerrard.

Fergie claimed that Gerrard is not a top, top player.

Controversial right, even as a United supporter I would disagree with him. Players like Steven Gerrard are class apart. One of the most gifted and complete midfielders.

What is more baffling that Ferguson even claimed that he wanted to sign Stevie and praised him highly and then to come up with such statement did not make any sense.

The remarks obviously infuriated everyone attached with Liverpool and one of their legends, John Aldridge claimed:

“We all know what Sir Alex thinks of Liverpool – he’s on record enough times telling us. But he is barking up the wrong tree when it comes to Steven Gerrard.”

“If he needs to do Stevie down so he can sell his book, then let him.”

Perhaps only Ferguson would know what he wanted to do there. Few of his quotes were surely out of proportion.

For example, he said Gibson was the closest thing to Scholes, may be that is why he gifted him to his favorite manager Moyes.

Nevertheless, Ferguson’s words against Gerrard can neither alter the legendary figure of the Liverpool star nor will help in selling more books.

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    Jerome Chang 5 years

    For all his years chasing the success to supplant Liverpool’s achievements, Alex may have finally scored more League titles. Good on him. However, unlike all legendary Liverpool managers who fade gracefully into elder Statesmen-like existence, based on excerpts of Alex’s autobiography where he is practically taking swipes on everyone, including those who have contributed to his success, he is evidently still some way off the mark when compared with the likes of Shankly and Paisley in one important aspect. Class.

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    Fergie is a monster! He should know he’s a sir. Respect must be paramount if u are to be respected.

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    Daeng Shukor 5 years

    Simple comment..Don’t disgrace yourself you effin Sir..I respect Bob Paisley then you..Suppose he is have to be given the title of Sir than you.England have to be proud! Only Liverpool Club that the fear Club at his time in Europe..