Tottenham Hotspur – Gunning For the Top

Tottenham Hotspur – Gunning For the TopArsenal fans may want to deny but every neutral will say that Tottenham hotspur have a squad of the highest quality now.

They are not only ready to qualify for the Champions League but also to challenge for the title if the new look squad settles in well and quickly.

Spurs have shown ambition and given a clear statement to other PL rivals that they are not supposed to be taken lightly this season.

With quality new additions, the North Londoners have reinforced the squad heavily covering all the weaknesses and are now a complete set.

New signing, Christian Eriksen of Denmark believes that Tottenham are not just targeting the Champions League place but are gunning for the top.

The former Ajax playmaker claimed:

“What everyone wants and that’s to be one of the top three – maybe even the top.”

“It’s really exciting when you look at the players the club is getting and I’m one of them. The club is going up, the players also and that’s what I want to be a part of. Hopefully, it will go well.”

With more than just one quality option at every position, their squad depth has amplified as well and Villas Boas is the right man to take them upward.

In your Opinion, can Tottenham compete for the title this season?

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5 Responses to Tottenham Hotspur – Gunning For the Top

  1. Oguntuase Amos says:

    What does Erickson know about Arsenal & Tothenham rivalry ? You would soon realize that water always quench fire when he plays year in year out in the Europa league. Arsenal is quality while Tothenham is quality. A reasonable manager does not change half a team at a go, he does it gradually to eccelerate blending.

  2. frank wilcox says:

    Spurs have won nothing and done nothing,qualify for something or win something and then pop off,your 1st big test at the Emirates was classically Spuresque!!!you lose again,so until you accomplish something

  3. HGH Magic says:


  4. Bongo says:

    Oguntuase Amos

    I’m not sure what you are trying to say there? Are you for Christian Eriksen or against?

    In my opinion he will be the creative midfielder that we need. The only position that needs looking at now is left back. Verts is our best LB but he is a central defender. I suppose it is better than crying out for a striker like we have for the last few years….

  5. 6YardsOut says:

    Spurs should get a Champions League place ahead of Arsenal as long as the squad can settle in together quickly.