Chelsea made Multiple Moves in Last 24 hours

Chelsea made Multiple Moves in Last 24 hoursChelsea are set to continue their summer transfer business with new top signings. Having already signed German starlet Andre Schurrle from Bayer Leverkusen, Blues manager Jose Mourinho is still looking for more attacking options.

The Londoners have been lately chasing Uruguayan international Edinson Cavani and it remains to be seen whether Chelsea can somehow secure the signing of one of the best strikers in the world right now. For now reports suggest that Chelsea have made multiple moves in last 24 hours.

BBC report that Chelsea are eager to land Holland international Marco van Ginkel from Vitesse. Mourinho has met the Dutch midfielder and the blues can seal a deal if they can splash 8 million pounds for the youngster.

Van Ginkel featured in 41 games for the Eredivisie side last season and scored 8 goals. The Netherlands star is a regular starter for the Dutch side and helped them get 4th place in the league in the last campaign.

On the other hand Sky reports that Blues have made an enquiry for Napoli’s star striker and last season’s Serie A top scorer Cavani.

El Matador is likely to leave the Italian side this summer and talks between Chelsea and Napoli may take place this week. The main obstacle for Blues in this scenario is Cavani’s 63 million Euros buyout clause.

Blues can be considered favorites to land Marco van Ginkel but Cavani is surely going to cause more problems with his hefty price tag and also because of the interest shown by other rich European clubs like PSG, Madrid and Manchester City.

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57 Responses to Chelsea made Multiple Moves in Last 24 hours

  1. Abromavitch has apparently told Mourinho he cannot spend money in the same way as he did the last time he managed Chelsea,so that means to land Cavani he will first have to sell some of the squad so Torres Demba Ba and possible even Mata are to be sold !!

  2. Oshim Levi Ugochukwu says:

    Chelsea boss should forget Cavani and go for Rooney and Lewandosiki. He is overrated. Let us not waste another millions of pounds for noting. Napoli president is a shrewd businessman, he know Cavani is not worth the price he is quoting and he is now using propaganda to make a hell of money from Cavani sell. If Cavani pass 40million, Chelsea should run away.

  3. Olly Shore says:

    A nice use of crap there Chris O’Connor, because it was in the news and all over the Internet where abramovic (because I can spell it right) has allowed mourinho 100 million for this summers investments

    • Johnny Doyle says:

      you spell it Abramovich (cos I can spell) you cocky mug ,Mourinho WONT GET 100 million to spend fact!

  4. paul says:

    Pls chelsea don’t spend ur money on just one player who don’t seems to worth such amount,Rooney is more better than anyone,I love him(Rooney)he is a deadly striker

  5. gracy jach says:

    I would luv to c edinson play in a blue shirt. Torres n Ba shud be sold so as to mk fund available. Either of Mata or Luiz shud also b sold. Good sale#

    • BigAnt says:

      What the hell are you on about????? Why on earth would you want Chelsea to sell their player of the year for the past two seasons or their best centre back! Moron.

  6. Terry.d: (NIG) says:

    I want mourinho to forget about cavani and look for another alternative pls

    • dan says:

      I think the best buy would be benteke from villa 19 prem goals last season and would be at home at chelsea as hazard and kevin de broune are there 25mill will do..then sell torres for 15mill and use that to buy a top DCM.

  7. Maxmoss Governor says:

    Cavan shud be brought to chelsea no matter wat.

  8. Lets fore get about cavani and land rooney or lawandosky. Cavani will be nothing if he come to english premire league

  9. Ademola says:

    Albeit cavani is a complete striker yet he does not cost that much.if napoli refuses £42m without torres, then chelsea should pls entice lewandowski and jovetic

  10. blessing says:

    chelsea should forget about cavani, he does not worth that amount . Blues should for rooney because he is better than cavani

  11. Jossim says:

    If cavani is impossible den try anoda reliable striker.dere many striker out dere in oda leagues dat are gud.cavani may nt even perdorm wen he get to cfc.sell torres leave Ba.

  12. Joseph Tokpah says:

    Let cfc board sell Torres inorder to buy cavani because cavani is a great striker

  13. Cfc should forget carvani and try both England and Dutch starlet Rooney and Van Gerk seekenna.

  14. bill says:

    Cavani is good he has drogbas attitude but at that price I prefer lewandoski who younger and cheaper. Let Enino, Ba go and also bring in jovetic.Plz forget Ronney

  15. Alatamania says:

    Cavani is just a waste of money chelsea should go4either wilfred bony4 $10million or edin dzeko4 £15million or christene benteke4 £18million or promoting young striker from the academy player like feruz or to recall bamford from his loan spell and chelsea should just stick with torres and Ba coz i believ lukaku will challenge them for starting place next season

  16. oyirwoth richard says:

    please chelsea need physical strikers the like cavani,suarez,hulk and even rooney

  17. I love rooney more dan cavani.also cavani price is 2 high which can affect is career like torres.special one should pls make d rite dissction

  18. Salam ismail says:

    cavani is highly over rated due to that astronomical price tag on him chelsea should look for alternative. There are some player out there who would be delivering same result we need, Chelsea should not take another risk of £50m torres anymore. Chelsea should not sell ramires, torres and mata (only playmaker) but to source for lesser quality player in d world worth around £30m. Wit schrule, torres/ba, hazard blue is okay.

  19. wole akinhanmi says:

    I prefear rooney instead of buying cavani, please to be realistic stop waisting money on triker enymore,we will see some triker who then dont have big name but they are very chap, see person like chicharito coming to man utd and chine.

    • ismail says:

      was that grammer or your own vocabs you just formed cos i dont understand wat you were saying pls next time use proper english for everyone to understand thank you

  20. Chelsea should please go 4 rooney & leave cavani.

  21. Denis Nyamweya says:

    Chelsea should bring cavani in order 2 compete with other clubs

  22. Atsaakaa orduen says:

    Cavani is over-rated. Rooney is a good option with loads of premier league experience. Jose shd think right.

  23. SHITTA FATAI says:

    Although, Cavani is too cost at d rate of 53million pound but i don’t want chelsea 2 loose him 2 another mega rich club @ we lost Radamel Falcao 2 Monaco. But still, i want chelsea 2 make Rooney another priority. B’cos he is a good striker that also really want 2 work with Chelsea & Mourinho.

  24. T'Ben says:

    Pls morinho, use dat(£50 +) money to buy Daxler & Rodney, cos remember shelveshenco n torres issue not repeat. Dis 2 wit lukako will giv u wat u want

  25. kenny east says:

    i’m not happpy about the of money napoli boss are demanding.4 my openion we should ignor cavani and use dat bbig amount to land 4 Airsharawy and Lewandoski rather than cavani who can flop like how Torres have Jose Mor,pls go 4 sharawy and lewandosky and leave cavani couse he’s bbussy 4 nothing.

  26. Keaobaka says:

    Chelsea should go 4 cavani sell toress and ba andre shurrle and cavani wil make a good team 2 let team blue go on and win da EPL and uefa champions leauge

  27. Tunde samson says:

    Pls you guyz shouldn’t what happen torre dat cause us 50million but at the of the day he cann’t fulfill right’s as a stiker.

  28. Benjamin lazarus says:

    Everybody knows that cavani is gud but what he can do lewandosky can do ´80%. So chelsea can 4get about him.

  29. Mayne says:

    Screw it, for the first time Cfc should give their investment a chance, Lukaku, and torres and ba can back him up

  30. Ojochenemi Ikani says:

    The coming of Edison Cavani will be a big plus to the promising Chelsea squad, but the price tag is quite outrageous. Wayney Rooney will be a better option as he understands the Premiership with lots of experiences. Chelsea, Mourinho, think wise. Cavani is too costly for the price.

  31. Geoff Hards says:

    What is all this drival about. Chelsea have got to give Lukaku a chance and they have just bought Schurrle. To keep within the ‘Fair Play’ rules, they should sell either Torres or Demba Ba and spend wisely on a back-up striker who costs around 15 million. There are several of them out there. How about Burak Yilmaz from Galatasary. A solid defender and back-up goalkeeper are also a priority.

  32. Abdulafeez says:

    I believe in jose morinho, I know he will make a better decision by himself. As for me CFC should please forget about cavani if the price remain thesame and go for another sharp striker.

  33. Mgmjr says:

    Let’s give lukaku and torres another chance and sell Ba

  34. Daniel Paulinus says:

    Our major prioriety should’nt b on spashing our cash on xpensive players,rather we should b shrewed abt purchasing players coz u neva can tell wen a player flops…so my opinion z dat if cavani seems 2 costly we should turn our attention 2 rooney n lewi coz rooney would certainly deliver n lewi can do same as cavani…let our board use their discernment n discression 2 make gud decisions!!!

  35. olajide george says:

    Sell romeo,essien,nd maybe Ba or Torres nd go get cavani.Dats it

  36. shittu m.o says:

    Chelsea should leave cavani alone with Napoli’s hefty amount or. What they called buy out clause and look for better and very less and good options,the like of Lewandoski,Rooney and Ginkel and loan Ba,leave Elnino at the club and let focus this season to bring in another Trophies again…….Up Chelsea.

  37. Timon kiprotich says:

    Lewandowski is better than cavani

  38. TORIOLA says:

    C.F.C should forget cavani and go for the like of rooney,i believe cavani will just be a waste of money for c.f.c.pls heed to our advice and ask our scout to do their work.

  39. Abiola wasiu says:

    What i c is that chelsea should think twice before making any move for any player bcos wasting such amount on a player is to much cos now no team want to realese thier player at cheaper price to big club like chelsea, man city, real madrid psg, and big spend club, what i think is that chelsea should look for alternative if cavani deal is not go at the right price.

  40. Adesh says:

    Chelsea should go for Rooney and forget about Cavani, Then give Lukaku chance, pair him with Rooney upfront. offload Ba n Torres. Chelsea have alot of attacking option (Mata, Hazard, Schurle, Moses etc), if they need physical, Rooney can do better.

  41. Bobshled says:

    Does anyone else think that Chelsea should give Lukaku a chance as well as bring in another striker like Aubameyang

  42. Massive chelsea fan says:

    Does anyone else think that Chelsea should give Lukaku a chance as well as bring in another striker like Aubameyang

  43. Bassey Akpan says:

    Chelsea shld 4get abt d big name n high rated amount of a player (cavani) n go for simple n sharp player lik lewandoski,he cn gv chelsea d taste they r lookin for

  44. Philip kwembe says:

    Moun should 4get abt cavani dat amount is too much they are other strickers out there such as Rooney suares, lowadoski full of expirience than Torres, Ba, Shuld b sold bt pls dn’t touch mata n mikel.

  45. Archason Joseph says:

    Chelsea must learn from the mistake of buying a player more expensive like Torres
    Cavanni is not fit to be buy with such big amount of money great if Chelsae buy Rooney for 25m and Jovetic for 25m which can help them from big mess
    For me I prefer Rooney, Jovetic, Lowandosiki whom are complete players

  46. Free2liferhymee says:

    to all chelsea fans i think wayne and Lewarndoski is more preferable dan Cavani

  47. Saviour Francis says:

    cavani is gud 4 cfc games next season, bt the amount involve is too much 4 his kind. let cfc consider other relevnt strikers that are physical like the live of Roney, Lewandoki, jovetic etc which will cost less n work hard 4 the growth of the club…..

  48. edwin mwanga says:

    forget about cavani and dont sell anymore, just buy a 2nd choice goalkeeper and another defender. I believe the squad is at its best everyone will try to proove himselg worth of the 1st team.

  49. Pasta says:

    I think chelsea need to think very well on selling players the likes of torres and ba can go so that they bring in cavani he is very nice and good in finishing if any one watch his game against italy he did very well then some like rooney can come to chelsea so he can help cavani from back and hazzard will play with them upfront so like that chelsea is very strong team next season i hope the only one will do something wonderful for the fans

  50. dan says:

    Chelsea should forget cavani and buy benteke from villa with 19 goals in his first season and only 22 I fancy it make more sense than forking out 50mill on a player not proven in the EPL..

  51. dan says:

    Chelsea shoud instead spend money on bringing in matic from benfica and benteke!!them two or cavani I know my choice..

  52. Kie-ekie Ncha says:

    Cavani is realy a good player but did not worth the price. Cfc should better go for wayne 2om, lawandowski 25m, mario Gomes 15m. And ofload torres n ba