Barca May Sell Fabregas at Right Price

Barca May Sell Fabregas at Right PriceArsenal and Manchester United have been reportedly chasing Spanish star Cesc Fabregas to bring him back to premier league. However, the player has claimed that he is completely content where he is and Barcelona are not too desperate to sell him as well.

Although, Barcelona’s vice president indicated that the Spaniard could leave Camp Nou this summer but he also claimed that it is only possible if the player himself has the desire to move for another club.

According to Goal, Josep Bartomeu said:

“Cesc will only leave the club if he himself wants to move on”

The statement does suggest that they have no problem if Fabregas stays with the Catalan side as no doubt he is a quality player but it does not really indicate a strong stance on his situation like “He is NOT for sale”.

Manchester United are reportedly very keen on signing the former Arsenal captain, Marca reports that a move is possible and Barca may sell Fabregas if the Red Devils offer the right amount of $$$.

Fabregas did feature in 32 league games for Barcelona in their title winning campaign but because of the ever present brilliant Xavi, majority of the times Cesc had to play as an attacking midfielder and at times even as a second striker. Not to forget, Cesc’s natural position is CM.

Now that Barca have recently signed Neymar while Messi, Sanchez and Pedro are already there, Fabregas will surely not play as a second striker and Iniesta is again the prime CAM. Furthermore, even for his natural position, Barca have Xavi, Song and Alcantara.

Therefore, the Catalans have enough quality that Fabregas’s departure will not really hurt Barcelona. Moreover, if the suitors bid around 30 million for the ex-gunner star then there is not much argument about why Barcelona will not accept such an offer.

As things stand, Cesc is likely to stay with Barcelona but the circumstances may alter during the transfer season. Where will he be next season, we shall have the answer soon.

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  • comment-avatar
    Thomas Bett 6 years

    What beats me is the manner and urgency that Barca had in getting Cesc out of Arsenal only to make him available for transfer after only 2 seasons!! just unbelievable.

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    @gwens 6 years

    One minute we are told the money is available, chances present themselves and c how long its going 2 take 2 move. Like we have rocks tied on our feet. Come Moyes, utd lets do business n kick the citizens on their arses next season. Reds 4 ever