Torres Speaks About his Love for Liverpool Again

Torres Speaks About his Love for Liverpool AgainFernando Torres might have left Liverpool two years back but perhaps he can never forget his wonder years at Anfield. As the former Liverpool number 9 prepares for yet another return to Merseyside, Torres speaks about his love for Liverpool again.

Liverpool was the place where Torres really became a super star. El Nino was the most prolific of strikers for the reds as he broke the record of scoring fastest 50 goals for the club. Having left Atletico in his early 20s, Torres could not win a trophy with Liverpool but the best form of his career was with the Reds.

Torres might have won trophies with Chelsea but he has done little to achieve them. Not even featuring in the FA cup final where Blues defeated Liverpool last year thanks to heroics from legendary Drogba. Moreover, the same number 11 played a pivotal role in their champions league success as Torres could only come on as a substitute.

The last time Torres visited Anfield in a blue shirt, Liverpool were rampant and thrashed Chelsea 4-1 under the management of Kenny Dalglish. This time he returns with former Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez. Although Torres knows that he will not get a favorable reception from Liverpool supporters but still he claims:

“I owe Liverpool a huge amount – to the people, to the men in charge. A huge amount! Liverpool is a fundamental part of my life.”

“They don’t remember me that way, but time will change that. There couldn’t have been a better place after I left Atletico Madrid.”

Perhaps he knows the way he left forcing the club to sell him on deadline day to a rival spoilt the relation with the club as well as the fans. The supporters loved him the most that is why they hated/hate him the most for breaking them.

A return to Liverpool is highly unlikely and surely I would not like to create a rumor here but whatever Torres means by “but time will change that”, only he would know better to how time can fix his relation with the Liverpool supporters.

For now, he is still a Blue and like always, the Liverpool supporters will be backing their side to the fullest to beat Chelsea once again at Anfield.

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20 Responses to Torres Speaks About his Love for Liverpool Again

  1. Hary says:

    Im calling for trouble with this comment but Hey Nando
    The “9” is empty here, come back :P

  2. Raheel says:

    i hated it when he left but i will still take him back :-) I believe Brenden will use him good …
    Please correct me if i am wrong, Steve also mentioned that he would love to see Torres and Suarez play together ??

  3. Patrick says:

    Time won’t change anything! Just ask Owen. Liverpool are a family and you stabbed your brothers in the back.

  4. Maxmos says:

    No more either Torres nor Benitez at lfc. Pipo dont leave in the past, lets create new reds wit wat we have plus some new wonderkids in the name of Erickson in the summer.

  5. Mudrieck says:

    I would also love to see Torres back, but we should move on. There are more younger & exciting players that Liverpool can bring in. The future looks bright.

  6. adetolani says:

    seeinq el nino back in liverpool no9 jersey would be great…he’s stl d gud quy i knw him 2 be

  7. lee says:

    Actually,liverpool is the Club which has got big histry compared to Chelsea.So,I won’t be suprise to see Torres back to Anfield.He left us with pain but we need to forgive and bring him back.

  8. LOVERFAITH says:

    If I were roger I’ll take torres back in the sense that F.torres is a born goal scorer and that’s what we need……pls check this out….REINA-JOHNSON-AGGER-SAHKO-ENRIQ——ERICKSON-ALONSO-GERRARD—–COUTINHO-TORRES-SUAREZ. What do u think guys?

    • Nightsend says:

      Weak. No DM in midfield to cover the back four or to help win the ball in midfield. No Steel.

    • vishesh says:

      id prefr-
      reina-johnson-de vrij-agger-enrique-alonso-gerrard-eriksen-torres/damiao-sturridge-suarez….bt itl cost money-around 55 million(in wch im countin torres fr only 11-if its damiao,make it 16-18)….also-diakite and honda wd b gr8 additions fr d bench…my bench-jones,kelly,diakite,lucas,henderson,coutinho,honda,downing….and sell-pacheco,carroll,skrtel(cz hz a talent and we rnt usin him),assaidi,allen,wilson and spearing-sumthing like 38-40 million…shelvey,morgan,flanagan,sterling on loan-we’l save smthn like 3 million frm salaries….so im guesing an investment of around 20 million frm FSG is needed and dey shud gve dt money 2 BR

  9. chukwuemeliejeromejideobi says:

    i would love to see elnino back in a red jersey cause he left us at the wrong time not just toress but xabi alonso too.since they both left we have not been the team we used to be.ynwa

  10. swervy says:

    He left at the wrong time and we all hated him for that. Time moves on, he is still young enough to be a geat player. He should also receive a warm welcome. We are bigger than that. It will be harder for him if he also receives a welcome today. I hope he comes on as a sub, once he touches the ball we can then give him some stick. He scored some of the best goals I have seen in that stadium. We should remember them.

  11. nettpatrick says:

    Seeing Benitex and Torres back should not be the case, however, seeing LFC grow should be the point of contention. I want the club to compete favourably with resources to ensure we recruit better players would will take us to our glory days. Wake up and drop this old players coming back. YNWA.

  12. david lokure says:

    the desire to see torres in a liverpool jersey again is too mouthwatering especially considering the fact that he will be playing alongside suarez, but the truth is that he may not perform like before! besides we need to build our squad around so many young talented players we have and hope to get! we will always love torres but let him be! we don’t need him at anfield anymore!

  13. It will be very exciting for me to see Ftorres in red jessey i.e play for liverpoolfc because he deserb to be a LFC AGAIN.

  14. It would to see Ftorres in red jessey i.e play for liverpoolfc because he deserb to be a LFC PLAYER AGAIN.

  15. DaveWestAus says:

    Torres did nothing out of order when he asked for a transfer! The new owners were aware of his lack of fitness though injury !!! which was’n’t revealed to ALL,and certainly not to Chelsea,and only found out about after he was sold! (50mil in the bank) The owners diliberately waited and waited knowing full well that Torres had been promised new players at the club,and that he was unhappy that the club did not fulfill their promise! Torres was ‘let down’ by promises that LFC made to him. This is the truth that he has told of,that people don’t understand! TORRES ‘DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE LFC. The new YANK owners wanted the 50 million quid !!! FACT. This is also the reason that they were conned into buying Carrol for 35million,because they had left themselves no time to negotiate ! And they will probably do the same with Suarez !

    • Laintae says:

      Torres did want to leave
      you are only quoting one way
      why dont you quote that he said he does not regret leaving liverpool
      why dont you quote where he said that Liverpool project will take time and i did not have that time.
      Senseless really

  16. Gilberto says:

    Let us build anew team with young talented players, let torres go.