Suarez Bite vs Defoe Bite and the Punishment

Suarez Bite vs Defoe Bite and the PunishmentSuarez’s complete package was on show up against Chelsea today as the good, the bad and the ugly meant that Liverpool were behind and helped them back to draw the game as well. However, the game will be remembered for Uruguayan’s unacceptable nibble on Ivanovic’s shoulder.

Suarez cannot stay away from headlines and controversies can he. After providing a wonder assist to level the scores, minutes later he handled the ball to award Chelsea penalty, bit Ivanovic in mere frustration and then scored a late late equalizer much to the delight of the home fans.

The talisman scored his 30th goal of the season, 23rd of the league campaign but that might be his last contribution as far as this season is concerned if FA are to ban him for intolerable conduct on the field.

Back in 2006, Jermain Defoe seemed to have nibbled the arm of former Liverpool man Javier Mascherano but surprisingly, the Tottenham forward went unpunished for that action on Masch who then played for West Ham United.

Suarez Bite vs Defoe Bite

One cannot really find much difference in the pictures. Both actions are unacceptable by all means and deserve punishment. However, Defoe survived punishment on certain grounds as FA claimed.

“We are unable to take any action because the referee has already dealt with the incident.”

“Fifa regulations prevent us from taking retrospective action.”

In that case, the referee did look at Ivanovic’s hand but decided to take no action during the game. Adding to that, the snap provided below is after the game ended and as it seems, perhaps the situation seems well dealt in this case as well.

Suarez Ivanovic

Having said that, it goes without saying that such actions cannot be defended at all. Only Suarez would know what was on his mind when he decided to act like a vampire again as he has been banned before for seven games for biting a player while playing for Ajax.

Lastly, Suarez has just reiterated that he will not leave the club this summer and Liverpool will be sensible enough to not sell him for this one incident. He is way too important for the club as shown this season. Without him, Liverpool would have struggled even further down the table in the premier league. Whatever actions FA may take on his act, we shall know that soon.

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  • comment-avatar
    Laintae 5 years

    Unacceptable actions but some idiot wanting him out do not know his value at all
    Bottom half without him this season

  • comment-avatar
    Patrick 5 years

    I don’t think he did bit him or Ivanovic would’ve shown the teeth marks. I think Suarez was just to scare him.

  • comment-avatar
    BEst 5 years

    When all the Newspapers, all the rivals saying that LFC should sell him
    This only explains they know that SUAREZ is the best player in the league and to make Liverpool more weak thats the best they can come up with
    Liverpool are no fools and will not sell Suarez

  • comment-avatar
    david 5 years

    Why were Chelsea so peeved about Louis Suarez’s bite on their player when they defended Dennis Wiise’s bite on the Real Mallorca player in a UEFA competition at Stamford Bridge in April 1999? I put it to you that they were upset at losing two points because the referee added on an extra minute to the six already imposed because Chech was warned for deliberate time wasting.
    Those commentators eager to criticize Suarez please take the Wise and Defoe bites into account before sounding off like Darreb Fletcher of the BBC!

  • comment-avatar
    frank 5 years

    ha, hilarious watching scousers tying themselves in knots trying to defend the indefensible

    • comment-avatar
      Laintae 5 years

      Who is defending the act? we all know he was wrong
      i dont understand people mentioning “Kids” as if they dont watch worst things than that
      He did apologize and it was unacceptable. If he is banned that will be fair
      if he survives (chances less because he is SUAREZ) based on the defoe scenario then that be fair too

  • comment-avatar
    Owolewas 5 years

    Well, dat is too obvious, suarez is a good player bt at thesame time too rude, the ref shd av send him out wen ivanovic complained 2 d ref bt 2 my surprise d ref didnt take any action. He shd be punish by d FA.

  • comment-avatar
    United Fan 5 years

    British media and pundits are absolute hypocrites and some are possibly “racist” or discriminate because of a person’s place of origin. What Suarez did was wrong but it was no different to that of Defoe on Mascherano. The FA will be extremely hypocritical if they give Suarez a ban as it would raise the question “why did they not ban Defoe?”

    The referee in today’s game dealt as he felt fit as did the referee in the Spurs vs West Ham game.

    Liverpool should deal with the matter internally via a disciplinary process and the case should be closed.

    For all those (including previous LFC players) who suggest a ban or the selling of the player, all I can say is that it’s a good jo you’re not managing LFC else they’d be in the Championship!!

  • comment-avatar

    He has to get a lengthy ban. Rodgers and Ayre also have some serious thinking to do. If they receive a reasonable offer in the summer then you have to look at selling him.

    • comment-avatar

      Sell the best player in the league, one of the best in the world, Sell him when they are not in CL and cannot attract a player who can come even near his quality, Sell a player who always wants to win, Sell a player who the club needs more than he needs the club, Sell a player who is the main and probably the only hope if Liverpool are to finish in top 4 by any chance next season.

  • comment-avatar
    Canuck 5 years

    There’s no way that violent behavior can be condoned in a game…no matter who the perpetrator is. Interesting how the Defoe bite was swept under the carpet – was it because he was English and bit a foreigner?
    article in Daily Mail:

    • comment-avatar
      mick 5 years

      The defoe bite was not swept under the carpet – it was dealt with by the referee. Read the article. The ref’s action (which was wrong) prevented any further bans.

      • comment-avatar
        Lewis 5 years

        So, Suarez should be punished with a yellow card after the game. The League could do that.

  • comment-avatar

    why? suarez,re u a vampire? why should u disgrace a great team lyk LFC?

  • comment-avatar

    The FA should question Suarex seriously, if he has no excuse for what he did, then he’s mentaly unfit to be involved in football game…. So he deserves a life ban…
    As for Defoe, his going scot free was as a result of the Board incompetency then….

  • comment-avatar
    Mikey 5 years

    It was a stupid thing to do and he is obviously a flawed genius.
    Thing is, he has almost single handely kept Rodgers in a job (just) this season. Without him, we’d be on around 40 points and looking for a new manager.

    He needs some help, not people taking the moral high ground. There are far worse potentially leg breaking challenges that go unpunished.

    • comment-avatar
      Jaba 5 years

      I think by giving him punishment, it would help him. If LFC condone his actions and let him do as he like without punishment, then he will never learn. LFC is a a club with great history and fans around the world. What the club do will become example for others.

  • comment-avatar
    Chineze 5 years

    Such behaviour should not be condoned in the premier league,otherwise other players would even come up with worse behaviours.

    • comment-avatar
      Lewis 5 years

      Agreed, but other players did this before and did not receive the same punishment and the same public attention. It’s hypocrisy.

  • comment-avatar

    lets ban defoe then after we do so to suarez.thanx fa

  • comment-avatar
    Jason 5 years

    It is total hypocrisy. See the BBC report from the Defoe incident

    You can even view 606 debate. Its simply because Defoe is English.