Most Hated Players But Do They Care?

Most Hated Players But Do They Care?Robin Van Persie, Luis Suarez, Cristiano Ronaldo. These are a few players who are adored by their clubs’ fans, and hated by other club’s fans. But does the mentality of fans solely depend on whether the player plays for their club, or not?

Robin Van Persie is now disliked by a vast majority for betraying Arsenal for rival Manchester United, but whilst at the club, Van Persie was never perfect. Van Persie often got into measly fights, and last season RVP got into an arugument with his national counterpart; Tim Krul.

In the clash against Newcastle, he was seen waving at Krul in the most irritating way possible, after equalising after Ben Arfa’s goal. RVP accussed Krul of time-wasting, and there was a little spat in the tunnel at half-time, and then at the end of the game Van Persie told Krul he could “time waste now.” To Arsenal fans, RVP was seen as a hero for taunting Krul, and not being particularly nice.

Similarly, Liverpool fans adore Luis Suarez, because he winds up opposite managers, fans, and players. Although he is hated almost worldwide for his handball vs Ghana, and reputation for diving, I bet if he joined your club, you’d love him, because every fan loves seeing their player annoy another team’s fan.

Ronaldo, also is hated for his seemingly cocky attitude, but loved by most Madrid fans, for being brilliant, whilst annoying rival teams, and not just through his persistent goalscoring.

However, if any of these players joined your club, you’d turn a blind eye to the taunts on Krul, love the Luis Suarez dive infront of David Moyes, and love how Ronaldo gets on the wrong side of jealous counterparts.

Is it coincidence also, that a bunch of these players, are some of the best? It is almost as if they are given lee-way by other fans, because of how brilliant they are. For example, I don’t support Liverpool, dislike Suarez’s diving and cheating, but love him all the same, because he is technically brilliant.

Ultimately, these players don’t care if you hate them, they do care about their own fans though, and that’s all that matters.

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    Rons 6 years

    Just ask Torres , hated by others , hated by CFC fans

  • comment-avatar
    Hagu 6 years

    True they are al world class players and only best players are hated by other set of fans

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    ataayy 6 years

    Awesome article (Y)