Cesc Fabregas not Interested in Arsenal Return

Cesc Fabregas not Interested in Arsenal ReturnThe headline may seem a bit strange but besides Barcelona fans, only Arsenal fans track their former star Cesc Fabregas more.

The Ex-Gunner captain is not interested in Arsenal return and wants to end his career with Spanish giants and boy hood club Barcelona.

During the summer, MARCA reported that Fabregas may return back to London. The news excited the Arsenal supporters but that proved out to be only a rumor.

Since then Cesc has impressed new Barca manager and is now a key player for the La Liga leaders.

Currently, Barcelona sit comfortably on the top of the Spanish league and Fabregas may win his first ever league title of his career. He only managed to win one FA Cup with the Gunners.

One cannot deny that Barca are a side that seemingly guarantee trophies and who would like to leave such a club especially when it’s your boyhood club. The midfielder claimed:

“I have come back to Barça to stay for the rest of my career.” 

“If it were up to me, and if everything goes well, I will fight as hard as I can to retire here”

Although Arsenal have built a competitive midfield with the likes of Arteta, Cazorla and the untiring Jack Wilshere, but the gunner fans still miss their influential former captain and since his departure Arsenal have declined in English football.

Gunners Boss  Arsene Wenger was also interested in bringing back the boy he signed for Arsenal at the age of 16 but it is highly unlikely that his wish will come true as Fabregas has brushed aside any news linking him back to Arsenal or any other side and will love to play for the rest of the career for the Catalan club.

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  • comment-avatar
    Ramnis 6 years

    Mark my words, he will return one day to finish the unfinish business with Gunners

  • comment-avatar
    Bajanstar 6 years

    Really? I remember immediately after Cesc left Arsenal he spoke of an Arsenal return, stating he wouldn’t mind going back some time in the future. Clearly he is still a fan of Arsenal; he behaves just like an Arsenal fan, tweeting about Arsenal’s games while they are playing live and even becoming emotional and slightly rage at certain things. For, example when certain players leave (RvP). I’m pretty sure we are going to see a Cesc return to Arsenal. Barcelona was Cesc’s childhood club, yes, but they gave him away to Arsenal because they felt he was useless at that time. Whereas, Arsenal – AW, to be precise – took him, groomed him and created a world class player out of him. I think this is something he’ll keep somewhere at the back of his mind.

  • comment-avatar
    Shaanika Rehabeam 6 years

    I think Cesc will return one day to Arsenal, he carry the club i his heart like legend Thiery Henry. I know Barca is a club hood for Cesc , but Arsenal made him a lot than Barc,, he stil have unfinished business withe gunners like king Henry… Pls cum back Cesc we missd u

  • comment-avatar
    koye 6 years

    Arsenal have trained him, groomed him to be a world class player. Fabregas is now back to his child hood club. Dream comes and throphies too. I doubt if he would come bck. At what age wud he come bck to arsenal 35? Dream on peeps…