Benitez Will Not be Sacked

Benitez Will Not be SackedThere, got your attention with the title, now onto serious things. The first thing on a Chelsea’s boss mind when he signs the contract is that whether he will wake up next morning with his job or not. Rafael Benitez surely thought the same.

In any case he is not getting sacked with 13 games left, but will eventually leave at the end of the season when his term as interim manager ends. Having lost to Newcastle United yesterday, Benitez has lost 5 games in 21 with the Blues; a record that is even worse than Brazilian Scolari’s who lost 5 with Chelsea in 35 outings.

Although Benitez is a cup specialist, still, even a Europa League Triumph may not help his case of staying with the club. Why? Well because of the horrific support he has got from club’s very own supporters.

Perhaps, Benitez might have been able to produce good results if the Chelsea supporters would have backed him for once. Only he would know the feeling of playing “away” even after entering Stamford Bridge. The noisy Shed must make him miss the Kop where he is still loved for his achievements as manager of Liverpool.

Another problem with the Chelsea managers is their stupendous claims regarding support from the owner. Being completely aware that they are in danger of losing the job, they come up with statements as if they are going nowhere. Villas Boas can be taken as the best example here. Last season, after losing to Liverpool at home, he claimed:

“The owner didn’t pay 15m to get me out of Porto only to pay me another fortune just to let me go again.”

Months later, he was shown the door by the trigger happy Roman Abramovich who perhaps believes that such reactions are the only reason he has been able to make Chelsea successful but of course instable as well.

This time Benitez does not actually fear the sack after losing to Newcastle. When asked about his future at Chelsea, the Spaniard perhaps ignored the question and said”

“If the players show the character that they showed in the second half, it means something is right”

God knows, what that “something” is as Chelsea have easily been the worst European Champions of all time. Support or no support, money or no money, Benitez’s record with Blues has been quite unsatisfactory and it will be a shocker if he stays considering the personality of Chelsea’s owner.

As mentioned, with 13 games left in the league, it is unlikely that Roman will sack Rafa to bring in a new guy or it must be said that no one will be willing to come in for such a short period of time. So Rafa is to stay until the season ends.

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    Hadla 6 years

    Supported NO
    Got Money to spend NO
    what kind of results did Chelsea fans expect then

    • comment-avatar
      marico 6 years

      What money, he had brilliant squad he produced crap results says it all