Bosnian Goalkeeper Acknowledges Talent Of Manchester United

Bosnian Goalkeeper Acknowledges Talent Of Manchester UnitedIs it a fictional perception that lurks or is it a fact that many teams develop an anxiety of degradation when faced against Manchester United? This anxiety eats away at their confidence like a lion would its prey; tearing down each and every shred of dignity and hope as if it were flesh being viciously torn apart from the ribs of a freshly mauled corpse. Manchester United Tickets hold the answers to the questions that everyone has been asking.

Manchester United has a talent for being honored by their opponents. Is it because Manchester United is so dominant? Or is it that the level of respect within the Premier League for each team and player is undeniably admirable? Bosnian goalkeeper and Club Stoke City’s very own, Asmir Begovic reassured us that it may be a little bit of both.He revealed to the BBC:

“United had impressed me the most this season” and “Going forward, they have so much talent and flair.” “The whole front four of that team, including Danny Welbeck and Antonio Valencia, are so dangerous.”

Yes, Club Stoke City has already faced Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City in the title race. Perhaps this is why Begovic voiced his opinions on what particular teams and or players will inevitably prevail. Again, Begovic has had first-hand experience on the theme of competition.

Of course, after suffering a 4-2 defeat at Old Trafford, it is no surprise that Begovic believes United is the better of the three opponents Stokes has faced thus far, considering they held City and suffered a close loss to Chelsea. In regards to Manchester City, Begovic confirmed

“City have so much talent in their squad so it is a tough team to break into but Edin’s performances speak for themselves. If he continues to do that on a regular basis, he should be starting in the first-team. I believe he is one of the top five strikers in the world.”

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Sir Alex Ferguson’s men have a difficult road ahead but don’t make any early assumptions. Throughout the last 12 trips to Stamford Bridge, they have left with only one victory. However, the mishmash of strikers Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie leave those who rely heavily on past statistics wondering.

Rooney edged Begovic twice and was chastised last weekend by Persie. Begovic elected to take the high road and affirmed that when playing against the likes of Rooney and Persie, it is a true challenge considering every mistake made is taken advantage of by the likes of both players.

United has given up a total of 11 goals within eight league games. They are feared but with that particular statistic in mind, there is reason for speculation about their net-tenders. Ferguson has opted to set a rotation in motion amongst his arsenal of goalkeepers.

Begovic recalls the aggravation of being in a rotation. He confirmed that when a goalkeeper is in a rotation, he may not feel as comfortable or confident in comparison to when one understands he or she is the number one goalkeeper.

Author – Matt Milstead

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