A Dejected Liverpool Fan

A Dejected Liverpool FanIt is now a little over two years since Rafa Benitez was forced out of the Liverpool football club due to xenophobia towards him by a group of people in the club, and witch hunters, people who do not appreciate his effort and who do not know his worth; now the numbers tell the story.

It is no longer news that average LFC fans is not happy with the present sorry state of the club even those who blindly hide behind the ‘back-the-manager-slogan’. Of course one would expect a massive progress on the basis for which he was forced out. Since 2010 the club have spiraled down, it is no longer what it used to be, even though it still prides itself over past achievements and glories. Happily though, it still remains the biggest English club in Europe trophy-wise.

Consider in particular issues like; transfers and league position since 2010 till date both have been shambolic, albeit last season the club won a trophy (league cup) under the legendary Kenny Dalglish. Before then, those at the top and their cronies who claim to have the best interest of the club at heart asserted that the club’s system needed overhauling. How false, how deceptive and misleading this has proved.

There was a system already put in place from 2009 season for youth system, there was a blue print, which still exist somewhere out there. Not just any youth but talented youths. It was during this period that Suso, Sterling, Shelvey, Jack Robinson, Flannagan. This system basically is to secure the future for the club. It is a pragmatic blue print.

But alas! Then come these people with their obnoxious ideas to send the club down, ‘Boot lickers’, who wants the club to dance to the whims and caprices of others, those wants the club to be seen as weakling, who wants to the club squeezed due to the fact that the club they manage will not equal the trophy records LFC still boast of. These ones wants a manager that would parley with the media, be subdued to the power that be, of which that is what we witnessed under Roy Hodgeson and I would say that is what LFC is witnessing today. These men and their cohorts rubbished this system, calling it a shamble, never giving credit to its initiator, the visionary behind it, the one who conceptualized the whole thing, the one who is a true Liverpool at heart, i.e Rafa Benitez and then brought in their English man Roy who almost sent the club out of the premier league. The club made no progress whatsoever under him.

Then came in the legend Kenny Dalglish who rescued the club from going down the drain. With utmost due respect to him, he too failed although won a trophy which is what the club stands for; making the club still the most decorated club in England. For me, his major mistakes were on transfers (his choice and passion for average English players in the premiership) plus his false tactics most times that he stubbornly refused to alter when it was still possible. That season the club finished 8th. Kenny could have rescued it but was too dogged at it even though there were some improvements towards the end of the season. Last season, I wrote a piece that top 4 is in Kenny’s hands if he would adjusts his tactics and avoid sentiments.

Speaking of transfers, the present owners have failed to live up to their words just yet. That makes me angry more. Transfer-wise I have lost confidence in them as they have not spent money from their own pocket as it were considering, their word that they have the money to spend; unfortunately it has been proceeds from sales of players. Perhaps, their site from the onset has been on the assets Rafa left behind (Torres and Co) who knows. True, they might have done really well cutting down wage bills which hampers on the club, but mind you without money you cannot compete in the league, in the English premier league.

Liverpool stands for trophy, unlike Arsenal who stands mostly for profit. Nevertheless, that is not to say Liverpool do not stand for that too, after all, Benitez made considerable amount of money for the club in his era in the Champions league. My point is hate it or love it, take it or accept it, Liverpool football club have spiraled down since 2010, did not need a ‘new touted project’ as many claims. This season could be worse. FSG were deceived into blatantly ignoring the call and advice to interview Benitez by reputable Journalists. They have allowed themselves to be tossed about hither thither by the so-called football advisers who don’t mean well for the club. The present situation is an index to show that it could hurt them?

Liverpool football club is not a championship club, it is a champions league club. Thus, they should have built upon the already laid foundation of 2009/2010 even if they would not have to employ Rafa immediately. This has been a huge step backward. Many fans are refusing to admit the club is not where it should be that the present form is not the Liverpool we knew. Many are hiding behind the “get behind the manager syndrome”. I still feel these are ones that will come out and admit it seeking for a change. Players-wise, I oppose the idea that these players are not qualities, they are but the manager is not the right man to bring the real depth in them. FSG on their part have miscalculated by thinking Brendan will perform a miracle this season all because he guided a championship club to 7th position in his first season in the premiership. Then I ask; how far has Martinez of Wigan taken the club since he started. How about Owen Coyle who was linked with LFC, where is him and Bolton today? Pardon me but I mean no disrespect to them I am just trying to put things in perspective.

My argument is if you say that Liverpool is considered in the league of Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Bayern Munich, why then hire a championship manager to the club? It is an insult upon an existing injury. The money that FSG spent on bringing Brendan would have cost them less bringing Rafa Benitez back and still leaving with extra money for transfers. With all due respect to Rodgers, but he may be talking the talk, making quotes, talking like an orator and saying what people would love to hear, tickling their ears, I still see him as a small fish in the big pond. He may be playing the passes, but for me he is not the right man.

So question is; FSG are known for their no nonsense and no sentiments in their business, if results keeps going from bad to worse as I perceive; will they keep Brendan Rodgers? Today, LFC is no longer a force domestically and internationally.

As I am, I am really angry!

The above is purely my own take, solely my opinion!

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    Ronak 6 years

    O boy o boy, you are way too mad i guess, you need to calm down. Liveprool had difficult fixtures and although they were brilliant against City and United theuy din win. See us winnning from now on. Rodgers is the man

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    Bilita 6 years

    To dominate a team like United with 10 men is extraordinary,
    You mentioned those youngsters , who is giving them the chance. SUSO Sterling Yesil
    In time when they click Liverpool will be brilliant once again and that wont take long.

    Kelvin you write with only anger and anger, little sense in blaming Rodgers. YEs owners have been little idiotic but for now you cant Blame Rodgers after just a handful of games. Judge him atleast in January

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    Matty 6 years

    Ofc we’ve gone downhill since 2010. But Rodgers isn’t to blame at all, eventually IF given time he’ll make us a force once again, Its the clueless American owners who are to blame once more. I agree I would of liked Benitez back but its too late for that and to be honest you can say what you want but if you’re not even going to back Rodgers then you should find a new team to support. I mean we dominated both the manc clubs but we have the same probs as last year in where we simply aren’t clinical enough to be considered challengers. I do hate admitting it but we miss “Liverpool Torres”