RVP Deal Emphasises Man Utd’s Attacking Ambition

RVP Deal Emphasises Man Utd’s Attacking AmbitionAfter witnessing Manchester City snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, and thus snatch the Premier League trophy from the hands of Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United aim to reinstate their dominance.

This summer, the Red Devils have responded to Roberto Mancini’s lavish, albeit successful, spending policy of yesteryear with their own individual splurge. United fans demanded team investment following a discomforting trophy-less season. Not unheard, Manchester United acted swiftly to secure the savvy Shinji Kagawa and propitious Nick Powell.

Shinji Kagawa Manchester United

However, despite grand satisfaction with both, the general supportive consensus continues to scream for an established central midfielder. In fact, such screaming started seasons ago. Almost shut up by Wesley Sneijder, or perhaps Luka Modrić, but the noise may continue following the club’s neglect to rectify the perceived problem. Alternatively, Manchester United just acquired two new strikers. One striker is Ángelo Henríquez – an 18-year-old Chilean, possibly to become a loanee. The other is the explosive Robin van Persie. Undoubtedly, the latter deal has caused the symptom of excitable giddiness amongst the United faithful. Indeed, a luxurious signing, but a signing complementary of Manchester United’s attacking ambition.

Manchester United’s whole brand is founded on attractive, attacking football. Famous from the Busby era, the club’s ideal is to stride forward. Throughout Ferguson’s lengthy reign, evidence appears with the renovation of a deadly strike force (e.g. Yorke-Cole-Sheringham-Solskjær, circa 1999 and Tévez-Rooney-Ronaldo, circa 2008). With the season’s inauguration rapidly approaching, Manchester United can boast another potent frontline.

A talented quartet involving Wayne Rooney, Danny Welbeck, Javier Hernández and Robin van Persie presents Sir Alex with a selection headache. Advantageously, each striker offers their own unique style: conductor, sprinter, poacher and clinical finisher. Depending on the situation (e.g. opponent or a pending loss), the manager can manipulate the forward setup to achieve a positive result. Hence, tactics and ideas vary, which creates confusion amongst rival defenders, especially if stamina diminishes. Typically at Old Trafford, the Red Devils score in the wee small minutes. Expect such a scenario to continue by a team, which idolises attacking drama and possesses greater options.

Onto the midfield dispute, general aggravation is understandable. By looking across Manchester, two players dressed in sky blue are Yaya Touré and David Silva. The belief is that Manchester United lack suitable competitors to the few exceptionally gifted midfielders. As the tedious cliché states, “The midfield battle is where the game is won or lost.” Nevertheless, Manchester United’s current squad includes players capable of dictation. Amongst supporters, the overwhelming majority laud Carrick’s ability and encourage the promising evolution of Tom Cleverley. Plus, another year of Paul Scholes is a welcoming treat.

Paul Scholes Manchester United

Sir Alex Ferguson is preaching to the understood Manchester United motto, which is “Attack, Attack, Attack!” By signing Robin van Persie, the manager is increasing the prosperity of the striker department. Accompanied by Kagawa and the speed trio of Nani, Antonio Valencia and Ashley Young, Manchester United’s offense will be difficult to suppress. Ultimately, goals win games. Beware rivals.

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6 Responses to RVP Deal Emphasises Man Utd’s Attacking Ambition

  1. Loran says:

    Seeing gooners cry is the best thing. Between them more than 70 goals last season and as u say Goals Win Games – so they also win Titles. Next year League is OURS – GGMU

  2. Mahar says:

    Podolski Giroud will prove to be better than the single injury prone RVP – cunt when he wants

  3. Kornika says:

    Ends the growth of chicarito and Welbeck both of wich do not deserve to sit on the bench after impressing. Hernandez will look to leave sooner rather than later

  4. Vanal says:

    Robin van “Gets injured when he wants” Persie.

  5. paddy sheppard says:

    Robin Van ” I just went and met all my new Utd mates in Rio Ferdinand’s restaurant Rosso in Manchester” Persie…Seems to be settling in quite well

  6. Glasas says:

    Went for the MONEY – he cannot score 30 odd goals again, it was his best chance to run away for CASh with his nly best season.