Swansea Explains How Liverpool Can Buy Joe Allen

Swansea CitySwansea City have recently released a statement regarding Joe Allen’s situation at the club. Over the past few weeks Liverpool have been heavily linked with the young midfielder as Rodgers want to reunite with his player. The statement from Swansea have mixed remarks on the Joe Allen scenario however, there is a clear cut message for Liverpool if they want to sign him.

The explanation is not according to the order of the actual statement released by Swansea but to make a better understanding of the case.

Formal Bid

Swansea City claimed that they are not going to release any details wheteher they received any formal bids for Allen or not:

“The club is not prepared to release any details on whether any formal bids have been made at this stage”

However, reports all over the media claimed that Liverpool have actually bid for Allen, and not only that, reports also suggested that Swansea actually rejected the bid from the reds. As the club itself did not deny receiving any formal bids so there might be a possibility that the reports are true. In any case , next point in the article will clear things a bit more.

Acceptance Of Liverpool’s Interest

Now Swansea confirmed that the reports/rumours were true as Liverpool did make official contact for Joe Allen’s availability and that contact might just be a “BID” which Swansea actually rejected by bringing up the point of written agreement with the reds:

“Liverpool have expressed an interest in Joe Allen, despite a written agreement with Liverpool not to approach any players within the 12-month period of former manager Brendan Rodgers leaving for Anfield”

Joe Allen Swansea City

Aspects of Allen’s Contract

Swansea statement also showed club’s discontent on media revealing information regarding his contract by claiming:

“The club is extremely disappointed that speculation regarding certain aspects of his contract have been released to the media by parties outside the club.”

That specific aspect of Allen’s contract speculated by the media is understood to be the “15 million” release clause. That speculation points towards the only way Swansea will allow Liverpool to sign Joe Allen i.e. to activate the release clause.


Liverpool already have no less than seven center midfielders, yet Rodgers is keen to sign another that was one of his key players last season. Swansea do not have any financial constraints currently and will like to keep hold of their star man Allen unless they are forced to sell. For that, Liverpool just have to pay over the odds once again like last season.

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  • comment-avatar
    Lfcforlife 6 years

    makes sense. Looks like they will exploit us and fool us to sign another Henderson for such a massive price

  • comment-avatar
    sanjay kuikel 6 years

    i say fuckin leave him n buy a winger

    • comment-avatar
      Nancy 6 years

      Agreed we need a wiinger desperately especially on the right side

  • comment-avatar

    makes sense dont sign him only sign him if we sale adam

  • comment-avatar

    Joe Allen will be a good signing for the Liverpool

  • comment-avatar
    Patrice 6 years

    Liverpool are awful either way.

  • comment-avatar
    Zain Gothey 6 years

    We should sell Adam ,Spearing and Downing ,might get 15-20million to buy Allen.
    This is my team:
    Dempsey. Suarez

    Allen. Lucas. Gerrard

    Enrique. Agger. Skrtel. Johnson


    What’s yours?

    • comment-avatar

      Dont need ti spend heavily on allen. Id have Aquilani there. And a get RW instead of dempsey

      • comment-avatar
        Zain Gothey 6 years

        We can get Dempsey with a low sum of about 7.5-8 million,not bad for a player who scored,what was it? 20 goals? And we’ve got about 3 players who can play on the right wing. What we need is a goal scoring player

  • comment-avatar
    ojika peter 6 years

    To my liverpoolfc pls go and buy ALLEN JOE pls

  • comment-avatar
    Zain Gothey 6 years

    Hey guys what do you think carrol and gerrard are worth?
    I’d personally rate gerrard 8-10million even if he’s 31
    As for carrol, ummm 20 million?