Manchester City and Their Next Big Signing

Manchester City and Their Next Big SigningAs their rivals delve into the stalls of the transfer market, Manchester City are yet to break sweat. Some fans may be concerned, as the chasers appear to become stronger, whilst their beloved Sky Blues simply watch from the throne. However, rest assured, Roberto Mancini never appears to be completely satisfied with the squad.

The astute Italian continuously seeks room for improvement. Plus, to compete across Europe, Manchester City may require additional strength to their already colossal project. But which areas require bolstering? Who should be the marquee signing?

Following Robin van Persie’s discontent with Arsenal, Manchester City, amongst others, have signalled their interest. Of course, why wouldn’t you? Last season, the goal-glutton Dutchman was supreme and thoroughly deserved the PFA Player of the Year accolade. Picture the combined vigour of Sergio Agüero and RVP. It would drive any avid fantasy league member insane as to which player to select. City fans would drool at such a prospect. More importantly, the forward department would, undisputedly, be the most qualified in the league.

Robin van Persie Arsenal

However, Manchester City’s current strike force isn’t prodigal. To win the Premier League, the Sky Blues flaunted tremendous attacking potency, tallying ninety-three goals. Thus, purchasing another striker would be overindulgent. Also, Roberto Mancini should offload Emmanuel Adebayor and Roque Santa Cruz beforehand if he were to consider additional forward options.

A more appropriate acquisition would be a versatile midfielder. However, such a player should be defensive-minded, as City boast an abundance of wizardry and guile with David Silva and Samir Nasri. Perhaps the most suited to the application is Javi Martínez. Indeed, Athletic Bilbao won’t budge on the minimum fee release clause (€40m), but the robust youngster could be worth every penny.

Javi Martinez Athletic Bilbao

In football’s modern era, versatility is an important factor, as fluidity of movement is essential to breach and prevent breaches. Accomplished as a midfield anchor and a centre-back, Martínez adds great flexibility to the defensive game. His performances in the latter position were outstanding against Wayne Rooney’s Manchester United in the Europa League. Indeed, the Olympic-elect can comfortably perform the “Sergio Busquets role” – encourage the wing-backs to maraud the flanks whilst protecting the central defenders.

Technically superior to Gareth Barry and Nigel de Jong, Martínez would offer greater assistance to either. Furthermore, to sign the 23-year-old would allow the bulldozing Yaya Touré to increasingly occupy the opposition’s half. Manchester City appear as a new monster whenever Mancini gives Touré the green light to attack. Imagine the luminous green to never dim.

Needless to say, to obtain Martínez is easier said than done, especially if Barcelona are apparent competitors for his signature. Nevertheless, Manchester City should try hard to secure the player’s future. Such a signing could secure theirs for years to come. If all fails or interest is lost, however, an adaptable defensive-minded footballer should still be priority number one regardless.

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3 Responses to Manchester City and Their Next Big Signing

  1. Nannos says:

    Not a penny spent and still their squad is best in the league, no point of paniking , they will sign 1 2 class players and that would be enough to retain title.

  2. Zari says:

    Will not sign RVP and will not sign Jav Martinez as well. Unlike last year, they have not been linked with everyone and have stayed quiet. everyone enjoying their holiday. City do not need any one at any position if they have every one fit