Laurent Koscielny Keen to Leave a Legacy

Laurent Koscielny Keen to Leave a LegacyIn the wake of Robin van Persie’s ‘betrayal’, the announcement of Laurent Koscielny’s new contract is nothing short of a blessing for Arsenal. Last season, the wiry Frenchman was one of the Premier League’s most improved players. Indeed, he’s an integral member of the Gunners’ backline, especially due to the lack of depth in the area. So impressive was Koscielny’s defending, the mighty FC Barcelona stood up and noticed.

What if the Catalans pursued the ex-Lorient player similarly to Cesc Fàbregas? Admittedly, Koscielny is not a former La Masia product, and so Barcelona’s craving was never to be as strong. Nonetheless, once Barça come knocking, a club that seemingly guarantees trophies, it is likely a player would desire the ‘dream move’ to the glorious Camp Nou. However, Koscielny has other plans. To dismiss such interest, and positively sign fresh paperwork with the Gunners, shows great loyalty from the defender, who supposedly has the wish to enter the Arsenal Hall of Fame.

Laurent Koscielny Arsenal

Following those who departed the Emirates unceremoniously, reeking of dissent, Koscielny’s confidence with Arsenal is a huge relief to Arsène Wenger. Last year, a seismic player exodus buried the club in a heap of rubble. Wenger, Le Professeur, faced intense pressure before Robin van Persie, most noticeably, dragged Arsenal to Champions League qualification. From apparent hero to villain, many today perceive the Dutchman as the detonator-button-presser to Arsenal’s rebuilding project. With RVP continuously pushing at the exit door, learning Koscielny’s intention to stay offers consolation to everybody associated with Arsenal.

Of course, Robin van Persie is hungry for silverware before the ‘twilight years’ come to the fore. By witnessing Arsenal’s competitors advance, whilst the Gunners continue a period of stagnation (since 2005), the striker has lost faith in the club’s ability to share his ambition.

Frustrated Robin van Persie Arsenal

But trophies aren’t everything, as suggested by Laurent Koscielny. That is not to say the defender will never hold a trophy aloft whilst at Arsenal, but to become a legendary figure is more important. Koscielny wants to imitate the true greats, such as Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira. Outsiders criticise the Arsenal faithful for accepting heroes too quickly. Whether they do or don’t, Koscielny could certainly be the next Frenchman to steal Arsenal hearts. A new contract is an excellent boost to such an aspiration.

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    gunnerforeva 6 years

    One of the best defenders in PL and one day will be the best one . Van persie can all but go to hell, one season wonder n al

  • comment-avatar
    LK 6 years

    Not so class, Not better tha Vermalen and stil makes alot of mistakes

  • comment-avatar
    Asanias 6 years

    Not good enough for barca anyway, do u think hes better than puyol or pique … plus he knew he wont be starting much their so opted to stay at AFC

    • comment-avatar

      lmfao listen up this kid is better then Buyol and lady Pique and he’s happy at Arsenal .. u can see your frustrating Typical spud fan,

  • comment-avatar

    Koscielny is the one of the best defender‘s in EPL(world) nd is betta than both puyol nd pique

  • comment-avatar
    reggyb 6 years

    Most tackles nd interceptions in the premier league…..that’s class in every way…nd the fact is he had a better season than happy he signed a new contract cos he only improves nd that’s a very good quality.

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    para 6 years

    i am hoping that he is only delaying signing to force AW to buy, (fans should only be upset WHEN it happens that RVP is gone, not right now, as it has not happened yet) which he would have to do if he thinks RVP is going, anyway, either way, AFC will be great this season, i can feel it in my bones, unlike the last 3 seasons i was very apprehensive about the team.
    I think losing Cesc, Nasri was good for the team, losing gibbs, RVP, not so mucn so, but hey, there seems to be a change in “tactics” for AFC, namely, they have now decided to gain some tactics.
    In the last 3 seasons, i always had the impression that the team was just thrown into the game without any preparation, and when something went wrong, the players had no backup plan.
    But i am looking forward to the new season.

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    Suny arsenal 6 years

    Cos’ z de best centre defender for arsenal last he nid 2 do more.RVP de best place 2 be z arsenal.

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    Guys, al of u that are for arsenal, u gt it ryt, kosielny hav proven himslf every game he play, Simply in his own way, he reminds me on Tony Adam wit his interceptions en so forth, so to top it all the contract means alot en he wil honour it with pride