Andy Carroll in a Three Way Conundrum

Andy Carroll in a Three Way ConundrumAfter just one full season with Liverpool, British record signing Andy Carroll finds himself in a complex scenario where his future at anfield club is in serious doubts. Although fans argue that Carroll had great last few months for the reds, still by all means he had a mediocre season. Rodgers rightly said that a 35 million signing should fit in any system but as it seems, the manager has other ideas in Carroll’s case which leaves the Big Geordie in a three way conundrum lately.

Carroll's role at Liverpool

Carroll could not fit in Kenny Dalglish’s pass and move game and warmed the bench more often than not. Still Dalglish stuck with his signing and believed that he will come good, he did but sadly too late in the season. In came Brendan Rodgers with his style of play that again does not suit Carroll. As it stands, Rodgers seems unlikely to repeat the mistakes of his predecessor knowing that Carroll does not fit in “tiki taka”.

Not just the manager, even majority of the Liverpool supporters believe that the system is not made for him. Last season, Andy Carroll did not get much game time as he would have liked, still he got his chance when Suarez was suspended but failed to impress. What looms is another bit-part role for him at Liverpool where he will mainly be part of Plan B for second season running. Something the record signing will not want.

West Ham Linked With Carroll

West Ham have made their interest clear in the England striker and lately BBC even reported his loan departure for 2 million fee but nothing concrete yet. In any case Andy Carroll dreams of playing at European level and to shatter that only to play at championship level is the last thing on his mind. Even if Liverpool are interested in listening to offers, it will be highly surprising, no, shocking to see Carroll accept a move to newly promoted West Ham.

Newcastle linked with Carroll

Like West Ham, Carroll’s former club Newcastle also tried to capture him on loan but Liverpool were not interested in a loan deal. Reports suggest that they are keeping an eye on their ex-number 9 and may come up with an appropriate bid to re-sign the unsettled forward. Whether or not Mike Ashley opts to spend on Carroll remains to be seen as he will cost around 18 million.

For Andy, return to hometown club might be the best possible solution to the dilemma he finds himself in still Tyneside have a new team with new stars. Pappis Cisse now owns the number 9 shirt and Newcastle play some attractive football with exciting talents, a lot different from the direct one with Carroll and Barton around. He may get more chances at Newcastle than under Rodgers at Liverpool but for now Newcastle have yet to make a formal bid.

In Your Opinion, What is the best possible solution for Andy Carroll?

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    Lfcforlife 6 years

    Carroll must leave for his good and Liverpool, no place for him to start, Borini will be ahead of him all day as Managers prefers his own signing

  • comment-avatar
    Adam 6 years

    He should have stayed at NUFC, now there is no place in the starting lineup for him at tyneside even. Ba and Cisse will be first choices

  • comment-avatar
    Don 6 years

    Who is speaking for the majority of LFC fans, Carroll took a long time to settle, too long but he did settle, he has shown himself to be much more than a target man, at times he links up really well, playing in the ‘quicker moving’ players like Suarez on plenty of occasions.
    The three way should be four way, Rodgers said he would give everyone a chance to prove themselves, one week of training, a few minutes of playing time in a friendly don’t correspond to ‘a fair chance’ Andy should be given his chance, if he fails then fair enough, but if he doesn’t then he could be very valuable for LFC over the coming years.

    • comment-avatar

      He may get his chance but again coming from the bench he has to prove that he can start. Borini will be starting in case we all agree here. and Carroll wii not like a bench role again.

      Mate he is “Target Man” . yes he did link up well at times with Suarez but he was normally staying with him only, In Rodgers setup we need a much more mobile player plus someone with decent pace. PACE is one of the main reason he doesnt fit in. sa,e goes for passing as well.

      Lastly your point “if he fails then fair enough” He did come good very late but over the 18th months he actually failed, and eventually failed his manager who departed.

      So in all fairness none can blame Rodgers for not trying and forcing him in his own system and hoping against hope he will work. That may cost him so Instead using player who he thinks are already good fit makes complete sense.

  • comment-avatar 6 years

    Andy Carroll is a top footballer, and has achieved a lot at the tender age of 23. Liverpool and England number 9, he is ready to rip up the premier league in a liverpool shirt next season. He is a BRILLIANT PASSER, and he can easily fit into BR’s system, as BR has already indicated. All this rubbish reported by the press is very unsettling for Andy, and after his recent excellent displays I think he should have been left to concentrate on football, rather than persistantly insulted by the newspapers. He has said he wants to play for liverpool next season, and BR has said he wants Andy at liverpool next season, so why don’t you stop making up lies saying LFC will sell for 20m? And stop calling him a mis-fit it is rude and insulting. LFC have said nothing, because they have a closed-lip transfer policy. Liverpool are proud to have Andy Carroll in thier squad and Andy is proud to play for them, so why don’t you all go and find someone else to pick on for a change.

    • comment-avatar
      Lfcforlife 6 years

      According to Opta STATS my friend Carroll has 64% pass accuracy and has missed avergae 11 passes per game and you say he is a Brilliant Passer :S. Not even possible while playing FIFA.

  • comment-avatar

    All above comments well thought out and noted. However KK was at fault by not playing Carroll regularly, but continued with the other poor buys Hendo, Downing, Adams Enrique and Spearing. We need another WORKER like Kuyt. Let Enrique cool his heels for a while and try out:- Pepe,Kelly,Skrtl,Agger,Johnson (Play Coates if Agger moves on)Gerrard, Lucas,Aquaman, Boroni,Suarez Carroll. At least give it a try.
    Forget Allen, I’d rather keep Hendo. JMC

  • comment-avatar
    REAL LFCforLIFE 6 years

    @Lfcforlife – those ‘opta STATS’ may be true, but seeing him playing he has great passing ability.
    Everyone is knocking our players currently, It isn’t the liverpool way. Andy Carrol has sacks of ability and is a great asset to our team. The argument that he will not fit in our team/ BR’s style of play is beyond me. If you haters didn’t watch swansea last season, they utilise the wings and rely on great delivery. Danny Graham scored 14 goals in 39 appearances and is a similar player (style wise) to AC. With his quality he would fit in with a lot of teams, especially with the likes of Gerrard, adam, shelvey, henderson etc delivering briliant balls in. Carrol should force borini and suarez to play as Wing Forwards.

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    Saheed Adekoya Lawal 6 years

    Carroll a good player, but you expect a player of 35million pound to deliver, he failed. KK also rushed into signing him, the pressure on the player to deliver becomes enormous considering the calibre of player is coming in to replace. we can still give him a second chance to learn and develop, but to be candid we wasted some millions in pound in that deal and is painful.

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    Robbie the Swede 6 years

    I really do think that a lot of teams, fans and most of the “knowitalls” will regret speaking out on Andy Carrolls lack of certain abilities this season. Andy is much better than he gets cred for lately, the goal he scored in the Euro 2012 against my national team Sweden was excellent, the way he ran into the space and the way he created an area for Stevie to get his cross into was fantastic. (And Swedens lack of defensive knowledge shined thru to, I agree).

    And yes, I agree that football is growing into a much qicker game that require fast pace players, but a team can’t have 11 fast pace players on the pitch at the same time, remember, it is still a Teamsport, not an individual one.

    And if you can create a winning formula for your team, like Barcelona have done for eg, you can have whatever player you like, they will fit the system anyway. If you, like Brendan Rodgers, are determined to play in a certain system, you need different abilities in your players. Some quick dribblers, some tough midfielders, quick full backs, some technical fullbacks, Central defenders with different qualities that can fit well together (like Puyol and Pique, very different styles, but they fit like a match). And you have to have a player like Carroll alongside players like Borini, Bellamy, Suarez someone that is different from them and someone who has a completely different agenda to his game. Carroll shouldn’t be the one setting up others to score, he isn’t the playmaker, he’s not the man dribbling through a defence, he should only be the executioner, the one player with only one thing in mind, getting to the goal and use his strengh to his advantage, letting other players do what they are good at. I’d resemble it with a power forward in Ice hockey, a player focused on only one thin, GETTING TO THE GOAL. A player like that, doesn’t give a shit if the goal he scores will end up on a top 100 list, it is about getting the ball behind the keeper, nothing more.

    Score more goals than you opponent and you’ll win the game, simple as that!

    And I think, that is the way Brendan thinks of our Geordie Lad, an executioner with one thing to focus on, getting the ball past the keeper, in any way possible, not setting up anyone else, deffinately not getting down field trying to be a playmaker.

    Give the guy a break.

    BTW Allen will be FANTASTIC in ‘Pool, a possible replacement for Stevie in a couple of years!


    • comment-avatar
      Nancy 6 years

      Many have come and gone but none replaced Gerrard, None can. Having watched some videos of Allen, the guy looks good though. but so does every one in the youtube videos so cant say much whether he can handle the pressure at LFC or not.
      Your reply was well thought out fela but the thing in Carroll being an “executioner” is that he has not been one at all. More than 40 appearances and under 10 league goals do not sound like some “executioner” but a “sulking striker”
      Therefore if Brendan thinks he is not good enough, not just for his system but also when it comes to finishing then none can blame him.

  • comment-avatar
    paul wilson 6 years

    andy carroll is a good footballer, and given a good run in the first team will reap rewards. just look at the remaining stages of last season. Kenny bought him but very rarely played him and when he did the big lad never got any decent service. fingers crossed with the way brendan rogers had swansea playing liverpool with better players will be great and carroll will score goals.